The Spindash is Sonic's trademark move. Used mostly by hedgehogs and Speed types but can be a basic ability for all to learn. The user curls into a ball, and spins in place at high speeds. The user then blasts off straight ahead, barrelling through opponents and barriers. This technique has many other uses, as well as numerous variants.


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  • Super Spin Dash
  • spindash blast (the user curls up spindashes and uses chaos blast at the same time)
  • Ultra Spindash
  • Spin Wheel (Spikes form, instead of a ball, he transforms into a wheel)
  • Spikedash (similar to Spindash, but shoots off quills)
  • Reverse Spindash (a lot like Spindash, but launches backwards instead of forward)
  • Spin Crush
  • Chaos Spindash (a powerful team move that is used by J and Shima)
  • Spin Combo (One of Kayden's best moves)
  • Chaos Dash (Everything Interverts And Every Robot Explodes Similar To Super Shadows Chaos Control In Srb2JTE)
  • Spin Slash
  • Spin Stab
  • Spin Blast (destroys anything touched by the Spin Dash in an explosion, with the exception of ground. This is ancient and lost art known by, but not usable by, Wen the Hedgehog.)
  • Pinball Dash (he user performs this move by curling up into a ball and then spinning at high speeds while also spinning in circles. Then the user blasts off ahead and keeps bouncing from wall to wall at dangerous speeds. The inventor of this attack is Romerus The Hedgehog (This attack is most effective in small rooms.))
  • Team Dash (Used by god Sonic, Sonic, and Shadow at the same time)
  • Triple Ring dash (Team Runner's special attack, only used at one time.)

Derived Techniques

Elemental Variants


Being a widely-used, well-known and basic technique, this technique has an E-rank, although many say that no rank should be given considering how common it is.

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