Not much is known about Speed the Hedgehog, other than he grew up with his Uncle Peter on a farm located in Downunda as a young child and has no memory of himself or his fa mily. The same dilema he shares with his uncle. According to Speed himself, all he can remember was something dark a big in the sky, like a hole and being sucked into it.

Apperance and abilities

Speed The Hedgehog NEW by Pro Master Gamer

Speed's new look

Speed is a hedgehog of blue fur, tall, brown eyes, 14 years of age, speaks with an Australian accent and is often mistaken for Sonic at first glance and just like Sonic the Hedgehog, he has super speed. It's even rumored that Speed may actually be faster than Sonic himself, seeing how the young hedgehog had taken over the roll of a hero and almost replacing Sonic. Almost. The two of them often cross paths and at times Sonic is often giving the Downunda native a little "hero" advice every once in a while.


Speed is serious, rude, impatient, sometimes a little mean, and has quite the temper. He's often cocky and his sense of humor may actually be a little bit on the dark side. But when he needs to be or wants to be, Speed actually does have a heart, on lighter terms he can actually be very kind, respectful, and even a little playful.

Love life

Being a hero, he had a several girls who had liked him, but he hasn't shown any affection or admitted his love to most of them. At least until he met Night. As the two got to know each other better, Speed seems to like teasing Night with her emotions, although she would deny even having a crush on Speed. But even if that claim was proven false, he would have to get his approval by her father.


  • It's often hinted that Speed may actually be a lot older than he physically is. And it's strongly hinted that he may not be a normal hedgehog or even from Mobius.
  • Like Sonic, Speed can't swim but unlike Sonic he isn't afraid of water (At least not of shallow water)
  • Speed is actually pretty good with accents for that he can speak in a almost perfect American, Chinese, Irish, Scottish, Mexican, and British accent. But his true accent is his Australian one.
  • Speed may actually be scared of Night's temper. But he often gets away by running fast.
  • Speed rarely gets defeated or even hurt in a battle, but when his does it almost always because of dirty tricks, getting caught off gaurd, or by rather really sneaky and clever moves. One example would be when Night drugged Speed's drink to knock him out and planted a bomb in him.
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