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Speedy The Hedgehog
15 - SpTH
21 - Currently
April 24th
Hot links, smoothies, being the leader
When his father embarrasses him
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Speedy is a red hedgehog living in Greenflower City. Generally goofy and bumbling, and somewhat childish, He's the boyfriend of Violet The Hedgehog and a longtime friend of Smash The Echidna going back several years. Though Smash is much older than he is, the two of them are best friends without a doubt. Speedy's father, Speeder, is a local police officer, and is just about as goofy as he is. He has a chao whom he named Speedler, trying to keep the "Speed" name trend going, who is always up to something. Speedy's mother seems to be the only one who keeps everything in order in the house.

Speedy is well known for his love of Hot Links; so much that he has a shirt dedicated to them.

Character © to Medley. Older aliases include Speedy The Hedgehog, Roy The Fox, and Roy Angrym'n.


Speedy Neutral - High Res

Art by Flame-Eliwood

Speedy is a red hedgehog with blue eyes. His bottom and center quills slant downward, while his uppermost quill sticks out straight, but is slightly duller than his other ones. Right in between his top quills and ears sticks smaller, thinner, and much sharper quills. There's one of them on each sides of his head, with even smaller ones between his top and center quills.

His main outfit consists of a blue shirt with a picture of a Hot Link on it, saying "I ❤ Hot Links", (using the picture in place of the word "Hot Links") A pair of brown pants, green gloves with a brown patch on the back of each one with brown fingertips, a black vest and blue shoes with two thin black straps going across each of them. He has worn the black vest long before he got his current outfit.


Speedy Scowl

Art by Flame-Eliwood

While usually seen as a pretty nice guy, Speedy is known to be a bit of a hothead. He has a short temper and a fairly prideful attitude. He's usually one of the first people to give their opinion on something, especially if it's a negative one. He's often seen arguing with others over silly things. He's incredibly stubborn, and doesn't like to admit when he's wrong. He's also earned himself a bit of a reputation amongst his friends as an airhead. Which is ironic, seeing as he has little tolerance for idiocy. He's not really dumb, though; just rash and impulsive. He often acts first and thinks later, which has often gotten him into trouble in his younger days. Still, he isn't necessarily unpleasant to be around. He's normally a nice and fun guy to hang out with; he's just very easy to upset. Although a certain purple hedgehog can very easily calm him back down just as well.
Speedy - Shouting Talk

Art by Flame-Eliwood

Speedy was always a bit on the hot tempered side, and always subject to teasing and jokes at his own expense. A simple insult was enough to set him off, but pure injustice outright infuriated him. He would always be the first to jump into action whenever he saw something he felt was wrong, and more often than not got himself into trouble. Sometime after learning to control his fiery powers, he'd grown up to be a bit more mature and rational--albeit still a bit on the impulsive side. Nowadays he's more likely to respond to insults with snark. Speedy is normally a silly, enthusiastic, energetic guy who loves getting a piece of the action. He loves getting together with his friends for some fun events--especially contests of sorts. Speedy is one of the most competitive people in the gang, and will exert all his efforts into winning, even if the competition is silly or nonsensical. He's very prideful when it comes to his skills, and generally feels that he can take on any challenge no matter how tough.
Aside from gaming, Speedy loves getting out of the house and taking walks or going exploring outside of the city alongside his girlfriend, Violet. They're most actively traveling during the summer.

Speedy stroll
Speedy can be a bit whimsical sometimes, occasionally coming up with odd ideas to either pass the time or just have fun with. He once did hurdles over benches in the park while trying to juggle blocks of cheese, claiming it to be a self-imposed challenge, however this incident was generally accepted to be from Lily's weirdness rubbing off on him. As such, his other friends decided it would be safer to keep them apart for a while.

Strengths and Powers

Speedy - Confident

Art by Flame-Eliwood

Speedy is the type of person who would recklessly rush head first into battle. He isn't too bad of a fighter, but he can get careless. His main strength is his fire powers. He can withstand intense amounts of heat, and can generate just as much in his flames. Due to its explosive nature, his power may actually surpass his friend, Splice's. Most of his fiery attacks explode on contact. His most basic fire-based attack is throwing fireballs at his enemies. But since he's such a brawler, he often attacks more physically with his powers.
Speedy Fire Pose
In fact, rather than actually throwing them, he actually punches his fireballs at his enemies.

Although it's non-elemental, he coined the attack "Endless Bash" during a battle at the Blitz Pit. Originally starting as a berserk flurry of punches out of pure rage, he later refined it and gave it a name. He grew proud when his other friends gradually picked up on it.

