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Spark the Jellyfish is an aquatic character. He is great at swimming (which is totally natural), but also has strong electric powers.


Spark the Jellyfish is a great swimmer and an even better user of his electric powers. He's usually quite laid-back, but it's unknown what he does on a regular basis.


Spark is very laid-back, but also quite savvy. He's not afraid to show his true emotions.


Spark is mostly light blue with purple markings. His "tentacles" grow on his head, resembling hair. He wears no article of clothing. His eyes are light purple, like his markings.


Spark the Jellyfish is voiced by Megumi Ogata in Japanese and Greg Cipes in English. Here are some things he'd say.:

"Hey, if you die, I can just use my powers to get your heart working again!"

"Check it out! I glow in the dark!"

"Let me go! I'm a great swimmer!"



  • Spark sometimes mentions how he can use his electric powers as a defibrillator.
  • Spark the Jellyfish seems to be a good friend of Aqua the Guinea Pig, most likely due to their interest in aquatic themes.
    • There are a few times when Aqua shows a possible crush on Spark, although they seem to be just friends.
  • Spark is voiced by Marc Silk (Spike from Ape Escape) in British broadcasts of the Erica Sakura anime.