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Spettrale the Quokka is a scout that serves the Dark Clan of Voidstar.

Physical Description

A slim quokka who stands a fair bit over three feet tall, Spettrale has a short muzzle with a round nose, somewhat small, elliptical ears, and a slim, medium-length tail.

Her fur is primarily American purple in color, with an antique brass muzzle, inner ears, chest, and stomach. Her hair, which is tied up in a high ponytail, is antique ruby in color, and her eyes are aquamarine in color.

Her outfit consists of a black vest over a b'dazzled blue tube top, b'dazzled blue elbow-length, fingerless gloves with black cuffs, khaki shorts, and b'dazzled blue boots with white cuffs.



The Elemental Wars


Base Stats
Other Stats

As a scout, Spettrale is stealthy and fast. She specializes in spying on enemies and monitoring their movements and numbers in order to help her more offensively-inclined comrades, and also works well with hit-and-run tactics. This is not to say that she is completely useless in a fight, however; she wields a dagger for protection, and has some skill in hand-to-hand combat.

She's not very sturdy, however, as her abilities emphasize speed and dexterity over strength. If overwhelmed by multiple enemies, she can easily be defeated. Spettrale is an adept spectrakinetic, and primarily uses low to mid-tier offensive techniques and utility-based techniques. Being a quokka, she has fairly sharp front teeth for painful bites, and her tail is also semi-prehensile, letting her carry light-weight objects with it.


Spettrale is relatively resistant to the Element of Darkness. She is quite fast, and can easily outpace slower foes and evade their attacks.


Spettrale is weak to the Element of Light. Her defenses aren't anything special, therefore she mostly relies on her agility to try and evade potentially devastating attacks. Due to her gullible and naive nature, she's easy to deceive.

Friends and Foes





A bubbly and friendly girl, Spettrale gets along easily with almost everyone she meets, with her cheery nature being almost infectious; people find it hard to not smile around this sweet-hearted quokka. Despite this, she's rather gullible, and is quite easy to deceive due to this trait; she also tends to have rather poor judgment, and trusts too easily. She hates seeing people sad, and will do anything she can to help cheer them up; she's also highly empathetic, and the moods of others will often affect her own.

Spettrale has a love for gardening, and when she's not busy with her duties as a scout, she loves helping the farmers of the Dark Clan tend to crops, having no problem getting her hands dirty; she in particular loves to cultivate Moonflare Roses, as they're her favorite flower.

Positive Traits

  • Kind
  • Loyal
  • Empathetic

Neutral Traits

  • Naive

Negative Traits

  • Gullible



Her name is the Italian word for "spectral" and "ghostly".

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