His most powerful fire-based attack is called "Blazing Fury", where he fires a huge blast of flames like a rocket engine out of his palms. When an enemy gets caught in it, not only will they be roasted, but
Flare Speedy

Flare Speedy

the blast is also highly explosive and will detonate anything it comes in contact with while still firing. Since it requires such great amounts of firepower, it takes a little while to charge.

His second most powerful attack is called "Flame Gatling". Much like Endless Bash, Speedy throws several hundreds of punches, each one launching a fireball at his target. He takes a moment to charge the attack beforehand, to make sure that each projectile is at the height of its power. When Speedy uses Flaming Gatling, he will keep the pressure on the opponent by firing a huge barrage of explosive fireballs like a gatling gun at the enemy until he overexerts himself to the point of collapsing. The attack is so wild that it's not uncommon for stray fireballs to be flung about, making this attack dangerous for anyone else to stand in the vicinity.

Speedy also has a super form that emphasizes his fire powers. Flare Speedy takes on a fiery orangish color, his quills move straight upward and resemble an open fire. His eyes are blazing red and his entire body wreathed in flames throughout the whole transformation.

General Info

Speedy lives in the central district of Greenflower City, on the same street as his friends Violet The Hedgehog, Crystal The Fox, and Smash The Echidna. It's unknown exactly how long his family has resided in Greenflower City, but they have been shown to be living in the same house during a prequel episode in the series he comes from. Speedy's known family consists of his parents, Meryl and Speeder, his little sister and pet chao, and an aunt, uncle and cousin living long distance.
Speedy The Hedgehog3

Speedy by LovingTokio14

Speeder is a local police officer who is almost always seen wearing a cowboy hat, and sometimes an entire western-styled outfit. Much like Speedy, he's laid back and tends to goof off either on or off the job, but can get almost uncharacteristically serious whenever it counts. He very often embarrassed Speedy whenever it came to his growing relationship with Violet. (He seemed to lay off a bit a while after they became an official couple.)
Meryl appears to be unemployed, but is often seen busy doing chores around the house and generally keeping the family in line. She always makes sure that he does his chores before going out, minds his manners when they have guests over, and saves all rough-housing for outside only. At least, she tries to, but Speedy and his dad will never be able to live down the time they broke her flower pot by playing catch in the livingroom during football season.
Marilyn, his little sister, was born when he was around 7 years old. She's grown up to be a lot like he was at her age of 8, (which Speedy refuses to admit,) which has only lead to them bickering and arguing all the time. They have a fierce sibling rivalry despite the age gap. But when it comes down to it, they both have each other's backs. Speedy has also taken the time to help her to control her own fire powers.

He first met Smash and his sister, Pearl, at the Blitz Pit during that year's Emerald Tournament. He and his neighbor, (and soon to be girlfriend,) Violet, both started off as young fans of Smash. After agreeing to hang out for a bit, they quickly became a small, yet evergrowing group of friends.

Comm smash the echidna and speedy the hedgehog by quickfoxjumper-damor3w
Being one of his first fans, Speedy stuck by Smash a lot while growing up. He would always cheer him on at every one of his matches (that he could make it to) and gave encouragement whenever he lost. His optimism and support meant more than he knew, as that was just what Smash needed during the hard times he had been facing. They quickly became best friends.

In return, Smash would often offer his advice to Speedy whenever he was facing difficult decisions or other such conflictions. Most notably was when he began developing feelings for Violet, and he didn't particularly know what to make of said feelings at first. Smash talked him through it and helped bring the two together, albeit it took a couple years before they officially became a couple. Unbeknowst to him, Violet had been visiting Smash, and even Pearl for advice as well.

Speedy The Hedgehog2

Speedy, drawn by DaftPunkGirl

Every evening, Speedy meets with Violet at the top of the hill in Hedgehog Park to watch the sunset. It's been a tradition between the two for several years. He has since grown fond of sunsets and sunrises. One of the few times you'll find Speedy at complete peace is while watching one with his girlfriend. On the off chance that she can't make it for whatever reason, he'll often note to himself how much lonelier it is.
Speedy confessed his feelings to Violet at the top of the hill, during one sunset. They officially became a couple in June 2009.

Speedy was born a pyrokinetic, inheriting the power from his father's line of the family. He didn't learn of the power until he was 11 years old, when he and Smash defeated a crazy man who had one of their friends hostage and had gunned down the other. The explosive power only revealed itself whenever Speedy was angered, as he didn't know how to control it. When his father learned of this, he began teaching him how to handle his power and control it properly, so that he didn't cause any accidents from fits of rage. It took some time before he was able to control it, and it took years before he finally mastered it.

