This is an article about Soul Tyo the Mysterious, a character created by SoulTyo3 on 07/23/2015.


Soul's appearance has evolved from 2005-2015, his most recent appearance his that his blue fur has lighting white trim, he has 5 quills on his forhead which symbolizes a mohawk, he wears a black tee with a white skull, black cargo pants, and custom made hovershoes. he has peach muzzle with black markings going doing from his eyes down his muzzle on each side also the same above his eyes but goes no extent. his ears has wile fluff that resemble that of lynx ears, he has an extended tail which can sometimes has a mind of its own and helps Soul with hard tasks. he has black futurisitc gauntlets with sky blue that makes that blue glow. (the gauntlets resemble that of Batman's ). he has tribal tattoos across his arms. a piercing on his right ear with the numbers "890" (paying homage to the Creator's previous username "Soul890" ) and a goatee a trademark of Soul's (that also pays trademark to the creator Soul890/Soul-the-Mysterious)


Soul's personality is heroic, loving, goofy, courageous, sweet, emotional, rebellious, and loyal


Soul Tyo was born hybrid mobian child of Malikora the Hedgehog (father) and Spiral the Hedgechidna (mother) Tyo, he ancestry is from his bloodline the Heir of the Mysterious which were at war with the Unknowns who were born like the Mysterious' being hybrids. Soul grew up averagely and didn't have much love from his father who mistreated him but had a kind loving mother. as a teenager his father neglected him and his mother due to his father's constant dislike towards him. Soul went to high school and would get picked for being as quiet as a mouse while trying to focus and finish his studies, and also made some friends while being their. one day his life began to have shine when he met a hybrid just like him that helped him after getting bullied and looked at him with golden yellow eyes, sky blue fur with blue flaming trimming and very good build. they became good friends and later grew close till one day after sharing a close loving relationship as his love went into a car with uncle and fled when they celebrated their graduation to extend their lives. later on at home his and thinking about his love leaving, his mother supported him as he was sad cause out of many people she did so much for him while he was liked much by others. his father later came and mistreated his own wife leading to Soul on the defense and getting hurt himself and his father leaving again. after healing with his mother, she advised him to get some training from an elder echidna named Alkimik whom Soul went to and later trained in different fighting styles and learned his trademark element which is lightning. after his training he saw a yellow hedgehog at his home speaking with his mother about recruiting fellow mobians to be cops/freedom fighters. Soul finally came out of hiding and accept. Soul went through fight training , weapons training, and briefing while even sparring with the boss himself named Stardust Seether the Hedgehog a cosmic hedgehog mobian from another planet with overall strength and power but became limited as he became older. after training he finally began working and did well for himself, and as time went on he began doing rescue missions an made rivals. he rescued a tiger by the name of Tegra from a Metal version of himself named "Metal Soul" which was deactivated by the tiger later on. he rescued her  again from a wild wolf name Thunder who wanted Tegra for more than robbing her which lead to a battle and Soul suffering from a battle scar across his chest. he later defeated the wolf whom was never seen again after fleeing. Tegra and Soul became close but Tegra decided to fly home to the jungle to protect her village. Soul continued till years later and being experienced he was told to go to a museum where it ws a robbery. he bumped into an assassian and was surprised who it was after almost knocking them down but scractched them with a bullet his was his love Blue. they later met and she told her story about why she left and that it was a family emgency which got her into training to be what she was and she was there to take something that was gonna do harm to the city if in the wrong hands. they reconciled and later in the future had children. they have battled the liked of Mephiles the Dark and few other foes. Soul Tyo and his love Blue finally got married and had more children. as years went on the two battled more foes. and later they became grandparents but still battled a lil bit but have settled down as well. too this day from 2008-2015 Soul Tyo and his wife are alive & well and still fighting their foes.


