It's a spear made of ancient ash, hardened to a toughness beyond most metal. It stands at about 6'4 feet tall and weighs about 14 pounds. It has a yellow gem embedded into it, with an insciption that reads "The Soul of Earth".


It's creator, the god of earth, Hashmal, wielded it after he created it. It was stolen by the Mad One while Hashmal was away. The Mad One used it to rain ash and dust on an entire kingdom.


It has the power to control the world itself, it can control earth, rock, sand, ash, dust, gravel, metal, wood, and even dirt.


It was created shortly after the creation of the world, it was then kept in safety for thousands of years, untill the Mad One stole it and used it to try to literally rip the world in half,. Fortunetly, he was stopped by the heroes of legend.

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