Spike Porcupine


==&nbsp Spike the Porcupine== Spike the Porcupine is a very laid back person. This personality quirk generally gives him the power to block out the world around him, which he uses to enhance his meditation techniques. He doesn't go on many adventures, but this is mostly due to sleeping in every day. In the past, he was a daredevil, and he constantly put his life on the line to make money.


Friends (fan-made)

SmashKai - Spike was in the midst of a dangerous stunt; Climbing atop the strongest bull in all of Texas. Spike failed to stay on, but before being impaled by the bull's horns, Smash jumped in to save him. Ever since this fateful encounter, the two became best friends. Spike taught Smash many skills which would help him in his journey. Spike showed up to SmashKai's Stanley Cup match, cheering him on. After the cup, they rented an apartment and sheltered many new friends.

Cameron the Rabbit - Spike was sitting on the couch, chowing down on potato chips, when SmashKai came through the door with the poor, homeless rabbit. While Smash worked as a chef downtown, Spike stayed home and comforted her. Spike did all that he could to make Cameron feel at home, but to no avail. Finally, he took her to the park where they ate ice cream. Cameron saw the beauty of the world around her and finally opeded up to Smash and Spike. They've been friends ever since.

Artemis the Cat - when Smash adopted the child, Spike wasn't to sure about how well he would be able to take care of the child. Spike was constantly frustrated by Art's neverending game of hide n' seek. One day, Spike was unable to find Art, and spent all day tediously searching for the child until he burst into tears of guilt. Art saw his crying and said his first word; "Spike." Since then, Spike has been like a father to Art.

Emma the Dog - Emma is the owner of the apartment next to Spike's. She continuously ridicules everyone else for being poorer than her. Emma had developed a crush on Spike for a short time, but realized he wasn't her type. They didn't typically converse after the her crush was broken.

BulliKai Echidna - Spike tries his best to find a friend in Bulli when he finds out that he's Smash's brother. After many attempts, Spike finally develops a passive-aggresive relationship with Bulli; The two both enjoy watching Stephen the Seagull action movies. However, Bulli draws the line whenever Spike begins to act immature, and Spike doesn't always like Bulli's angry attitude.

Nit the Lion - Spike and Nit get along well, and though they make a great team, their faults sometimes cause them to stumble. Both Nit and Spike aren't very bright, which is what makes them great friends.

Zach the Chameleon - Zach does not enjoy the company of Spike very much, which makes gives him great sorrow when he is forced to tag along with the duo of Spike and Nit. He usually watches the two mess up and only intervenes when things get rough.


Wendy the Raccoon - Wendy is very flirtatious towards Spike. But the encounters between the two usually end up in a tango-like battle forged by a love-hate relationship.

Mars the Hedgehog - Spike helped SmashKai foil Mars' plan to destroy the Earth. Spike tries to land the final blow but is suddenly flung into a wall by Mars' attacks. When Mars escaped from Earth, Spike vowed that he would get his revenge someday. Spike never got revenge.

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