Lightning and medium regeneration




Parkour, Mauy Thai, Karate




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  • Despite being Soul-the-Mysterious' (artist) most popular character, he was not the the first as it was Stardust Seether the Hedgehog and Nails Reign the Hedgehog, and Kaotic the Hedgehog
  • Soul has more than one theme. Chosen One by A2, Zombies in the Mausoleum by Chris Geehan, and Tornadoes by I Will Never Be The Same
  • The Character name came from the idea on how the word "Soul" can be used in so many different ways
  • Soul is the character with the most wins in the Sonic Fan Battle Series "Star Chaos Tournament"
  • Soul is the first ever Sonic FC Champion in the "Star Chaos Tournament" series having it since the 70th tournament
  • Soul has defeated canon characters from the comics and video games of the Sonic Series such as Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Amy Rose, Tails, Knuckles, Big the Cat, Scourge the Hedgehog, Mephiles, Dr. Finitevus, Chip, Espio, Erazor Djinn, Rouge the Bat, The Deadly Six, The Babylon Rouges amongst many in the "Star Chaos Tournament" Series
  • Soul has defeated Sonic.EXE along with Robotnik.EXE & Knuckles.EXE which were characters apart of the creepypasta "Sonic.EXE"
  • Soul has a Streets of Rage mod movie series which he starred in 8, 6 including himself & 2 with his wife in the SoulXBlue series
  • During the years Soul has be adored by emo and scene fans
  • Soul's various outfit are inspired by gothic, punk & the music the creator listens to such as Rock, Metal, Dubstep, Techno, Dark Electro, and various genres
  • The Creator has wanted to create a video game based on Soul the Mysterious rather its a story or a fan game based on a beat em up genre no matter if its a 2D or 3D engine
  • Soul has a mediocre following
  • Soul has also confronted various characters that among the "popular" group. Becky the Hedgehog, Zeta, JC-the-Hyena amongst many others in the "Star Chaos Tournament" Series (this is not a negative post as the Star Chaos Tournament series is simulated on wrestling video games which shows grappling and punching..the series and games shouldnt be taken seriously as it is just for entertainment purposes. )
  • Soul has his own tribute series called "Hall of Revengeance" which has 10 videoes
  • Soul design has changed 2 or 3 in the past couple of years
  • Soul favorite food is Pizza (also the creators favorite food)
  • The Creator has been approached and asked for Soul to battle Sonichu in the "Star Chaos Tournament" which has be quietly declined, however later on in the series he did battle Sonichu and defeat him along with Coldsteel and another character.
  • Soul's favorite insult towards Mephiles is "Crystal Meph"
  • Soul's quote is "Please call me Soul". (The Creator didn't like when people addressed him by his name and they would call by his real name or call him "dude" so he told them "Please Call Me Soul"
  • The skull's on all Soul's clothing from his past & present desings is to pay homage to The Creator favorite wrestler "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
  • Soul's personality is inspired by various characters from video games, shows, and movies. Stone Cold, CM Punk, Inuyasha, and Sion Barzahd
  • Soul the Mysterious and his wife Blue the Unknown have been together in 2008 named SoulXBlue which has made them a popular fan couple.
  • Soul's elemental lightning is inspired by both Raiden from Mortal Kombat and Raiden from (MGS2, MGS, and MGR: Revengeance) 
  • Soul has various forms. Super, Hyper, Dark, Demon, Were-mobian, Female, and Mystic. he has also had other forms along with joke ones but were later scrapped in his mature creation years
  • Soul is actually not a hero or a villian, but is actually Anti-Hero
  • His female form gets more popularity than his normal form
  • When Soul used the 5 quills on the head and used the goatee, other artists in the community followed suit and did the same. The Creator was not seen as an inspired since he did before them.
  • Soul was created in 2005 along with Stardust Seether the Hedgehog and Merc the Echidna but became popular amongst the other two sometime in 2007, which will note after 2015 it will mark Soul the Mysterious has been around around for at least a decade 
  • Soul's very first design was Soul is urban clothing.
  • Soul's second design resembled Darkspine Sonic but had the lightning white trims on the other quills which he has on his most recent design
  • Soul was a hedgehog till 2008 he was changed into a Hedgechidna and sported a long tail
  • The Creator feels that making Soul as a womanizer will kill his character's credibility as he against sexual promiscuity and cheating. he is hated by males who are womanizers and men that are sexual promiscuous for having his character married with a wife that they want to follow in the sexual promiscuous cult.

(*) Soul has defeated the characters Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy (Star Chaos Tournament 84), and SpringTrap (Star Chaos Tournament 96) from the "Five Nights At Freddy's" horror videogame series

(*) Soul has defeated Mario (Star Chaos Tournament 93) and Iggy Koopa (Star Chaos Tournament 95) from the "Mario" series

(*) Soul has defeated the fan favorite character from the "Undertale" videogame which is Sans the Skeleton at Star Chaos Tournament 99 on the wrestling game WWE2K16 which he hit him with a Superman Punch

(*) The Creator is gathering up tracks to release a tribute OST for the character Soul the Mysterious named "Hall of Revengeance" which is paying homage to Soul's highlight clips of alot of his Star Chaos Tournament wins. which is yet to surface...

(*) Soul now will be mixed with K9 after Soul now has a dog like muzzle which will add more to Soul's hybrid feature as he still looks appealing and influenced by fellow artist MartheDog's muzzle style.