Over the years, Speedy had grown increasingly more interested in becoming an officer like his dad. Every so often he would join Speeder on his investigations or other such duties, both to lend a hand and to learn the ropes. Speedy's connection to the police gave the gang a big advantage when it came to solving mysteries. It was absolutely vital in putting an end to the Black Rose's gang.
Conveniently, Violet's father is also a cop, which allowed the couple to work together in some cases. However, Violet isn't pursuing the path of an officer like Speedy is.

Due to his general hot-blooded nature, and a possible inspiration from Smash, Speedy has joined in almost every Blitz Pit tournament since he turned 15-16 years old. He's become just as determined as him to win the World Tournament--even if it means having to surpass Smash himself.


Art by Flame-Eliwood

Items Currently In Possession

Silver Locket: A birthday present from Violet. Inside is a picture of the couple at the fair in Station Square the previous day. He carries it with him at all times, sometimes treating it as a good luck charm. He returned the favor by buying her a seashell necklace with a sapphire on it from a souvenir shop overseas. (Which promptly emptied his wallet.)

Reinforced Gloves: Fireproof gloves reinforced with a thick, sturdy material that can withstand his explosive punches. Made by Gizmo.


Speedy, alongside Smash, was amongst the earliest characters in the series. Like most of the early veterans, he started off as a bland recolor. However, he constantly had changes in the color of his gloves and shoes. His gloves went from white, to yellow, to green and brown (current colors.) While his shoes went from blue and white, to blue and green, to green and yellow, to blue and green again, before settling on his current pair that came with his current set of clothes. He faced minor changes in his quills over time, however. In terms of attire, he was one step ahead of everyone else with his iconic black vest. This was the one thing that never changed about Speedy since his character was introduced.

Back in the day, Speedy had two other abilities alongside his pyrokinesis, and that was super speed and super strength (in his legs). Although it was never explicitly stated, Speedy was faster than even Sonic himself. And due to his constant running around and capability of running at near light speed, his legs had gotten super buff. His legs were so strong he could (somehow) lift entire tons with his feet.

Personality-wise, Speedy was basically a flanderization of his current characterization. He was incredibly immature, over sensitive, and his hot-headedness was blown out of proportion as even a slight insult would throw him into a berserk rampage. (sometimes causing him to transform into angry dark forms in short skits.) He was the type of person who was literally required to be put on a leash, yet nobody back then was savvy enough to put it on him.
His love for hotlinks was closer to a literal addiction to them, as he would sometimes go to other people's houses for more whenever he ran out at home. He also tended to randomly get depressed for seemingly no reason, and could only be cheered up by Violet.

Speedy was once the leader of the egregious Team Speedy. With himself as the team's Speed type, Smash as the Power type, and Two Tails, the lost, scrapped character, as the Fly type. Amusingly enough, Smash was still a better leader than Speedy ever hoped to be, and tended to be the one to come up with ideas and make decisions for the team more often than the team's own leader.

Speedy faced some of the most changes out of every character while still retaining most of his old traits and charms.


Smash and Co.'s Roleplay series


Odyssey: Made a few brief appearances, but unfortunately was left out for the majority of the story due to Medley not being able to keep up.


Memories of David The Echidna: Appears as a major supporting character, helping Smash out with his investigation alongside Speeder.

The Metarex Saga: One of the main characters. Speedy fights alongside the rest of the gang to save the universe from the Metarex.

Other Appearances

Splice The Hedgehog (RPG Fangame): One of the main party members.

Relationships with Other Characters


Speedy's Family

An older picture of Speedy's family.

Speedy has the second (or third) biggest family in the series. Aside from the ones he lives with, another side of the family had been shown in one episode focusing on the gang celebrating his cousin Phil's birthday party.

Speeder The Hedgehog

His bumbling dad. Speedy looks up to his father as a rather cool person, but there are times even he knows that he's just being silly. Speeder very often embarrasses him about his relationship with Violet, most notably when they try to get some alone time. Regardless, they have a strong bond as father and son. Speeder helped him learn more about his pyrokinesis and how to control it, and is doing a good job at preparing his successor.

Meryl The Hedgehog

His mother, and seemingly the only real competent person in the household. Meryl appears to be the only sane person in the family, constantly hounding after the wild kids and trying to get her husband to do more around the house than watch TV and join in the fun. (Though after a long day's work, who wouldn't wanna kick back and/or play around for a while?) She can be a bit of a nag sometimes, but she means well, and Speedy knows it. Now that he's grown up, he has a much easier time seeing things from her perspective, and is more likely to lend a hand around the house.

