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Spirit Blink is a useful evasion move, common among those who are able to manipulate Soul Energy.


The user performs what looks similar to a Flash Step, yet they briefly become intangible and leave ghostly after-images in their wake. Depending on how well the user controls Soul energy, they can blink up to ten feet away. It it primarily used as an evasion/escape move, due to its ability to render the user immune to physical attacks and solid projectiles; however, they can still be harmed by energy-based attacks and projectiles (such as Thunderbolt).

Using Spirit Blink in rapid succession reduces the distance at which the user can blink, and can start to wear on their stamina, as well. Therefore, this technique is most effective when used relatively sparingly.


Pokemon Users


  • Flash Step - a variant not tied to any particular Element or form of energy.


Spirit Blink can negate all purely physical attacks and solid projectiles when used, yet becomes less effective when used in rapid succession. Thus, this technique bears a B-Rank.