Spike the porquipine
Spike the porquipine( aka James, see story) is a spirited, 13-year old green porquipine. He has the power to fire and regrow his quills up to 20 feet at will. He is an excellent swordsman with an adventurous and reckless attitude. He carries a trusty mechanical sword at his side that can quickly tranform into a rocket board that travels at great speed( but not as fast as Sonic). He is also rivals with Needles the porquipine( aka Natalie, see story), although it was Needles who started the whole thing. He is also a part-time dare devil( not).


Spike was once known as James, who lived in a small village and played with his friend, Natalie. However, at 7-years old, the village was attacked by Dr. Eggman, who captured him and Natalie and trapped them in cages in his laboratory at Metropolis. There, he injected a syrum into their bloodline that caused them to mutate into there stronger forms. The mutation caused changes in both their bodies and their minds. However, the mental change was different. While James grew braver and more adventurous, Natalie took on a hatred against James. The two quickly realized their extreme mutation and, just for the fun of it, decided to change their names. James turned his name to Spike, and Natalie changed her name to Needles. They then picked the locks to their cages wandered through Eggman's laboratory untill they came to a room where they found two strange-looking swords, one was thick and rimmed with spikes, while the other was thin and had a smooth edge. Quickly, Spike grabbed the spiked sword, printed the instructions off the computer, and deleted everything on the swords and the syrum. Then, the two made their escape, using their new weapons and powers to destroy several robots and machines along the way. Finally, they escape, and, after they did a quick battle( Spike won), they departed, only meeting every once in a while to battle again.

5 years later, Spike meets Sonic the hedgehog after doing one of his stunts. Spike, who has now mastered his weapon and is a fan of Sonic, asks if he could spend the night with him. But on the way to Sonic's house, they're ambushed by the robot Spikeedles, who explains that he is a servant of Eggman. Sonic and Spike defeat it together, but it catches them off guard and flies off. The two chase the robot to various places, battling it in several different machines built by Eggman and meet Tails, Needles, Knuckles, Shadow, and Rouge along the way. Finally, they get to Metropolis, where they defeat Spikeedles once and for all.

However, the worn-out robot managed to sneak back into Eggman's laboratory, which is where Sonic and Spike were heading to get some answers from Eggman. After they break in, they find Needles trapped in a cage( this one with a combination lock) and Eggman with the chaos emeralds and the master emerald. next to him is the renewed Spikeedles. Eggman explains that he created Spikeedles to keep Sonic busy while he collected the emeralds and that he plans on using them to power a mind control machine that he will unleash upon the world. Then Eggman loads the emeralds into the machine and gestures to Spikeedles, and the robot flies into the machine. Sonic and Spike followed after it, and get to it just in time to see it absorb the power of the emeralds and turn into Mega Blade-lord. In a sudden swipe, it sent the two flying out of the machine with the emeralds. Mega Blade-Lord flew after them expecting a compliment from Eggman. But instead, Eggman scolded it for knocking the chaos emeralds out of th machine. While the two argue, Sonic and Spike took the oppertunity and aborb the emeralds to turn into Super Sonic and Super Spike. Seeing this, Eggman orders Mega Blade-lord to destroy them. But Mega Blade-lord is defeated and knocked into the mind control machine, destroying it. Finally, Spike says that he has to go look for Needles, who had dissapeared somehow during the battle.

But Spikeedles, half-crazed from the explosion, escapes with the emeralds and is followed by Sonic and Spike. Spikeedles again turns into Mega blade-lord and tries to destroy Spike, but he is saved by Needles. Then the two absorb the chaos emeralds to turn into Super Spike and Super Needles. Together, they defeat the insane robot once and for all.



Shadow considers Spike an annoyance and a threat to any mission


Sonic rather likes Spike for his adventurous attitude


Tails is impressed by Spike's swordsmanship as Spike is impressed by Tails' mechanical skill


Knuckles thinks of Spike as a "deranged nutcase"


Rouge is more annoyed by Spike than Shadow, mostly because Spike annoys her on purpose

   Fact: Although Spike shoots most of his spikes from his hands, there are no 
   signs of holes or stitches on his gloves.
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