(*) Soul's genderswapped version of himself that was labeled "Female Soul" now has a name of her own as of late 2015 she is now named "Psyche"

(*) Soul defeated Bendy the character from "Bendy and the Ink Machine" at Star Chaos Tournament 10 which was the 110th in the 'Star Chaos Tournament' series which is the 100th from the most seen SCT that was 'Star Chaos Tournament X (10)'

(*) Soul has now appealed to some male users, however its because of pictures that involved Soul in nsfw pictures or appealing poses, it also resulted in Soul Tyo' and the creator's gender being questioned.

(*) Despite appearing in the SCT series, Soul has not appeared most of 2017.

(*) As of March 2018, Soul has come clean about his multiple relationships. However it became valid as he and his wife have been involved it swings with each other.

(*) Soul's relationships are with Tegra (Prime Setting now discontinued to avoid conflict in the MXU Universe, they have an adopted daughter named Rosy the Fox and twins TK and Aria who are Tigerhog, also Tegra & the twins are winners in the original SCT format. Aria (SCT9), TK (Tegra (SCT23) ), Hott-E (discontinued after artist left in 2007 and they also had a child but it was never revealed due the Hott-E's departure), Zabi (Soul's first bi relationship, it was in Summer 2017 and ended March 2018 due to personal issues between the two creators), Cookie/Kie (Started later on in either 2017 or 2018, Soul was living with Zabi and Kie to give them hospitality, food, and shelter along with his adopted daughter Battle the Badger, Soul was helpng Kie with her personal problems and her parents condemned Soul has a demon from the underworld. as time went on Zabi lost interest in Soul due to Soul and Kie having children who are now called Sukie and Pretzel, Sukie looks like Soul and Pretzel looks like Cookie/Kie. it was also controversy involving ownership of Cookie/Kie with The Creator of Soul winning the case and now has %100 pure ownership. Cookie/Kie has parents and a brother. the mother only as shed light. the father and mother is TBA.) Rexla which is one of Soul's favorite relationships is in a unique setting as they are in space similar to the Mass Effect series the relationship is loving, comedic, and caters to the classic japanese perv dating the tough girl that puts fear in men. despite this they click with Rexla loving Soul all together knowing despite him and tactics hes a sweetheart and also brings out the sweetheart in her. Soul wants to marry Rexla, it happens then Rexla will be Soul's 6th wife as the other 5 are Tegra, Blue, Cookie/Kie, Moon, and Sindy. in the end all Soul has to do is pay the cub support but thats covered with his tournament and freedom fighter income money. Another is Carerin the Cat where they have 3 children..Surin, Sion, and Pistol (as of this writing, the CarerinXSoul couple is over but since The Creator of Soul has created Surin, Sion, and Pistol..they can still have a place to exist. Soul has met another char named 'Sindy the Cow' and as of June 26, 2020 They are happily married making Sindy, Soul's 6th Wife. Soul married to an assassin named Moon as well where they have a child named 'Crescent the Hybrid'. He is currently in a relationship with Juicy and if she marries Soul she could be Soul's 7th wife. He was also involved in a relationship with Maleena (now as of today by Soul and the same stuff for Tegra is the same happening with her and probably Hott-E as well.) All gals Soul has been in a relationship/married..Tegra the Tiger, Hott-E the Hedgehog, Maleena the Cat, Blue The Unknown (Current/Official wife due to the longevity of the couple), Rexla the Hedgehog, Cookie 'Kie' The Wolf, Carerin the Cat, Moon the Hybrid, Sindy the Cow, and Juicy (species undefined)

(*) Soul has made a new team with Comet the Dog owned by ColorfulSilver and has been dubbed Team Vital-Metorite , the team name is based of synonyms of their names.

(*) Soul has declared Percey the Dog as his first s*ut slave owned by SissyPercey from Inkbunny and Furaffinity (as of 2020 this is no longer as thing do to lack of contact..)

(*) Soul has defeated Infinite at Star Chaos Tournament 121

(*) Soul has lost the SCT122 Royal Rumble, SCT123 Royal Rumble, SCT123 Elimination Chamber, and the Sonic FC Championship

(*) Soul now has a new look which is yet to be revealed

(*) Soul is seen as a celeb cause of his Freedom Fighter, Tournament and Championships wins in the SonicXWrestling series 'Star Chaos Tournament' , and being the face of the Chaos Universe, MysteriousXUnknown w/ Blue the Unknown

(*) In 2020, Soul has went under a redesign done by XenoStateofMind and is so far detailed like Soul's 2019 design.

(*) Soul will start in the new 'Star Chaos Tournament' series alongside Blue and their family, plus others in 'Star Chaos Tournament: Lit & Electrifying'.

(*) As of 2020, Soul hasn't made many appearances cause of SoulXBlue not surfacing anymore do to Blue's creator being stuck on Sans from Undertale which has become lackluster with lack of characters and storytelling and too much focus on Sans and her character version of herself... doing the two-character rp format.

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