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The corporation's original logo.

Sophistica Transport is a powerful and wealthy corporation that heads transport in Casino City and took over for much of the C.R.S. Department of Transportation during the 2230s. Following the Civil War between the Confederate Republic of Sugilite and the Federal States, the republic significantly altered their structure, and payed for Sophistica Transport to take over for many parts of Sugilite, including the capital, Agate City.

In the CRS

Agate City National Airport

Shortly after Sophistica's ascension to power in the Confederate Republic, the owner at the time, Rhodri Sommers-Bennett, began the construction of the Agate City National Airport.

The Grand Rails

After the A.C.N.A's completion, Sophistica Transport built the Grand Rails; a monorail system travelling across the states. The railway was a complete success, and brought in a considerable amount of income. 15% of the rails' ownership was later bought by the republic government, who were from then on resoponsible for the politics and statistics of the monorail.

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