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Soumerca is a continent of Mobius. It is featured in Dimitri Chronicles, a series created by Chamesthehero.

The fourth largest continent in the world, Soumerca is known around the world for its beautiful natural wonders, its diverse modern communities that originated from ancient civilizations such as the Sand Empire, the Prinus, and remnants of the Nightmare Seekers, and its blend of cultures from around the world.

Those who are native to Soumerca are known as Soumercians.

Original concepts belong to Sonic the Hedgehog comics. However, this version belongs to Chamesthehero/ProLuxray/Lolcraft98.



Soumerca was a single landmass with present-day Efrika until Mobius began terraforming millions of years ago. This is a reason some of the same fossils can be found on the coast of each respective continent.

Soumerca's history is deeply rooted from civilizations from ancient times, dating back from times of the Mobosaurs and the discovery of the Chaos Emeralds by the Ancient Walkers. Within the landmass that comprised of Soumerca and Efrika, these Mobosaurs came in contact with the Chaos Emeralds. In religion, it is believed the Twilight Shard and the Golden Champion hailed from there as well.

Countless communities have risen and fallen throughout history. The Sand Empire is thought to be one of the oldest standing communities of Soumerca, predating the Prinus Clan, a civilization of psychokinetic echidnas that migrated from Eurish, the community of Radiant Hills, Razor Zone, and even the members of Snowbound Zone, which is thought to have the remaining descendants of the ancient Nightmare Seekers.

With the rise of globalization in the last hundred years, Soumerca is perhaps the most affected continent, becoming a genuine blend of cultures as people from all over the world migrated there at some point in time. In recent times, its most prominent cities, Station Square and Red Rose Town, became part of the United Federation and became locations where the Guardian Units of Nations have influence over.

Natural Resources

For the main article regarding Rainbow Dust, see here.

Although Soumerca is known for having many natural resources, only two of them are debuts in Dimitri Chronicles: its multicolored herbs and Rainbow Dust.

The multicolored herbs are flora found within the northwestern regions of the continent, most notably in Cinnabar Forest. Some civilizations, such as the Prinus, used to obtain them for medicinal purposes. Because of their medicinal prowess, once mixed together, they are among the most effective medicines despite their harsh bitterness. Green herbs are the most common, with yellow being uncommon, and red being the rarest.

Rainbow Dust is a collective term for magical powders that summon seven specific elements according to their distinct colors. They are either used as weaponry or as the currency of the civilizations in the Scorched Dunes. Famous for their rarity and high value, it attracts worldwide bounty hunters to the desert.




  • Prinus Clan: An ancient clan of psychokinetic echidnas from Eurish. Faced near extinction in Dimitri Chronicles: Reign of Darkness. Where its village used to reside, there is a large crater.
  • Snowbound Zone: An infamous snowy region in the southwestern part of the continent. There are stories of a village there being part of a nefarious cult, the ancient Nightmare Seekers. Faced near complete destruction in Dimitri Chronicles: Reign of Darkness.
  • Razor Zone: A region bordering Snowbound Zone in the southwestern part of the continent. Has inhabitants that have natural-born fire powers. Faced near complete destruction in Dimitri Chronicles: Reign of Darkness.
  • Scorched Dunes: A scorching desert famous for its red-colored sand and beautiful barren landscape. Located in the northwestern part of Soumerca under Cinnabar Forest. Home to Red Rose Town and the Sand Empire. Debuts in Dimitri Chronicles: Flames of Courage.
  • Radiant Hills: A location bordering the western coast of Soumerca that is famous for its tall hills. Has a village of indigenous people. Debuts in Dimitri Chronicles: Flames of Courage.
  • Cinnabar Forest: A subtropical, vermilion-colored subtropical forest. Famous for its multicolored herbs and is a home to many inhabitants. Debuts in Dimitri Chronicles: Reign of Darkness.
  • Mount Aurora: The largest mountain on the continent. Named after a Mobian goddess worshiped in some religions, it is said to invigorate the spirits of visitors. After Rikai has taken residence at its peak, it has a perpetual indigo-colored cloud over it. Debuts in Dimitri Chronicles: Reign of Darkness.

Fun Facts

  • Soumerca is loosely based on real-life South America.
  • It is located in the western hemisphere and mostly in the southern hemisphere.
    • It has a large variety of climates, ranging from subtropical forests, deserts, to snow plains. The formation of these habitats is topic of continuous research even to this day.
  • Soumerca is famous for its fighting tournaments.
    • Titan Smashing is held in Station Square and the Blood Thorn Tournament is held in Red Rose Town. They are the cultural heritage of the Sand Empire's bloody unusual ways of deciding heirs.