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Spikes is a hedgehog from the future. His time is before Silver's. The first time he appeared he wanted revenge from Sonic, but they are friendly rivals now.


Spikes is a grey hedgehog (mostly referred as silver) with blue eyes, inward spines, bright blue gloves and boots.

Two years after trying to kill Sonic, he started to wear a black coat and a blue bandana around his neck (which became his signature trait). He tends to raise the collar often.

When he was 15 and went after Sonic, he wore a short black sleaveless jacket with raised collar. He also wore simple shoes.

Ten years later he got a bit taller. He shifted to a sleeveless black coat, wears a bigger bandana and his gloves are now fingerless. He also cut the back of his hair.


Spikes is in love with action. He loves to take down enemies, it's his favorite occupation. He tends to be playful during fights and always has a smile. He likes to fight against strong opponents, the stronger they are, the happier he is. He love for good fights is so great, that he will hold back against weaker opponents, only to extend the pleasure.

He can however become serious when needed to, like when he was determinated to kill Sonic and because he's Team Atom's leader. He also hides his concern for his family behind his smile. He will do anything for his friends, especially Max and Keith, since they are his new family.


Spikes was born the first child to unknown parents. He had a very nice childhood growing up with her family and they were very close. His family regularly went to visit the Rose family, his aunt being the wife of the head of that family, and while there he spent days playing with Silvia and their cousin Carson. At the age of ten, he was abducted along with his family, being separated in the process. The reason for his abduction was due to him being the perfect subject for the speed type of Project Sonic Reborn. An organisation detached from G.U.N. wanted to use them as super soldiers and take over the world.

Team Atom

The experiment went very well, until an unexpected failure of the core reactor which seemingly poisoned him and the two others. As the base was falling apart, their tubes broke and they came out of them, alive. He quickly made friends with them and they proceeded to escape the base. When they got out, nothing of the base remained, leading Spikes to think that his family was dead. Enraged at the loss of his family and having discovered that the "poisoning" had only enchanced their abilities, he made a team with both and called it Team Atom. They would spend 5 years hunting down every member of the organisation and after finally finding and defeating the leader, he revealed to them that his family was still alive somewhere.


Following this, he was confronted by an unknown scientist (who was Eggman Nega in disguise) that persuaded him that killing Sonic in the past was the only thing he could do to regain his lost life and family. Using a machine of the same scientist, they travelled to the past and went to search for Sonic. They first found Amy and befriended her, especially Spikes, since she remembered his his lost sister. After finding Sonic, Spikes ordered Max and Keith to distract Tails and Knuckles. After that, he engaged a fierce fight with Sonic, in which he also gave his intentions. Sonic was not prepared for the Atomic powers of his foe and transformed into Super Sonic, being more than a match for Spikes. He would have lost if his teammates didn't arrive in time and share their powers with him. As Atomic Spikes and Super Sonic continued the fight, Amy intervened before Spikes could lend a final blow.

She told them that Eggman had made another giant machine which suceeded in defeating the Chaotix and...Shadow. Sonic was not really concerned until he heard that Shadow had also been defeated. Spikes realised that this was more important than killing Sonic at the moment, so he and his team agreed to help. After a long battle, Max realised that the robot had futuristic parts. At the same moment, Eggman Nega revealed himsself (still in disguise) and announced that he was the mastermind behind those events. Enraged to have been used, Spikes launched a Atomic Tornado at the scientist, only to have the machine power up into a large robot. Sonic then offered him the power of the Chaos Emeralds and they both went Super. The two of them bested the robot and destroyed it. The cockpit however, was empty. At the end he and Sonic shook hands and Team Atom returned to the future. After arriving, Spikes disbanded the team.

The search

After returning, Spikes started ransacking every old bases of the organisation, based on some intel he extracted from the captured former leader. The former leader also revealed that he was not the true leader of the organisation, but was in fact working for Eggman Nega. Meanwhile, back where his sister was held captive, she heard some rumors and based on the description that she had heard, she directly assumed it was her big brother whom they were talking about. She was overjoyed at the prospect of meeting him again, but her captor, Eggman Nega had other plans. Having deduced that Spikes was raiding his bases in search for his family, Nega planned to place a trap for the hedgehog.

First reunion

When Spikes arrived at the base, he was surprised to find it seemingly empty. When advancing further in it however, he started to be confronted by more and more enemies and obstacles, draining him more and more along the way. When he arrived in a large room he saw that he had finally reached his sister. Silvia cried tears of joy seeing her big brother, saying she knew he would come for her.

Their reunion was short however, as not long thereafter the room was flooded with robots. While their power was not too big, their seemingly infinite numbers along with the fact that he was almost at his limit, caused Spikes to be overwhelmed by them. At that moment Nega revealed himself and gloated about the situation the hedgehog was in. Proudly claiming to have beaten his whole family, the scientist made his base to selfdestruct and retreated with Silvia in tow, leaving Spikes in the crumbling building.

