Spetonik is the leader of The Mekators, and is also leader of Head Squad.


Spetonik is the leader of the Mekators, but isn't the founder of them. He has a pompous attitude, and feels as if every organic speices is dirt, also pairing up with a very aggressive nature. When Spetonik speaks, everyone snaps to attention, because they don't want to enrage him. Spetonik believes in nothing but creating a perfect world, full of no violence, no crimes, and where he controls everything. Spetonik is good friends with Mecha Flab, but he calls him 'Perfect Flab'. The friendship between the two caused them to decide on making the world a perfect place. At one stage, Mecha Flab was offered leadership at one stage, but he declined. Because of Spetoniks knowledge of the Warhogs, he rivals Urabonese, only to destroy him and the Warhogs once and for all. He is a villain classed as a master.


Has a large thick metal spike sticking out of his forehead as well and four out of the back of his head. His eyes are pitch black, with four glowing red arrows pointing to the centre of each eye. Has standard metal hands, but at the tip of each hand he has black metal talons, and wrist braces on each hand with four studs. Has metal Shoes which has two thin spikes sticking out of either side of the shoe forwards. Has eight metal spikes sticking out of his back of which he can lash out as tentacles or spider-legs.


Spetonik battles opponents by making the angry so that they lose concentration before he offfers the final blow to finish them. Spetonik can change from exceptional close range combat to just as exceptional long range combat, having the full artillery and capabilities of each Mekator member at his disposal as well as his own. Spetonik also has elemental absorbing abilities, rending all elemental attacks useless. Spetonik turns his hans into jagged swords when fighting at close range, and turns his hands into spike cannon and machine gun heads for long range.


  • Close-range and long-range fighting
  • Fighting elemental opponents
  • Fighting smart opponents


  • Psychic opponents
  • Fighting opponents that can create illusions



  • Mecha Flab


  • Urabonese the Hedgehog


  • All Warhog members
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