The Spin Punch is an attack move that Racket The Raccoon can perform. He winds up his fists in a circular motion, charging it, then releases a projectile with force to knock enemies flying. Racket learns this attack after saving the Leaf Princess in the Wild Forest. The longer the player holds the "C" key, the farther the punch goes. The projectile then returns to Racket so he can perform it once  more.



The Spin Punch has multiple variants of names/forms. There is a possibilty that the Spin Punch has been used roughly in the late 1980s/early 1990s, but it can be promptly seen in Nintendo's/Hal's 1999 Super Smash Bros. game, where Donkey Kong can be seen using a different variant of it, called the "Giant Punch ."


Racket's Spin Punch, charging.


The player must have a lot of strenght and enough ki to manipulate energy to blast the charged fist shaped projectile at foes.

Significant Variants

Donkey Kong's Giant Punch attack, where he starts swinging his arm around, charging a punch, then releases the punch with enough force to send foes flying.

The Spinning Flame Punch, or just Flame Punch, is another variant of Spin Punch that Racket can perform, is a fiery version and even stronger version of the Spin Punch. It can travel at 50mph (80.4672 Km/h). It turns foes ablaze after contact.

Racket's Flame Punch Attack.

Video game character Rayman also has the technique, where as Racket's variety is more similar to Rayman's version than Donkey Kong's.

Weak Points

It takes time and/or a lot of precision to perform this attack, and can easily get interrupted, but its mass/power makes up for it.


There are no drawbacks.

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