Cquote1 Someday everyone finds a purpose... As long as I can keep my family happy... My purpose can wait. Cquote2
Sophie soul-searching about her purpose in the world.

Sophitia "Snow" Aerion, known mostly by her nickname of Sugar, by friends, or Sophie, by her brothers, is a sweet 22 year old alien morphed hedgehog, currently working alongside an infamous company called Shadow Pyramid as one of their agents. She, alongside her brothers, Freeze A. Aerion and Flare A. Aerion, she came from a planet named Krystilonia, meaning in her people's native tongue " The Sun hidden within the Shadows ". After events occurred on their home planet that would endanger her family's life, Sophie and her brothers were sent off to Mobius in hope of refuge. The first animals they saw, which were hedgehogs, they took the form of them to have temporary disguises on Mobius. The disguises soon became permanent. After many years of aimlessly wondering the world, alone, she established many friendships and soon fell in love with a dashing hedgehog by the name of Ultimate. She is constantly working with her corporation in order to further invigorate herself in the knowledge of her new home and create something out of it. She is currently residing within the Soleanna Headquarters of the Shadow Pyramid company, keeping a close eye on her infamous brother, Freeze.

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General Info


Being an agent of Shadow Pyramid, and having no home to go to before, Sophitia resides in the multiple bases throughout the regions of her company that they provide for their employees. She assigned herself to the Soleanna Headquarters facility, close to her infamous convict brother, in order to get him out of trouble whenever he finds himself in a mess he can't get himself out of alone and because of the odd supernatural occurrences that frequently happen in the area in order to investigate.

Current Status

Sophie uses her time nowadays working as a Shade Agent, investigating supernatural occurrences that happen frequently in her area, such as monster attacks and influxes of exponential energy, and deal with them accordingly. Coincidentally, some of these events involve her brother Freeze, having to help him out with the situation at hand. Other times, she's often dealing with an odd group of supernatural monsters called the Malfested, and deals with eliminating them as a part of her job. She is somewhat of a Monster Hunter of sorts.


Sophie's morals are that of a mix of heroic and rebellious, as she values both personal freedom and adherence to laws, however feels that too many laws may unnecessarily restrict the freedom of good beings and that too much freedom may not protect society as a whole and encourage chaos and fighting. She is one of the most friendly person and gladly helps those who are out to help others themselves. Sophie dislikes any concept that means to give up one's freedom in order to ensure their safety, because she feels that if you can do one, than the other can be done in conjunction as well.

Physical Appearance

Sophie is a rather shorter Mobian hedgehog, compared to her brothers, however a bit taller, compared to other Mobians ( sitting at around 3"9"; Based on Archie Comics' height and weight system ); mainly because of her Krystilonian genes. Her fur is a darker hot pink with slightly illuminate amethyst eyes due to her Krystilonian genes. Her "quills" is actually slicked down into straight, long hair that reach down the bottom of her back and at the top is arranged into a large ponytail. Her skin tone is a very odd tan color and her ears are slightly pointed.

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