The user spin dashes, but instead of moving somewhere, the user stays in place, is propelling him/herself up in the air and instead of spinning from up to down, the user spins left to right or vice versa. The spin shred requires someone who has mastered the spin dash as well as spin dashing in place, and must be used to propelling in the air while spinning sideways. It's harder than it sounds.


Currently, only two so far. Sakkross the Jaguar and Aaron the Ferret


The Spin shred was created by Aaron the ferret,the move came up when Aaron was with the phantoms. Aaron was going to do a spin dash, but the door was slowly closing down, so he had to spin dash sideways, but instead of going past the closing metal door. He was propelling in the air, slowly making everything around close on him, the metal started to tear,and the metal was shredded into bits. And so did the one he was suppose to spin dash, Aaron, surprised with what he had done, continued trying to master this move he had discovered, he started learning, and along with Sakkross, they slowly mastered this propelling death move. This is Aaron the Ferret's signature move.


The ability to spin dash, determination to spin dash in place, as well sideways.

Significant Variants

The spin shred can obviously cut through metal with enough force, however, the maximum material the spin shred can shred is platinum. But you need to be spin dashing at around 300 kmph or more to do that.

Weak Points

Anything stronger than platinum should do the trick, around and under it is useless, but over it COULD give you a shot at knocking the user down and causing a knock back which could cause the user to stop. The move is 50/50 underwater, it can cause a whirlpool, but it's basically sucking down the water which can cause the user to stop.


The move can SHRED the material, but it doesn't mean the material won't hurt you, the move can harm the ones the user cares about the same as the user hates. Instantly stopping can cause skeletal and internal injuries as well as dizziness.

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