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Soulstice City is the essential body of EQuartz Industries, stationed out in an otherwise bleak and hopeless wasteland. Originally constructed by Zepheniah Scott, this bustling city is estimated to be around the size of a small state, though retains it's status as a City for reasons currently unknown.


Back when EQuartz Industries was known simply as "Soul-Stice," founder Zepheniah Scott had decided that his dreams were much too big for a few factories, and had a small town built around the largest of the factories to support the ever-expanding industry he had built up. It was a small patch of life in an empty wasteland, which some may say was poor planning, but as the town was not too far from other, more crowded cities (for more efficient product-shipping,) and attracted a massive amount of residents in the form of workers and their families, who would move in to shorten movement time between home and work.

After Zepheniah's death and David's seizure of the company, the town had expanded into a bustling city dwarfing the surrounding four cities and eventually assimilating the area around it. The cities that once dwarfed SoulStice City now served as mere residential zones for the countless amounts of local workers. This expansion would be a slow process, and had ended just before David's death and the twins' self-exile, with many new people taking power, each worsening the state of the city. The once glorious city of industry had degenerated to a seething cesspool of poverty and rage, with the leaders constantly taking any rights that the people once had with each changing leader.

This process would continue until a person by the name of Sampson (REDACTED) had taken power, and had decided to finally give power back to the people in a slow and thorough process. The state of Soulstice would slowly regain it's losses under Sampson's reign, but despite his efforts, could not fully fix everything that had been wronged by the past leaders, and ended up resigning out of self-loathing. He put EQuartz Industries, which had included the very city he had worked to restore, on a gamble against a Crucite child by the name of Jared (having used his knowledge and body-suits voice-changing function to play himself off as a legal adult,) who, at the moment, seemed to have a large streak of "good luck." Sampson lost this gamble, and as such, EQuartz Industries in it's entirety (regional bases, Soulstice City, etc.) was now owned by Jared.

Jared would then perform a similar act to what Sampson had attempted with the advantage of his time-sight ability and Capon's advice to guide him through. Soulstice would become fully restored, and even modernized to match with current standards. The citites borders would expand to accomodate new workers, the systems and services within Soulstice would be updated in efficiency, etc. and would remain that way to this very day.


Soulstice had always housed many people of different backgrounds, races, and ideals since the very beginning. There is no one exact demographic, similar to that of most other societies. This is helped by the cities massive size, in that people of varying ideals would be placed close to one another to help boost diversity within the various sections of residential space.

Notable Areas

Soulstice is diverse not only in it's people, but also in it's locations of notability. Within the heart of the city lies the EQuartz Industries HQ, a colossal building that towers above the rest of the city, and functions as the literal heart of the city, supplying the city with enough resources to continue function. The city itself is surrounded by very tall, resilient walls built in the case of attack, as the city is stationed in an otherwise bleak wasteland of lifelessness, where danger could strike at any moment. Other places to note within the city are it's many districts with a wide range of specific functions such as residential, work, shopping, farming, commerce, business, performing and visual arts, and so on.

Outside of the city walls lie the Outskirts of Soulstice, land technically owned by EQuartz but not expanded into, for the most part. It's a mostly bleak wasteland with very little to note aside from the various Sites built within it's borders. These are large clusters with specific functions to them, whether it be waste disposal, penitentiaries, military training, product testing, etc. The only patches of life are small settlements built by theives and exiles who only stay to plunder from eachother.


Despite being a massive and sufficient city, Soulstice relies heavily on EQuartz Industries' condition to continue thriving. All laws and legal actions are finalized by EQuartz Officials, most/all services within the city are provided by EQuartz, the company basically keeps the city running in it's entirety, like a healthy heart to an unstable body. This economic structure also effects the physical structure of the city, as services are much more abundant the closer one lives to either the center or the walls, as both contain large industrial centers that create and distribute these services.

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