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17:10, September 6, 2018HeavyMagicianSprite.png (file)6 KBBurpy's dream 
20:13, September 6, 2018HeavyGunnerSprite.png (file)6 KBBurpy's dream 
20:13, September 6, 2018HeavyShinobiSprite.png (file)6 KBBurpy's dream 
20:14, September 6, 2018HeavyRiderSprite.png (file)6 KBBurpy's dream 
18:28, September 6, 2018HeavyKingSprite.png (file)8 KBBurpy's dream 
16:20, October 17, 2018Rex the Wolf.jpg (file)15 KBBurpy's dream (Cropped to look better)
17:05, May 6, 2018Shadow LienDa.jpg (file)17 KBBurpy's dream 
16:33, October 14, 2019Lairon.png (file)20 KBBurpy's dream 
17:13, April 8, 2019Blue Pikachu Alt.png (file)20 KBBurpy's dream (The old Blue Alt of Pikachu from Super Smash Bros. for WiiU/3DS)
20:48, March 19, 2018Rampardos.png (file)21 KBBurpy's dream 
01:52, November 4, 2018Danny the Wolf.jpg (file)23 KBBurpy's dream 
00:54, March 21, 2018Skarmory.png (file)27 KBBurpy's dream 
01:35, August 4, 2017Riolu.png (file)27 KBBurpy's dream (A screenshot of Riolu)
03:08, July 10, 2017Charmander.png (file)28 KBBurpy's dream 
22:49, July 31, 2017Treecko.png (file)28 KBBurpy's dream 
03:21, April 22, 2017Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 5.29.51 PM.png (file)29 KBBurpy's dream 
19:46, July 3, 2017Tyranitar.png (file)34 KBBurpy's dream 
20:42, June 4, 2017Rokky the Krokorok.png (file)35 KBBurpy's dream (A Krokorok pic)
19:55, August 1, 2017Splash the Greninja.png (file)37 KBBurpy's dream 
00:49, January 1, 2020Boltrunner the Boltund.jpg (file)39 KBBurpy's dream (A drawing I made myself)
03:08, July 10, 2017Charizard.png (file)40 KBBurpy's dream 
21:44, March 28, 2019Midday Lycanroc.png (file)40 KBBurpy's dream (Different picture)
20:19, October 2, 2017Rhyhorn.png (file)43 KBBurpy's dream 
19:46, July 3, 2017Mega Tyranitar.png (file)43 KBBurpy's dream 
23:31, July 28, 2017EvilSonic.png (file)46 KBBurpy's dream (A screenshot of Sonic.EXE; modified file name due to file type restrictions)
23:38, June 16, 2019Max and Starline.jpg (file)46 KBBurpy's dream (Made by my friend Sir Moneybags)
21:14, January 4, 2018Dusk Lycanroc.png (file)47 KBBurpy's dream 
22:49, July 31, 2017Grovyle.png (file)50 KBBurpy's dream 
01:56, August 17, 2017Shiny Alolan Marowak.png (file)52 KBBurpy's dream 
04:05, August 1, 2018Zeraora.png (file)54 KBBurpy's dream 
21:14, January 4, 2018Dusk Lycanroc 2.png (file)54 KBBurpy's dream 
19:45, July 7, 2019Storm the Buizel 2.jpg (file)56 KBBurpy's dream (Made by my friend Sir Moneybags)
22:50, July 31, 2017Sceptile.png (file)57 KBBurpy's dream 
22:28, March 28, 2019Torracat.png (file)63 KBBurpy's dream 
20:44, July 28, 2017Mega Manectric.png (file)63 KBBurpy's dream (A Mega Manectric pic)
20:18, June 14, 2018Zorua.png (file)64 KBBurpy's dream 
01:56, August 17, 2017Salazzle.png (file)65 KBBurpy's dream 
22:42, August 16, 2017Silvally.png (file)66 KBBurpy's dream 
23:15, August 18, 2017Incineroar.png (file)66 KBBurpy's dream 
20:19, October 2, 2017Rhydon.png (file)67 KBBurpy's dream 
23:19, August 6, 2017Litten.png (file)68 KBBurpy's dream (A Litten Screenshot)
22:50, July 31, 2017Mega Sceptile.png (file)70 KBBurpy's dream 
18:39, July 31, 2017Mega Aggron.png (file)71 KBBurpy's dream 
16:06, July 24, 2019Austin Smith.png (file)73 KBBurpy's dream (Made by my friend Sir Moneybags)
11:54, August 7, 2017Chesnaught.png (file)74 KBBurpy's dream (A Chesnaught screenshot)
17:19, July 18, 2017Midnight Lycanroc.png (file)75 KBBurpy's dream (A pic of Midnight Lycanroc)
23:30, July 19, 2017Rockruff.png (file)76 KBBurpy's dream (A Rockruff pic)
02:11, January 4, 2018Type Null.png (file)79 KBBurpy's dream 
17:52, February 6, 2019Incineroar Smash Alt.png (file)81 KBBurpy's dream (The black alt of Incineroar in Smash. This is the design of a character in my series)
01:25, August 4, 2017Mega Lucario.png (file)82 KBBurpy's dream (A Mega Lucario screenshot)

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