Sky Dragon
Soratatsu the Dragon

Biographical Information
Relatives TBD
  • Tatsu
  • Ty
Romantic Interests Starclaw the Wolf
Physical Description
Species Dragon
Gender Male
  • Pale green body
  • Green claws
  • Red eyes
  • Pale yellow underbelly
  • Purple insides of wing
Political Alignment and Abilities
Weaponry N/A
Super Forms N/A
Other Forms Unbound Soratatsu
Other Information

Traveling, Freedom, Chivalry, Proving his abilities, Embarrassing Shahooter


Being held down, Oppression, Being underestimated, Being called a lizard, Disrespectful behaviour (especially towards women)

American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorKagimizu

Soratatsu the Dragon is a dragon, magus, and rival of Shahooter. Like Shahooter, he once trained under Swiftwind. However, Soratatsu decided to leave Swiftwind's tutelage in order to travel. After traveling for a while, Soratatsu found himself in Fow Toth Town, the same place as Shahooter. He currently resides there, often telling stories of when Shahooter wasn't such a master with magic.


Very little is known about Soratatsu's backstory, or his relation to Swiftwind. All that is known is that Soratatsu formerly trained with Shahooter under Swiftwind, constantly trying to outdo each other. However, Soratatsu left Swiftwind's teaching for unknown unknown reasons (he says it was because of his free spirit, and felt held down) to travel. After hearing about Shahooter's exploits while traveling, Soratatsu started training himself again, determined not to be outdone by his old rival.


Soratatsu is a free spirit, loving to travel and simply live. He often prefers to simply relax, rather than get involved in any issues. However, Soratatsu is more than happy to break some skulls if someone attempts to hurt a defenseless person.

Soratatsu is quite chivalrous. While he will sometimes flirt with women, he treats them with the utmost respect and dignity. He will also scold someone for trying to hurt a woman, and immediately jump to the girl's defense, should they need it. However, he is not above fighting a woman if necessary, though he doesn't particularly like it.

Soratatsu is also quite prideful, taking great pride in his abilities and dragon heritage. If anyone mocks his abilities, he will immediately try and prove them wrong. He will also comically go into a rage if anyone calls him a lizard, often trying to attack that person.


As a dragon, Soratatsu is capable of flight and great feats of strength. His tail is prehensile, allowing him to grab objects with it, and sometimes use it as a "third arm", particularly in combat. Even without his magic abilities, Soratatsu is able to breath fire, from small fireballs to great blasts of flame. He also has great vision, able to spot the smallest details, even at great heights.

However, Soratatsu's greatest ability is his capability with magic. His ability with magic ranges from simple party tricks, to advanced abilities of his own creation. He specializes in fire magic, able to conjure numerous forms of fire. However, he is also capable in other forms of magic, though his ability in other elements varies. His rank in magics would be:

  1. Fire
  2. Wind
  3. Electricity
  4. Earth
  5. Water
  6. Nature
  7. Poison

Soratatsu is also capable of much more advanced magic, such as Chronomancy and Celestiamancy, though his abilities with these are very limited, mainly only able to slightly slow down attacks or create illusions. Grimly, he is also capable of Spectramancy and Necromancy, though he has a self-imposed rule of being forbidden from using these magics unless someone close to him could lose there lives. His ranks with advanced magic would be:

  1. Light
  2. Darkness
  3. Necro
  4. Celestial
  5. Chrono

Another unique ability of his is the fact that he can use basic magic tricks effectively in battle, using smoke-and-mirrors and slight-of-hand to deceive and surprise his opponents. These tricks, while seen as just basic magic tricks, have proven to be quite useful, tripping up even the most advanced maguses.

Unbound Soratatsu

This is Soratatsu's tranformation. This form doesn't qualify as a "super form" as it does not grant invincibility and does not require an external source. Rather, this is merely Soratatsu releasing his full power. In this form his horns turn sharper and become a dark green, with another one growing from between the two on top of his head. His claws become bigger and sharper, while two spikes extend from the back of his wrists and run parallel to his forearms, and spikes extend from his elbows. A row of sharp scales extend from the base of his neck down to his tail, which becomes tipped with another dark green spike. The claws on his feet grow longer and spikes extend from his knees. His wings also grow to an event bigger size.

In this form, Soratatsu becomes capable of using Advanced Elements. As an omnimancer, this gives him a vast and powerful array of techniques. His ability with each advanced element depends on his power in terms of the individual elements.


Shahooter the Owl

When Shahooter and Soratatsu first trained under Swiftwind, they were rivals, constantly competing and trying to outdo each other. When Soratatsu left Swiftwind's teaching, it formed a rift between the two that has not fully healed. Upon Soratatsu's appearence in Fow Toth, the two have taken up their rivalry again. Soratatsu will often share stories with the Windstalkers about when Shahooter was less than perfect in his use of magic, often comically injuring himself. These stories will often mortify Shahooter, to the point where he attacks Soratatsu, though the results vary.


Starclaw the Wolf


Sindra the Owl





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