The Spirit Ball is a sphere of an energy attack.


The user holds one hand forward, with the other hand used to brace the outstretched arm, either to add an 'energy channel' or just for support. The user then forms a ball of Spirit Energy, of whatever color their spirit energy is. The ball is then launched by the user raising their first two fingers from their palm, and can be manipulated in mid-air by moving the same two fingers, allowing the ball to slam into the person multiple times. The user can also trigger the ball of energy to explode.

Due to Spirit Energy's advantage over Chaos Energy, it easily can break Chaos-based defenses without needing the explosive state. However, against Psychic-based defenses, the ball is near-useless, thanks to the psychic powers advantage over Spirit Energy.



Technique Rank


  • The technique was first created in Dragon Ball, its true creator is Yamcha. But possibly, the creator, in the Sonic Fan Universe, could possibly be Isaiah The Wolf, who first used it in Chaos Quest. However, due to other characters using the technique, this is unlikely.
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