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Spectre, a reincarnated form of the late police officer, Daniel Stryker, was "born" very soon after Moodernaar's reawakening. Daniel was a very loyal to the Station Square Police Department, or SSPD, having stayed in force for almost 16 years. Daniel's final task was to lead a team and capture a convicted murderer, however, he met an unfortunate end when the killer pounced upon him and stabbed him in the throat. He quickly bled out and died at the scene.

A few days later, Moordenaar was awoken and chose Daniel to be the first member in his army of the possessed and undead due to being recently deceased. Now, as Spectre, he assists Moordenaar in wreaking havoc across the world and has become one of the most feared beings in existence.

Recent History

The Return

I will write this when the RP is complete.


Physical Appearance

Spectre has a somewhat small build and he looks like a lynx. He is well above average height for a mobian which leads some people to believe that his height was intentionally increased to intimidate his foes. His fur is black and his hair, a light grey colour. His eyes are grey and his teeth are razor sharp, which again, is believed to be intentional. His arms, hands and legs look dry and boney which is odd due to the amount of strength he has. When he is using one of his many umbrakinetic powers, a purple aura glows around him and if they're open, his eyes glow purple as well.


Spectre wears a black cloak that goes down to his knees and a pair of black, torn jeans. He also wears a pair of brown leather sheaths on his back to hold his two chainswords. The pair of black boots that he wears are old and dirtied and dried mud trails upwards along his cloak.


What ever personality Spectre had before is completely gone. He is incredibly rash , killing, and even sometimes even devouring, anything and anyone that interrupts his duty as an agent of Moordenaar. He will even go as far as to kill his own men if just one small mistake is made. Spectre is very quick a judging a person on whether they're worthy enough to become a thrall of Moordenaar or to just kill them on the spot. When around his master, he agrees to do anything and agrees with anything he says. He is Moordenaar's slave, and he enjoys it.

Powers, Skills & Abilities


After being resurrected, Moordenaar gifted Spectre with umbrakinetic powers that he could use to scare and destroy his foes. Like most kinetics with their own powers, Spectre can bend darkness and shadows at will.

  • Night Slash - Spectre uses this to channel dark energy into his chainswords, increasing both his speed and his damage output, whilst decreasing his defenses to near zero.
  • Dark Channel - An extremely deadly ability. Spectre casts this upon an opponent and literally drains their life away, restoring his health and increasing his strength. However, this leaves Spectre completely defenseless as it requires a great amount of concentration to perform.
  • Shadow Ball - Whilst a somewhat weak attack, Spectre commonly uses this to just scare his enemies out of cover so that he can deal an even more deadly attack.
  • Nothingness - A very useful power that allows Spectre to become a shadow and move around. He cannot do it for very long and it deals no damage, but enemies cannot injure him in this state. He commonly uses this to flank his enemies and it sometimes helps him catch his prey.
  • Dark Familiar - Spectre casts this ability on an enemies shadow and uses it against them. The shadow becomes a physical being and is difficult to destroy. However, the familiar itself does not have any powers and must pummel it's opponent.
  • Dark Launch - Spectre launches dark energy at an opponent, sending them flying. It doesn't work as well on opponents who can fly. The damage it does varies depending on force at which the energy hits them and the force at which the person hits the ground or an object.

Chainsword Training

After creating a weapon that he could use to intimidate his enemies and prey, the undead lynx trained himself on how to use them. He's found that speed and accuracy is the best way to use them against his enemies and prey.

Small Firearms Training

A skill that carried over from Daniel Stryker, Spectre knows how to use weapons such as pistols, machine pistols and sub-machine guns.


  • Two Chainswords - Weapons that Spectre had made himself to intimidate his enemies and prey. After just a short time, Spectre became a master at wielding them.



  • Moordenaar - Spectre's lord and master. He will carry out any order that is given to him by Moordenaar, no matter how bloody, gruesome or immoral it may be.


  • Possessed Mobians - Spectre leads these possessed people into battle. He does not care about whether they live or die.
  • Dark Warriors - Created by Moordenaar from darkness. Spectre treats these combatants with a very small amount of respect, but again, couldn't care less if they were destroyed.


  • Every living person on Mobius - Anyone who isn't dead or possessed is an enemy of Moordenaar, and an enemy of Moordenaar is an enemy of Spectre.


  • "Lord Moordenaar orders the deaths of everyone on this world. And I am the instrument to carry it out." - To anyone that questions his motives.
  • "You look like a good meal." - He usually says this when talking directly or indirectly to his prey. He also tends to lick his lips or teeth when saying this.


Theme Song

Immaterial (Halo 4)

This may change.

Halo 4 OST - Immaterial

Halo 4 OST - Immaterial

Connection to Character

This piece of music has a very dark feel to it, which fits perfectly with Spectre's dark and gruesome nature. The piece also carries a feel of uneasiness which fits with Spectre's tendency to change from a calm and calculated killer into a manic and destructive monster.


  • His Dark Channel power is a mix between two powers from Mass Effect 3, Dark Channel and Reave.
  • His two chainswords are a reference to the double-sided chainsword that Skorge wields in Gears of War 2.
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