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"I have forgotten pain as my body grew numb. I have forgotten food when my inside became dust. But I have not forgotten what I was. What I am. If I were to forget these things. I would lose myself, and the world lost with me into the darkest night."


The "Warrior of Stone" has become a statue over the hundreds of years he has remained stationary atop Mount Exalted. Soturah is a male lion of great height and build. His full body armor makes him look like the knight of old he is. This great suit of armor was once a shining Silver lined with royal purple. The full suit was all made of metal plates with mail underneath. It has now become covered in a layer of brown rock and green moss at the shoulders and feet. His real face has nearly been lost in time, but historians say that he was once the very image of a valiant hero.


Soturah was once a brave knight who fought for his kingdom and king. To those he protected, he didn't hide himself in armor. He talked, laughed, and cried with peasants, making sure not to alienate himself from those he defended. To his king, he was a royal servant and right hand, bringing about the kings will and protecting his birthright. To his enemies, he was the unstoppable force that rallied his soldiers and charged at the opposing armies head on. He was more than worthy of facing any mortal men in combat. Over time, though, he became more and more curious of the powers of ancients, and that became his driving force and target of his ambition. He didn't read spell books to conquer. He simply found them intriguing, and this desire for knowledge of arts rightfully forbidden would lead to his downfall.


Several hundred years ago, long before Jericho discovered the island of Saari, there were many kingdoms that dotted the island. Some great. Some small. Soturah was born into a peasant family under one of the smaller kingdoms. He grew in dark times. Armies were constantly warring with each other over land and wealth with peasants and knights fighting for those trivial things. Soturah, at ten, followed his father to war and became a squire under the militia that the villagers formed. Through his father's limited knowledge of combat, the child grew to be a sub-par knight. He was much too small to properly wield a steel sword of any size and shape and armor only made him stand in place, unable to move.

His father was one with shady friends. He knew full well that magic was forbidden and only the "God-given gifts" that were bestowed upon some Mobians by Providence were permitted, but anything of a dark nature was to be left untouched, the books left to rot. Soturah's father knew of a magician, and he begged the master of the supernatural to bestow great strength onto his son. The magician agreed, but said he would give the boy only as much power as his soul could take. Soturah proved himself when he was granted enough power to give him enough strength to wield a claymore at the age of thirteen. The magician was not doing this out of charity, though, for he knew one day what this boy would become. He knew power was not without its own price. He also prophesied that Soturah would bring centuries of peace to Saari.

The boy demonstrated his new found strength when he was called upon to defend his homeland, and he did so with unrivaled valiance. The lord of the land took notice of the boy and took the boy away from his family to be ordered to serve the crown. Given a bright and new chainmail and greatsword, the boy grew to be a mighty man, a lion whose roar was a call to arms for his fellow soldiers and a warning to his enemies. The king was told numerous stories by messengers of a soldier who aided in the conquering of another kingdom. The king was so impressed that he let Soturah live within the castle as a general, commanding troops from both the castle and the battleground if need be.

Soturah, having grown to be a knowledgeable man, remembered when he went to sleep only skin and bones and woke up with arms large enough to kill a man. He grew curious as to how he became so strong in such a short time, and that was when he met the very same magician who gave him his strength. The magician was an adviser to the king and a teacher to the royal family. He told Soturah hat his strength was given to him through supernatural means. Now most men at that time would have beheaded the old warlock where he stood, but not Soturah. He grew even more curious and asked where he could learn such magic. The magician pointed down a dark corridor that led to a forgotten library filled with spellbooks. When Soturah was not fighting or giving commands, he was here, reading about abilities he could only dream of.

Over five years he lived three lives. One as a soldier, one as a people's man, and one as a student learning of forbidden teachings. He learned to harness the elements, enhance the strength of his body, armor, and blade, and even extend his lifespan. The boy did all of this out of fascination. He never meant for it to be applied in battle. It was only something that enthralled him. By his fortieth birthday, he read over half of the books in the library. Unknown to others, he became a living conduit of magic. The soul of any sort of being can only take so much power, and Soturah found his limit. When in battle, conquering a part of the island not under his majesty's control, he began to glow. The more he fought, the brighter he became. Just then, in the middle of battle, the magic Soturah absorbed consumed everything around him. the whole battlefield became void of life, leaving only the knight to stand among the death. There was no smoldering bodies, no fire. Only bones were left of the soldiers and the dirt became like dust. The knight tried to escape from this dream, running to nowhere, but wherever he went, death followed. He tried seeking help, but there isn't much one could do when anyone who came close to him was turned to nothing. Soon, nothing was left of the whole island. Soturah did nothing but wonder through the island, trying to find a way for this power to leave him. He couldn't even kill himself. The armor that covered his whole body was surrounded by a shield made of pure energy and his sword was covered in runes. Trying the drive the claymore into his chest was like an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object. In his agony, the only person who can withstand this magic, the magician, visited him. the magician told him that his power was triggered by movement, and that his constant running about was the cause of all this destruction. If he move much more, the whole world would be turned to dust by this great power. Still being of a good heart, the Soturah walked slowly up the tallest mountain on Saari and stood on its peak, where none would find him. To this very day he stands, being kept alive by the magic that he is now defending the world from. All he has now are his memories, and he clings onto them as to not forget his purpose.


Soturah, through the magician and spellbooks, has gained power beyond what most beings are able to stand, with the reason being his powerful soul. He had almost every single kind of power that was known at the time: Manipulation of the elements, defensive spells, arcane runes, etc. This power has proven to be able to wipe out all life whenever Soturah moves due to magic spells being cast through either speech or movement. If he was to move again, he would bring the end of all things.


Because of the magician, Soturah has great strength, being able to wield claymores in his preteens. He also is able to contain a great amount of magic through a soul that has proven strong.


He is a great swordsman and strategist, born to fight for his righteous cause. He has more than proven himself to be able to lead armies with valiance and pre-battle speeches.