The Sparks TB Eagle is a Mobian-designed and built civilian sedan, produced by Sparks Motors. The design is the most recent Eagle-series sedan, the company's family sedan series.

Sparks TB Eagle

Production Information
ManufacturerSparks Motors
Product LineEagle-series sedans
ModelTB Eagle
TypeFour-door rear-wheel drive sedan
Technical Information
Maximum SpeedSpeed-governed at 215kph
As civilian vehicles, almost all characters can purchase these units
Other Information
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Design & Construction

Roughly five years ago, the previous Sparks Motors Eagle-series car, the NR, was scheduled for retirement. As such, designers went to work designing a new rear-wheel drive car, with a variety of different engine sizes and performance ratings. As such, the designers came up with a sleek, curved design, with a rounded front and rear end, complete with stylistic spoiler. The interior designers and the content advisors went into overtime, but it was the engineers that outdid themselves with the engine, offering a choice of five different different sizes, each with it's own performance levels of torque, fuel consumption and horsepower. In turn, two different fuel types, petrol and liquid petroleum gas, were trialled. Petrol was made the standard, with four of the engines built around it, while LPG was provided as standard on one of the engines.

Reception on Mobius was good, although it's sales were only really heavy around the United Federation, the other countries slow to take up this model. Built with a steel frame and aluminium panelling on the outside, a hardened plastic dashboard and either patterned cotton or leather seats inside, plus all of the features, the TB Eagle is a brilliant car.


As mentioned, there are six different engines, each with it's own design features. The smallest engine is a 2.4L four-cylinder, which offers the lowest horsepower but the highest fuel economy. Next is the 4.0L straight-six, which provides overall decent performance. It comes in both petrol and LPG forms, and is the only engine that doesn't require lengthy conversion if being built from scratch. The turbo-six has the highest torque, and offers the greatest acceleration of all the standard engines. Finally, the V8 engines have the highest horsepower, although the increased front-end weight slows the car down slightly and alters it's drive profile.

All cars meet a maximum safety rating, with four airbags (drivers, passengers and curtain), stability control, reverse sensors and anti-lock braking all key features of the design. Comfort isn't spared either with a choice of two different types of seating as options, while a MP3-compatible stereo system, climate control, cruise control, fold-down rear seats and a driver fatigue warning system all standard.

A five-speed automatic transmission is the primary type, although a five-speed manual or a six-speed automatic are both potential options.

These cars are all speed-governed, however, locking the speed to a maximum of 215kph.

Derived Vehicles

  • PTB Eagle - a car based on the TB Eagle, although modified for increased performance - one of the most powerful saloons ever built by Sparks Motors and their performance team, Spark Drives.
  • Eagle Racer - the most recent incarnation of a V8 racecar derived from this sedan.
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