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Spark the Hedgehog looks over the dimension of fire. He is in ownership of the Box of Flames, a sacred necklace said to contain the heat of all fire in the universe. In his land, all life revolves around the single flames of the Fire of Life. Without it, the whole land would wither and die, and all life would shortly follow. When this happens, the box of flames will fade out of existance, ripping a hole in the space-time continuem. This will destroy the Universe, which implies the Fire of Life is the source of all power in the entire universe.


Spark the hedgehog was born and raised during the civil war. He was given the Box of flames. By the age of 10 he was killing enemy soldiers in battle. Once the war ended, Spark, now 14, decided to flee from the tribe to bigger things. He found an ancient shrine (which housed the Fire of Life long ago) and discovered the balance between good and evil had been disturbed dramatically. The fire went out long ago and Spark notices the box of flames fading. He grabs it just in time and presses the center. Suddenly, flames erupted from the shrine and the box of flames began to reappear.

That act granted him keeper of the fires, a role of which gave him the power over all fires and hovering. He has many times met his greatest enemy, Edge the Hedgehog, who supposedly is the soldier who killed Spark's father. Edge bears resemblence to Shadow, but having Yellow and black quills instead of red and black.


Spark has orange and red quills that turn bright Red when he turns into Super Spark. He wears shoes with multiple stripes that are orange and red too.

He wears plain gloves that are fire-proof. Spark may become enveloped in fire, in which every part of his body is red-hot. He can only do this by obtaining the other box of flames.

He, like Sonic and Shadow, can use Chaos Powers, such as Chaos Blaze and Chaos Eruption. When he does these, Spark turns completely orange.

Death and resurrection

Spark was killed when he fell of the Shrine of Fires with Edge, fortunatly it killed them both. They were in the middle of their third encounter, in which both were brutally injured.

Spark had a bleeding nose, a quill that had been mauled and a destroyed shoe. Edge recieved the same degree of injuries including bruises and cuts.

They fought all the way up to the top of the shrine were,after more attacking, they fell to their dooms. Their bodies weren't noticed for days, until Spark's family found them after 4 days.

When Sonic, Shadow, and Silver became Super while defeating Iblis, the energy of them all sent a massive shockwave through the whole known universe. Somehow the energy seeped into the dimesion of Fire, resurrecting all the recent dead. This energy empowered Spark until he became Super Spark, and banished the recovering body of Edge to the outer-reaches of the land.

Spark's Super Forms

  • Super Spark - Emeralds or Super form energy
  • Fire Spark - Recovering both boxes of flames
  • Chaos Spark - using chaos moves
  • Dark Spark - powered by fear and anger
  • Pure Fire Spark - both boxes of flames and emeralds
  • Eruption Spark - Emeralds, both boxes of flames, anger, and abillity to use chaos moves. It is the best form of Spark.
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