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02:38, April 19, 2020Chaotix logo.png (file)929 KBBearfootTruck 
06:15, April 18, 2020Vector modern.png (file)558 KBBearfootTruck 
06:03, April 18, 2020Espio modern.png (file)240 KBBearfootTruck 
05:55, April 18, 2020Charmy modern.png (file)228 KBBearfootTruck 
06:31, April 16, 20207.62mm AK-15 6P71 assault rifle at Military-technical forum ARMY-2016 01.jpg (file)1.04 MBBearfootTruck (
06:31, April 16, 20205,45mm AK-12 6P70 assault rifle at Military-technical forum ARMY-2016 03 noBG.jpg (file)554 KBBearfootTruck 
06:30, April 16, 2020OTS-14 Groza.jpg (file)87 KBBearfootTruck 
06:29, April 16, 2020PP-19-01 Vityaz-SN.jpg (file)2.21 MBBearfootTruck (
06:28, April 16, 2020PP-19 Bizon.jpg (file)2.04 MBBearfootTruck (
06:28, April 16, 2020Saiga-308.jpg (file)69 KBBearfootTruck 
06:27, April 16, 2020Saiga 12.jpg (file)1.93 MBBearfootTruck (
06:26, April 16, 2020Kalaschnikow AK 107 noBG.png (file)794 KBBearfootTruck 
06:25, April 16, 2020AK-105 Avtomat Kalashnikova.jpg (file)1.17 MBBearfootTruck 
06:24, April 16, 2020AK-104 assault rifle at Engineering Technologies 2012.jpg (file)1.47 MBBearfootTruck 
06:23, April 16, 2020AK-103 Assault Rifle.jpg (file)62 KBBearfootTruck 
06:22, April 16, 2020Ak102.jpg (file)18 KBBearfootTruck 
06:21, April 16, 2020AK-101.jpg (file)79 KBBearfootTruck 
06:21, April 16, 2020Soviet RPK-74.jpg (file)300 KBBearfootTruck 
06:20, April 16, 2020Soviet RPK.jpg (file)1.28 MBBearfootTruck 
06:18, April 16, 2020Ak-74m.jpg (file)412 KBBearfootTruck 
06:17, April 16, 2020Aks74u.jpg (file)16 KBBearfootTruck 
06:17, April 16, 2020AKS-74.jpg (file)29 KBBearfootTruck 
06:16, April 16, 2020Ak74l.jpg (file)106 KBBearfootTruck 
06:15, April 16, 2020AKMS vs AK-47.jpg (file)1.76 MBBearfootTruck 
06:13, April 16, 2020AKM automatkarbin - 7,62x39mm.jpeg (file)200 KBBearfootTruck 
06:11, April 16, 2020AKS-47.jpg (file)37 KBBearfootTruck (Source:
06:11, April 16, 2020AK-47 type III.jpg (file)39 KBBearfootTruck 
06:10, April 16, 2020AK 1 and 2 model.JPG (file)1.01 MBBearfootTruck 
06:09, April 16, 2020AK-47 type II.jpg (file)599 KBBearfootTruck 
02:14, April 13, 2020SWV81 episode card.jpg (file)636 KBBearfootTruck (Episode card for "Sonic Wave")
22:14, October 5, 2016SHDLS episode card.jpg (file)984 KBBearfootTruck (Episode card for "You Can Choose".)
16:46, October 3, 2016SHRGB episode card.jpg (file)1.38 MBBearfootTruck (Episode card for "A Dark Birthday".)
22:15, December 20, 2013SFW banner BearfootTruck fixed.png (file)16 KBBearfootTruck 
05:22, November 30, 2013Hancock City 2.png (file)1.09 MBBearfootTruck (Sonic & Chip at World's Park, Midtown Empire City)
05:21, November 30, 2013Hancock City.jpg (file)224 KBBearfootTruck (An artist's rendition of Hancock City)
22:19, November 25, 2013Flag of Mobius.png (file)5 KBBearfootTruck (The flag of the Kingdom of Mobius)
20:03, November 25, 2013Flag of the RFPR.png (file)38 KBBearfootTruck (The current flag of the Roseinian Empire, a.k.a. the Roseinian Federation of People's Republics)
21:12, November 19, 2013FRC Flag.png (file)63 KBBearfootTruck (The flag of the Federal Republic of Columbia)
19:56, October 10, 2013Yagi Link Double as a Sonic font.jpg (file)502 KBBearfootTruck (An example of Yagi Link Double. To answer the question: Yes I do.)
19:54, October 10, 2013Sega logo comparison.jpg (file)524 KBBearfootTruck (A comparison of two similar logos that Sega has used, in all their 70's future glory.)
19:52, October 10, 2013Sonic Vipnagorgialla.jpg (file)289 KBBearfootTruck (Some examples of Vipnagorgialla. Seriously, where do type designers come up with some of these names?)
19:51, October 10, 2013Sonic 3 Plaza.jpg (file)324 KBBearfootTruck (A few examples of the font "Plaza". Ooooh, look at the fancy letters!)
19:50, October 10, 2013Sonic 2 comparo.jpg (file)187 KBBearfootTruck (A comparison of the fonts "Gaslight" & "Roco". Just ignore the fact that "Roco" is slightly thicker than "Gaslight", mmmkay?)
19:49, October 10, 2013Sonic 1 Century.jpg (file)227 KBBearfootTruck (Century Schoolbook, a portrait of an All-American font in a ''Sonic'' game.)
19:44, October 10, 2013Sonic logo Syntax.jpg (file)410 KBBearfootTruck (The ''Sonic'' logo, as compared with Syntax Ultra Black. Twice as nice, don't you think?)
04:05, July 9, 20131982-89 Plymouth Gran Fury.jpg (file)70 KBBearfootTruck 
04:04, July 9, 20131980-81 Plymouth Gran Fury.png (file)1.07 MBBearfootTruck (A 1980 or 81 Plymouth Gran Fury. From RJHuffman])
04:03, July 9, 20131977-78 Plymouth Fury police.png (file)1.81 MBBearfootTruck (From an old brochure)
04:01, July 9, 20131975-76 Plymouth Fury Coupe.png (file)1.3 MBBearfootTruck (By [ Brampton80au])
04:00, July 9, 20131976-77 Plymouth Gran Fury unmarked.png (file)1.04 MBBearfootTruck (A 1976 or '77 Plymouth Gran Fury police car. From [ Granfury])

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