The Spin Glide is a physical attack in which the user slowly descends toward the ground whilst spinning. It is similar to the Glide, but it is much faster, more powerful, and more maneuverable. However, because the user is spinning, it is less accurate and is more commonly used as an attack than as a method of transportation. Despite this, it is useful for traveling short, straightforward distances quickly. It is mainly used by echidnas as a substitute for the Homing Attack, but other types of life forms can use it.


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Spin Glide was first used by Phys the Echidna, and it has become one of Phys' most used moves ever since. He found out that it was a useful maneuver after trying to find a way to combine the Glide with the Spin Attack.


  • The character must be able to use the Spin Attack.
  • The character must be able to use the Glide.

Significant Variants

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Weak Points and Drawbacks

The only main drawback of this move is that it is inaccurate compared to the Glide, as the user is spinning whilst using it. The spin assists in making the move maneuverable, however, so if the target is not moving quickly this drawback can be avoided and the attack becomes effective.

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