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Sora "Ryan" Kurai
Biographical Information
  • Chronologically: 18
  • Leon (Split)
  • Lucius (Father)
  • Sandra (Mother, deceased and never met)
  • Vincent (Older brother)
  • Jessica/Alisa (Sister)
  • Itsuki (Younger brother)
  • Morgana "Yuuki" Kumori (Adoptive little sister)
  • Robin/Serenity (Future daughter)
  • Sora (Used by people he trust the most)
  • Ray Ray (By some of his female friends)
Romantic Interests


  • Zoey Williams (Former girlfriend, deceased)
  • Renée the Hedgehog (Major crush)


Team Affliction
Physical Description
Species Demon Fox-Dark Spirit Being Hybrid
Gender Male
  • Fox with chocolate brown colouring.
  • Short darker coloured hair.
  • Emerald green eyes.
  • Black vest.
  • White longsleeved shirt.
  • Dark blue pants
  • Black shoes with white streaks.
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Heroes
  • Raitou (Short sword)
  • Varies of dark abilities
  • Varies of fire abilities.
Super Forms
  • Dark Spirit Ryan (Spirt Being super form)
  • Yoko Form
Other Information
  • Ocarina.
  • Autistic guitar.
  • Leon- True Form.
  • Elyan Burēdo- Sonic and the Black Knight.
English/American V.A. Johnny Yong Bosch
Japanese V.A. Kosuke Toriumi

Theme Song(s)

  • Swordmanship
  • Sketching
Creator User: TheJayMaster

"Even the smallest amount of faith can come a long way." ~Sora "Ryan" Kurai.

Sora Kurai us a Spirit Being and the main fan character of TheJayMaster


Ryan has the look of a young brown furred fox, having darker brown hair that only reach the middle of his neck. He also have emerald green eyes.

He usually wears a white longsleeved shirt - that is pulled up to the middle of his forearms, along with a dark gray vest, gloves and shoes to counter the colour - with the shoes having a white streak on one side. He also wears dark blue pants.


When he was created, he was quiet, shy and weak. But after he found out about Leon and the help of his friends, he became more friendly and kind-hearted. He is often serious and can be over protective at times.

Abilities and Powers

Magical Abilities

Darkness Manipulation - As a Spirit Being of Darkness, the power is natural to him. He still have yet to master it though.

Fire Manipulation - As a Demon Fox, he contains the ability to manipulate fire. He mainly focuses on this power then his dark abilities.

Enhanced Hearing - Ryan can hear at a longer radius than normal people, and if he was ever temporarily blinded, he can tell his surroundings by hearing.

Physical Abilities



  • Raitou- A sword that was passed to him by his father before he changed, it contains a power that is yet to be unsealed.


Early Life

After he was created by the Soul Bracelet, he wandered around the town. He then encountered Caleb and the two became companions ever since, Caleb to navigate Ryan and Ryan to give Oslek company. Eventually, both of them were taken to a home and met Yuuki.

Life in Mobius

Unsure if he can make new friends with his first name, He changed his name into Ryan, He made great friends and hoping what happens in the future. Later on, he found Jessica and Vincent back on life.

Friends, Rivals & Enemies


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Renée the Wolf. (A very close friend of his)

Jessica Kurai. (Sister)

Vincent Kurai (Older brother)

Ken Unmei. (Best friend)

Frost Kōri. (Best friends, like brothers)

Jack Kenshiki.

Davis Kenshiki.

Memphis the Shining Demonhog (Is seen as a strong friend)

Change The Hedgebot

Gray the hedgehog

Caleb the Ghost (Hangs out with both him and Leon all the time)

Midnight Eclipse. (Great friend and member of Team Spirit)

Sunlight Eclipse. (Fighting buddy and member of Team Spirit)

Destiney the Hedgehog (Girlfriend)

Darangel the Litemon


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None as of now.


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Lucius Kurai. (Father)

Rience the Dark (Dark half)

Relationships with Other Characters

(Feel free to add what relationship you have with Ryan.)

Jay's Characters

Leon Kurai

Leon is Ryan's true form before he was created, and he eventually meets him when he first ever transformed as him. During the time, Ryan felt a bit guilty for taking most of Leon's life away when he was sealed, but Leon actually thanked him, for if he wasn't created, he would've had a different life he couldn't imagine, and that Ryan's friends were now his also. So they rely on each other on Ryan's kindness and Leon's strength.

Caleb the Ghost

After he was created, he found a wandering spirit named Caleb who mentioned was killed in his physical form somewhat a week before. Since Ryan was lost and confused and Caleb was lonely, the two promised to look after each other, and still sticks to one another to this day.

Other People's Characters.

Renée the Hedgehog

Ryan was fighting with his a person in a cloak and he was fighting to the best of his ability trying to beat the mysterious figure. Ryan almost lost when Renée saw him. She helped him and the both of them became great friends.

Dawn the Fox

Ryan met Dawn when she was hanging around with Renée. Dawn had a major crush on Ryan when she saw him, and has been trying to get him to go out with her. Eventually Dawn realised Ryan that he doesn't like her in that way and the two stayed as friends.


  • Ryan only allow people he trusts the most to call him by his real name.
  • He changed his name to Ryan, since he find his real name embarrassing, Sora.
  • The reason why Renée the Hedgehog is in the Past Romantic Interest is he hasn't seen her for two years.


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