Marilyn The Hedgehog

Speedy's little sister. She tended to be the typical annoying younger sibling, being whiny, spoiled, and always trying to one-up Speedy. She likes to mess with him to try and set off his temper for her own amusement. She is also just as competetive as he is, which has lead to a rather big sibling rivalry between the two, despite the fact that Speedy is at least 7 years older than her. Regardless, Speedy does care for her, and generally wants to keep her home where it's safe whenever something big is going down.

Her nickname is Mary.

Speedler the Chao

A red, neutral run-type chao, and Speedy's pet. Although notably sillier than the others, the chao's name comes from the "Speed" theme on his paternal side of the family. Speedler is a curious, playful chao that loves attention. He normally stays home, but some days Speedy takes him out for walks around the neighborhood. The chao is very fast, but cannot fly.


Violet The Hedgehog
His neighbor, his very first friend, and his sweetheart. Violet and Speedy met only hours before they befriended
Pc together with eachother by xxlily n cookiesxx-d56yiwi-1-

Speedy and Violet, watching the Sunset.

Smash. Back then, Violet was shy and nervous, but followed the hotblooded Speedy around because she genuinely wanted to get to know him. They became fast friends, and it only went uphill from there. One summer evening, Speedy found Violet at the top of the hill in Hedgehog Park, and learned of the beautiful view of the setting sun. Violet explained that was her favorite place to go to think or relax. Since then, Speedy would meet her at the top of the hill every evening, and it soon became a tradition between the two. And before he knew it, he had begun to fall for her.

The two had eventually become close enough to be teased or even legitimately mistaken for a couple, yet neither of them seemed to want to admit their feelings. Violet was still somewhat shy when it came down to it, but had long since come to terms with how she felt, and wanted to wait for Speedy to do the same. Speedy on the other hand, was struggling. At first he didn't know what this strange feeling he had towards her was. Then when his friends began pointing out how lovey dovey they were, he fiercely denied it, claiming that they were just friends. Yet his behaviour around her said otherwise.

Sdsdsfsfsf by daft punk girl2-d713ehy

Speedy and Violet: ~New Years 2014~ (By Daft-punk-girl)

It took some coaxing and coaching from Smash, and a couple years of quality time with Violet to get him to fully accept that he was in love. Smash later noted that the teasing he'd gotten before had ultimately stalled the relationship far longer than it should have, given his natural reaction to being made fun of.

Now, Speedy and Violet have grown so close that they are nearly inseperable. They work together, play together, travel together, and fight together. She's also one of the only people he can truly confide in, as she seems to understand him better than anyone else. He trusts that she can do the same.

It also goes without saying that he's very protective of her. He also gets dangerously enraged whenever somebody tries flirting with her; a trait that goes back way before they even became a couple.

Smash The Echidna
Quite possibly his best friend. He was one of the first friends Speedy ever canonically made, (the first actual one being Violet.) Growing up, Speedy often stuck by Smash's side, looking up to him as a sort of older brother figure and mentor. He often came to him for advice whenever he was troubled or conflicted, and was usually the first guy to lend a hand whenever Smash needed one. They also cope very well in battle, being the original "Bash Brothers" of the series. As such, the two formed a very strong bond over the years.

Splice The Hedgehog

Speedy and Splice are pretty good buddies, and have a sort of brotherly relationship. Both being flamingly adept, they can easily relate to one another, and very often work together for team attacks in battle. They have a sort of friendly rivalry as well, as they very often compete towards various small or silly goals. (i.e: "Last one there's a rotten egg!" or "I bet I can do [whatever] before you!") Like most 'brothers', they tend to bicker and argue a lot about various and sometimes meaningless things.

Gizmo The Cat

Gizmo is a good buddy, and Speedy loves all the things he's invented. Although they get along fairly well, Speedy has a bit of a history of borrowing his stuff and either losing them or bringing them back damaged, which annoys the cat to no end.



Fun Facts

  • Speedy can be surprisingly witty, but at the same time, falls flat in regards to making snappy comebacks.
  • For some reason, Speedy's whole family has an immense fear of Arachnids.
  • Speedy makes some pretty darn good smoothies.
  • Speedy is easily angered by idiocy and stupidity, despite his reputation as an airhead.
  • Next to Splice, Speedy has some of the worst luck out there.
  • His name is Speedy, but he was in the bottom 5 rankings in the Greenflower Grandprix. It's a very touchy subject to him.

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