While the scientist gloated over his victory, Silvia kept believing her brother would come find and save her and her parents. Nega scoffed at this, wondering how even if Spikes had survived, how he would find them in space. This statement kinda shocked her and seeing this, Nega jokingly said he got a little help from her father in building it. He also stated that the only reason she was still unharmed was to keep him working. Meanwhile, Spikes had managed to escape and swore to get stronger and save his family while putting on his sister's bandana that lied on the floor.

Two years later

Two years passed and during this time Eggman Nega revealed himself. Every plan of his was stopped by the Peace Enforcers , a group of heroes created by Max. On a attack in a big ctiy, Spikes reappeared and saved the day. After robot-cleaning the town, Spikes was attacked in his back, only to be "saved" by Keith. Spikes commented that he was slow, with Keith replying that he doesn't have superspeed. This was the rebirth of Team Atom .

Spikes still ignores where his family is and has never stopped looking for them since his return. He tends to go back in the past to visit Amy and challenge Sonic often.

Meeting Leo

When Spikes wanted to go challenge Sonic in the past again, the machine failed when he was travelling, leaving him in the timeless zone. While there, he saw an orange bubble of energy, with a tiger inside.

Suddenly something charged at him, but went away when the bubble extended on him. Spikes thanked the tiger and asked him name. The tiger told his name was Leo and that the thing that wanted to attack him was the Time Reaper, an entity with the sole mission of deleting everything that shouldn't exist. Leo also explained that couldn't see them within this bubble. After all those explanations, Spikes introduced himself too and told Leo the reason why he was there.

Meanwhile, Max managed to get the time machine to work again and proceded to retrieve Spikes (due to him having a time bracelet). Spikes felt that he was being dragged back and told an hesitating Leo to come back with him. But Spikes dragged Leo with him anyway.

Strengths and Powers

Spikes has an indomitable will, he always follows his goal and always attains it (with some exceptions, like killing Sonic).

During his 2 year absence, he trained his fighting skills. Knowing that his feet are his best weapon, he trained in taekwondo and capoeira.

Superspeed: After the experiment his speed rose dramatically. His speed would equale Sonic's if Spikes ran about 10 minutes non-stop.

  • Unlimited Fist: His only technique where he actually punches. It is at first sight a series of rapid punches to the abdomen. In fact, during his training, he learned the where the chi flows are and opens and closes them again and again, leaving the foe unable to strike back (unless if the foe were to possess high speed reflexes and struck back while they are open). He nearly always finishes it with a backflip kick.

Atomic speed: Due to the instability of the experiment, he was gifted the power he calls "Atomic speed". His feet are then covered in an grey/silver "plasma" aura.

  • Enchanced speed: The upper limits are not known, but he is able to keep up with Sonic using it, but not infinately, using Atomic speed drains him alot of energy.
  • Atomic Tornado: It's his favourite technique, which can be launched at enemies. He prefers to do it by spinning on his hands (or just breakdancing), creating the tornado with his feet, but he can also make one by quickly running around in a circle.
  • Atomic Typhoon: His strongest technique, which is basically an Tornado around one or more enemies, which obliterates anything inside. The bad side is that it drains him a large amount of energy. (It functions like Zoom's final attack in Zoom: Academy for superheroes. My apologies for the Spanish.)
  • Heel Slash: Combining the energy from his feet and his high durable shoes, he can make a trail of energy (like Blade Attack from Inazuma Eleven and Shuu's Maou no Ono from Inazuma Eleven GO ). He uses it as a long-range attack or as a mid-range, to litterally cut obstacles. It cuts through most objects. He can also use it while airborne (it looks like a shikai Getsuga Tensho in that case) or with his 2 feet while crossing them. He calls the latter X-slash.
  • Fullspeed: A state Spikes only uses as last resort. As the name suggests, Spikes completely lets loose, causing his eyes to turn grey and his aura to cover his whole legs. Spikes becomes immensely fast, accelerating way faster than normal, causing it to appear as if he teleports. All his strikes are also greatly enhanced. He has a special move which he call the Atomic Spiral Kick, which he performs by first jumping forward while at high-speed, followed by horizontally spinning with his legs forward and sending the formed attack off with a kick. The attack looks and functions like a drill, with an added speed bonus. The big downside of Fullspeed is that it's time limit is 45 seconds and that unlike Atomic speed this is final. This means that after the time limit Spikes falls on the ground, having exhausted all his power.


Atomic Spikes: His most used transformation. Max and Keith share their powers with him, giving him the powers of the three of them. His grey/silver aura now covers his entire body and his eyes turn grey as well.

