Spectral Eraser is one of the more common Nihlic techniques, but despite that, it is nowhere near weak. It is only truly seen in the hands of Nihlic Clan members who put themselves into learning nihlikinesis.


The user creates a ball of white energy in their hands, with anything that enters the orb vanishing without a trace. Once the orb absorbs elemental energy, however, it changes colour to suit the colour closest to the elemental spectrum it just absorbed. The user then releases the orb into a beam form, which erases anything of that element in it's path, including fighters aligned to that element. Those that are erased are transported into the Realm of the Erased, where they are stored, either to be released or destroyed.



Technique Rank

The technique is viewed, like all Nihlic techniques, to be a dead art, and as such bears no elemental rank. If only they knew the truth...

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