Soren Shin-Ha
Soren Had Enough
Rabbit-Dog Hybrid
19 (October 1993)
Speed, flight, access to Rage Gene
Hachiman Shin-Ha, Hincho Shin-Ha, Armies of Hell, the Demonic Legions
Hachiman (father), Leea (mother), Hincho (brother), Victoria (sister), Leona (half-sister)
His body, Lunar Sword
"Cross me, and die..."
"I may seem evil to you, but truly, I am just...a psychopath."

Soren Shin-Ha is a hybrid mix of rabbit and dog who was born under the clan of Shin-Ha, and is the eldest son of Hachiman. Born in Arkansas, America, Soren was raised by his mother Leea after Hachiman had left him before he was born. Since then, he has harbored a deep hate for his father, a hate which has affected his mentality, sociality and even his sanity. His prime goal is to kill Hachi as an act of revenge for what he did to Leea, and for never being there to raise him.

He is known for his infamously aggressive personality, and never lets go of a grudge. More than willing to fight, he doesn't hesitate to kill at a glance and is also very good with getting to the core of his foes, taunting them to provoke attacking him, which he responds only with his lightning fast speed. Corrupted to his heart by a mix of intense hate and the Rage Gene, Soren seems to be getting worse as he continues to exist, going to extremes to spite those who stand in his way.


Soren is 170.18 centimeters tall, with long, dark grey hair which extends down his back. He has white fur covering his body, and has a thin body structure which helps with his speed, meaning he is not weighed down by any extra muscle, and is free to attack quickly and effective. He has a pair of wolf-like ears, with light blue interior. Dark grey tints appear on his ears, shoulders, elbows, hands, feet, his chest fluff and on his large, wolf-like tail. He also has a pair of gleaming gold eyes.

In terms of attire, Soren is very basic. He wears a pair of dark blue trousers, and carries the Lunar Sheath (which is covered in ancient and bizarre markings) on his trousers. Inside is the powerful Lunar Sword weapon. His tail come out through his trousers, and he walks barefoot a majority of the time.

On occasion, he has been known to sprout a large pair of black-feathered wings.


Early Life

Soren was born in Arkansas, America, to new parents Hachiman the Rabbit and Leea the Dog. Some time before Soren's birth, Hachiman had left Leea to travel the world, fulfilling his career as a demon hunter. Leea was heartbroken, though she knew that Hachi had to do what he had to, as not even love could not stop him in his life-long mission.

Soren was born sometime in October, in Leea's household. Upon his birth, nurses had discovered that the child was filled with more energy and life than the average. This had surprised several doctors, and soon news spread to several scientists. What they didn't know was that Leea was half-demon and that Hachi passed on the Rage Gene, so Soren was now a deadly mix of demon and peak-level being. As he grew older, Soren heard from Leea about Hachi, who she had tried to keep hidden away from him. However, she couldn't keep him hidden forever, and so explained to Soren about how Hachi was his father and that he had left before his birth.

Over time, Soren became increasingly angry, shocked and confused as to why Hachi would desert Leea in such a way. His anger problems got so intense that, during his pre-school years, he wrecked a class room and severely hurt several students. Soren was taken out of school, and Leea couldn't find the money for education, so she decided to try and teach him herself, which worked somewhat to a point. However, behind his mother's back, he was training himself to fight properly, and in the process, discovered the power of the Rage Gene.

Discovery of the Rage Gene

Soren first found the power of the Rage Gene from when he was training in his back garden, and was attacked by a gang member. They had fired a bullet at him and, after so much anger had gathered inside him, he quickly stepped out of the way as it flew past his head. The gangster was stunned, while Soren was surprised. However, not wasting time, he used his speed to take down the gangster with ease, knocking him out cold with lightning fast attacks. Soren knew this power was not normal, and so he decided to try and expand on it.

Eventually, he learned the ability to fly. His supposed "super powers" made him realize that he could now search for his father. While thinking about his mother, he had to take on this quest to find Hachi, so that he could bring on revenge to make Hachi pay for abandoning them for his own selfish reasons, not realizing it would take him years to come in first contact with his father.


Soren has found Hachi on numerous occasions, and they have fought great battles every time. However, every time, Soren gets increasingly stronger, though he fears the power that his brother, Hincho, has been gaining recently, and so is very weary of him and likes to keep an eye out on his brother.

With the Lunar Sword in hand, he has attracted the inhabitants of the Inferno Realm, particularly the Demonic Legions. They seem to be interested in his power with the Rage Gene and the fact he's also part demon. However, Soren constantly destroys countless demonic creatures on a weekly basis, and sees them simply as a nuisance in his plot.


Soren is a cold figure, though he is rather hostile. Fueled by hate, Soren cares not for the business of others unless they are of use to him, although it is often he betrays them afterwards. Soren's hostile nature does not always lead to violence, it more often leads to taunts that often damage the morale and mentality of others. However, when he does get into fights, he tends to not hold back against the enemy, and intends rather to strike fear than to hurt them so much as to incapacitate them.

Soren does not understand the concept of love, as he has lived his life entirely in hate. He sees love as a primitive emotion for the weak, and believes that true strength comes from harboring and giving into hate, as shown by what powers the Rage Gene grants him. He rarely often gets truly angry, however, if not a little aggravated. He stays calm under most situations, and rarely succumbs to fear. If he fights an opponent who puts up a good battle, he will compliment them on their skill in battle.

Powers and Abilities


Soren's speed is supernatural in nature. On average, his speed is peak level for a normal being. However, when he gets aggravated or even angry, it will seem as if he is teleporting when in fact it is the effects of the Rage Gene and the amount of adrenaline in his blood that his making him go faster. However, his speed can be slowed by being under the effects of some special moves, or under the influence of drowsiness, which is rare for Soren as his intense level of hate keeps him awake.

He may be fast, but he doesn't actually use this speed for running. It serves as a combat advantage, to evade and attack quickly. Its this crippling speed in combat which makes him fierce, and at the highest speed he can achieve, he could easily break bones, though me must be careful of destroying his own body.


Soren's flight is, like his speed, also supernatural in nature. Despite not having wings, it is possible for him to float (or levitate) in the air, though his limit would be ozone height, as not even Soren could survive in the vacuum of space. Soren's speed while flying is impressive, though it is unrelated to his speed in combat. His reflexes while flying are lowered somewhat, though if he is simply levitating, than his reflexes stay the same.

When accessing the Rage Gene, his flight speed is increased significantly, as are his reflexes. By accessing the Rage Gene, his skin becomes harder, and so faster speeds can be accessed. However, doing this means he loses more of his sanity, and falls deeper into his psychopathic personality.


  • Soren's appearance was inspired partially by Ulquiorra Schiffer from the Bleach anime series
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