Spazz The Hedgehog

Spazz is a disc jockey and radio personality. He is from Sparkle City. Sparkle City is a place of art and flare. It is colorful and exrpressive just like Spazz is. Spazz's best friend is Silver The Hedgehog who Spazz considers a little bro(Spazz sheltered Silver when he came from the future).


Spazz The Hedgehog
Not much is known of Spazz's past except that his father was an anchorman known worldwide. He was kicked out at age 13 for wanting to express himself. He took up a job as a worker in a restuarant and when he was serving he served a talent scout. He and the talent scout (Spazz didn't know he was a talent scout) talked and finally the scout offered him a job as a radio personality. Blade the Hedgehog is Spazz's ancestor cousin.Spazz's ancestors come from a tribe in Africa similar to Blade's however Spazz's ancestors' village never burned down allowing Blade's family tree to continue.Despite this the two can't seem to get along.

Radio Personality

As a radio host Spazz became very famous in the new town he lived in known as Sparkle City. Spazz felt at home here. He has co-hosted with many people and helped save Sparkle City from quite a few perils. Even running into Sonic and Co. on a few occasions.

Spazz The Hedgehog
Sazz DJ Spazzy
Ancestor of Blade The Hedgehog (Great x20 cousin)
Romantic Interest
*Mystic The Bat (he has a crush on her)
  • Rouge (Another Crush)
All music (mainly Hip Hop and Rap), concerts, 'babes', his hair, Sparkle City, Expressionism, Art, Colors
Boredom, losing the good vibes, nonsense, conservative people
Disk Jockey, Contort Body, Superspeed, Great Cook,
Silver The Hedgehog, citizens of Sparkle City, Mystic The Bat, Slash The Wolf(A little), Sonic, Tails, Amy, Big
Blade The Hedgehog, Knuckles, Eggman
Super Spazz(Never Used)


        Spazz can stretch parts of his body to far distances(simlar to Werehog Sonic) he uses his signature move known as "The Spazzy-Go-Round" to spin his opponents in an alarmingly fast circular motion throwing them great distances. Spazz is known to be quite strong and fast(rivaling Knuckles at times). Spazz also is known to use spinning records like shuriken(I guess he and his great x20 cousin Blade have something in common).

        Spazz however can be very naive. He isn't the brightest person as he never finshed school. Spazz also strikes without thinking much like Sonic. He never has a plan and just rushed into battle. Spazz becomes quite stronger with his head phones blazing (on loudly). So without them he is said to become weaker.


Spazz is one of those people ou love to hang out with. He is so funny however it can become a hassle as he runs his mouth usually getting his friends in trouble. Spazz is almost never afraid and talks a big talk. Spazz is very carefree and lives life for the moment. He has a personality much like that of Sonic's but with a weaker sense of heroism and justice. Spazz can be considered a speaker. he speaks his mind always never telling a lie(except to girls on occasion). Though not the brightest Spazz can hold his own in speech with that of huge corporations. He is a great debater and almost always wins an argument(except with girls on occasion). As you could porbably tell Spazz is a ladies man. He loves the ladies and the ladies love him. Well sometimes anyway. It would seem that the girl that Spazz tries to win over has no interest in him at all, but the girls friend has a huge crushon him. Spazz though easily makes friendships with girls. Perhaps the only things Spazz are afraid of are heights and monsters. When he is scared(rarity) he will blast his music up full volume and wait until he can figure out a way around his troubles. Spazz is completely oblivious to the fact that he can usually use his ability to climb back down.

Character Relationships

Sonic The Hedgehog

Spazz finds Sonic to be a rad dude. He values Sonic as a friend and respects him as a fellow hero. On a few occasions Sonic has joined Spazz on his radio station.

Toejam and Earl

They are Spazz's best buds. They come from a different planet and are Sparkletons. Spazz found them in a meteor and saved them. They now host a radio station together that is very successful. Spazz always takes Toejam and Earl to the hottest parties.

Blade The Hedgehog

Blade is Spazz's ancestor cousin. Despite their simialr family blood line thw two can never get along. Spazz hates Blade's seriousness or as he calls it boringness. Spazz finds Blade to be a buzkill as he is always talking about missions or things that SPazz finds boring. While Spazz is never afraid Spazz knows he couldn't come close to besting Blade in battle.


"Expressionism is an art"

"Yeha I Got What Ya Need"

"Welcome back to K.92 Sparkle"


"I got it"


"Feelin The Vibes"

"I Got Ya Song Right Here"

"How Ya Like That"


RP: Princess Elise Invades Mobius

In this RP Spazz is captured by guards patrolling his city for any others. As soon as he is dragged to the castle he comicaly insults Elise again and again until Elise becomes furious and throws him in the dungeon. It is here he meets a female rat as well as Shima. After chaos broke out in the castle it appears Spazz has snuck away probable to renavet his city as well as free the townspeople(In a fashion similar to the story of de Blob.)

RP: Silent Hill

Spazz is first seen crossing the bridge that connects Central Silent Hill to Old Silent Hill. He is attacked by some enemies, and eventually, he climbs on top of a building to avoid them. Then he is attacked by Air Screamers. The heroes inside of Midwich Elementary School hear his screams for help, and Shima is able to identify him through voice. They exit the school, and Kotuumath aggrees to fly around in order to find Spazz. He finds him on top of the building, but Spazz mistakes the halfbreed for another Air Screamer and throws a record at his face. Kotuumath just catches the record in his claws and crushes it, saying, "You did NOT just do that!". Spazz panicked, and then threw a golden Rick James record at Kotuumath, which became embedded in his forehead (he doesn't react with pain, though.) Enraged, Kotuumath pounced on Spazz, but the hedgehog used his limb-stretching abilities to grab the halfbreed and keep him from hitting Spazz, but they both fell off of the building.

Spazz has a symbolic monster in the form of the Lying Figure enemy. They symbolize him not wanting to live with his family because he wasn't accepted for his own self. He was expressive and they wanted tied down control.


Saints Row 2 89

Saints Row 2 89.0 Ultor FM - What You Need

What Ya Need!

Put your money where your mouth is - Jet

Put your money where your mouth is - Jet

Spazz's Other Theme Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is


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Voice Actor

Spazz's voice actor is none other than Neil Patrick Harris. You may know him from shows and games such as:

  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle
  • Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay
  • Justic League(As Flash)
  • Saints Row 2(As Veteran Child)

Spazz shares his voice with Neil's voice over for Veteran Child of Saints Row.

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