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The Sorisa Family is a family of hedgefoxes known for their power in Pyrokinesis, thanks to their genetic ability, a power known as Overheat.


The family has it's roots on Ash Island, an island paradise famed for it's black sand beaches & dormant volcanoes, as well as its parties and tourism. The family was discovered when a tsunami threatened the island. G.U.N scrambled evacuation teams to pull as many people as they could inland to higher ground, when a single hedgefox, simply stood on the beach and ignored the soldier's protests and demands for him to move.

When the wave approached, the hedgefox simply held his ground and blasted into the wave with a single Blast Burn, the fireball immediately boiling the wave and turning it to steam in a single shot. This was televised, almost as if they were filming him to see his stupidity and instead caught his heroics. The sheer power and bravery he exhibited amazed everyone, prompting scientists to request the opportunity to study the young adult, who introduced himself to the world as Tidus Sorisa. He agreed.

Barely a month later, it was all over the news - "Ash Island Fireblaster used dangerous genetic ability to save homes & lives". Scientists had found his ability, which at Tidus' request was named Overheat, after the powerful technique he explained his family had always excelled in, and how it's use boosted the power of Fire-type moves, but at the cost of the user's strength and energy, with every single Fire-type move the hedgefox used more powerful than the best Fire-wielder that G.U.N had, but seemed to drain him more. Tidus returned to Ash Island, and over time, he and his family were forgotten about. However, G.U.N never forgot.

Twenty years later, Tidus returned to G.U.N lands, but when asked why, simply said that was to introduce his daughter, the twenty-five year old Sophie Sorisa to the world outside the island, before he returned to his home in his old age.

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All members of the Sorisa family share one trait - they all have the same elemental power - control of Fire. While some may have multiple elemental powers, most show only the one over their life. This is also because of the genetic ability, which Tidus admitted the family had speculated on for generations, known as Overheat. The family's genetic ability serves to increase the power of their Fire-based abilities by up to 20%, but at the cost of needing extra energy to fuel it, plus risking heatstroke & even potential death from overheating. Due to this downside, most members of the family that follow a military or freelance combat path learn how to make the most of other things, be it weapons, unarmed combat, or even elementless energy attacks.


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Genetic Members

Members through Marriage

  • Rebecca Sorisa (Rabbit)