The Sparks General is a Mobian-designed and built civilian pickup,

Sparks General

Production Information
ManufacturerSparks Motors
Product LineCommand-series Utilities
ModelWY General
TypeTwo-door compact pickup truck
Technical Information
Maximum SpeedSpeed-governed to 219kph
As civilian vehicles, almost all characters can purchase these units
Other Information
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Design & Construction

Similar to the Eagle-series of cars, the Command-series cars had suffered a slump in sales as Sparks Motors lost ground with a number of the target markets, who had slowed the rate of purchasing of utilities in Albion and it's surrounding states. In order to counteract this, a new model of utility was announced. A risk, certainly, but one that paid off. The WY General could only seat two, but made up for that with an array of three different engine sizes and a respectable cargo carrying strength. Indeed, the residents of Albion and the surrounding area bought the vehicles rapidly, and some began to filter into the Houses, prompting sales to shift onto there as Albion began to pull back.


As stated, there are three different engines, fuelled with gasoline. The smallest is a 2.3L four-cylinder engine, which provides the lowest power in exchange for the greatest fuel economy. Following that is a 3.0L and a 4.0L V-6 engine, which provide increasing amounts of power and torque, but as expected, drink more fuel.

There are five different transmission choices, ranging from a single five-speed manual to one of three different four-speed or a five-speed automatic, with each of the four-speed transmissions working on a different timing and gear ratio. An anti-slip differential, slip plates, tow hooks and specialized suspension all appear as extras, while dual airbags is standard.

Derived Vehicles

Some of these vehicles have been turned into "technicals" by mounting a weapon onto the back, typically a machine gun or recoilless gun of some kind, but in some cases an anti-air or anti-tank battery is fitted.

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