  • Power stabilisation: In this state, all the Atomic powers become one and the limits due to the instablity dissappear. This means that he can use more power from them all, since there is less strain on him. There is set amount of power, but it has not been established yet. This means that he's not invincible in this form.
  • Enchanced strength: His strength greatly increased due to Keith's power.
  • Flight: He can fly due to Max' power.
  • Atomic Barrier: The signature move of Max, he can make a shield around him and allies. It is weaker than Max' however.
  • Atomic Blasts: He can shoot grey blasts of energy in this form (this is still due to Max).

Super Spikes: His least used transformation. Using the power of the Chaos Emeralds, he can transform into Super Spikes. As Super Spikes, his quills stand up like Super Tails', he gets an golden fur and ruby red eyes. He has the same abilities as Super Sonic, in a less powerful way, but he compensates with his maximum Atomic abilities (like shooting golden Atomic blasts).


Time limit: Spikes' Atomic speed is also his weakness; the longer he runs, the more energy he loses. Running too long puts a big strain on his legs and could even give him difficulties to walk. The longest time he used it was 20 minutes. After that, he couldn't walk for an entire day.


  • Spikes' shoes:When they returned from the past, Keith was the only one without physical problems. Max examined his gloves and saw that they were energy-containing. He used the data to create his belt and Spikes' shoes. They were made to be able to contain the Atomic power emaning of his feet. If he uses Atomic speed with normal shoes, his speed would be beyond limits at the cost of his feet. The released energy would destroy them over time. With his modified shoes he has reduced speed and a time limit, but his feet are spared from total destruction.
  • White Wisp: In Sonic Colors, Spikes appears as a rival and challenges Sonic to the ultimate race. Sonic uses the cyan Wisp and Spikes uses the white Wisp, which lets him use the full extent of his Atomic speed and covering him entirely in it's aura.

Relationships with Other Characters

Characters by the same creator


  • Silvia the Hedgehog : His little sister, with whom he is very close. When they got seperated, he assured her they would be reunited again. After his escape from the lab, Spikes was overcome with grief at having seemingly lost her and his parents. When he learned of the fact this wasn't the case, he spent all his time looking for them. After being reunited for the first time in five years, he couldn't help but cry in happiness as he craddled her in his arms.
  • Carson the Hedgehog : His maternal cousin. Despite their very different personalities, they get along very well. Spikes is one of the few people Carson has been seen smiling with.


  • Thomas "Max" the Fox : his best friend and comrade, they did not know eachother until the project. Since then, he is the only one able to fully understand and calm down Spikes along with Amy.
  • Keith the Echidna : his second best friend, he views him as a little brother. He is also his sparring partner.

Other characters


  • Sonic the Hedgehog : At first, he had a deep hatred for Sonic, because he viewed him as the reason his life was ruined. However, when he met him, he saw what a good person Sonic was and that he was needed as a hero in his time. He still likes to challenge Sonic whenever he can.
  • Amy Rose : He cares a lot for Amy, because she remembers him his liittle sister. He treats her as such and the feeling is returned.


  • In Sonic's time he likes to toy around with Eggman .
  • In his time he's a general hero, saving the world from every treat, but his arch enemy is Eggman Nega (still in his prime).
  • Metal Sonic 3.0


  • He is similar to Silver, as both came from the future to kill Sonic, albeit with different motivations.
  • He has saved the life of Silver's mother. In remembrance of the "silver" hedgehog, she named her son Silver.
  • He can go to the past using Eggman Nega's machine, modified by Max and placed in their HQ.
    • However, it is time-bonded, meaning that if he stays one day in one timeline, a day will also pass in the other.
  • He was designed (in the experiment) to possess all Sonic's moves and attacks, but he prefers using strength than speed.
  • The concept of Fullspeed is kinda similar to Ikki Kurogane's Ittou Shura
    • However an ability much more similar to the latter is used by Spikes' son, which is currently called "Tiger Speed".


  • Spikes' first picture
  • Spikes drawn by my DA daughter lunareclipse with one of her characters Sachiva.
  • Drawing made by meGo to dA post
  • Drawn by me while studying
  • Done by splash2111 on dA
  • Digital version
  • Done by my dear Jazz102 on dA
  • Done by me with a baseGo to dA post
  • The Peace Enforcers by alishadowriter on dA
  • Spikes by gyg8424 on dA
  • Spikes vs Metal Sonic 3.0 by Mikolasshadows on dA
  • Spikes by xlunashinex on dA (DAT POSE)
  • Spikes the hedgehog by xlunashinex 2nd try
  • Spikes by 9303kaha on dA
  • Spikes by ShazTheRaz on dA
  • Spikes by my lovely Luckybachi on dA
  • Spikes by kazumifox2 on dA (don't mind the pants :D)
  • Spikes by Acethekidd17 on dA
  • Spikes by 1feellikeamonster on dA
  • Human Spikes by maddietheghost on dA
  • Colored by me
  • A gift from DaSquishy on dA :D
  • Colored by me
  • Failed hair again...
  • Drawn and colored by me
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