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Sophia Rose, a hero to the multiverse, joined forces with her boyfriend to save the worlds from a risen dead...


She looks like Amy Rose, apart from the white fur and ponytail. She is considerably bustier, as being a 27-year-old made her grow quite a bit. She wears a wears a white t-shirt that exposes her belly, blue jeans, and green Converses. When on the beach in Christmas Island, she wears a crop top bikini, with shorts to cover the bottom part, due to feeling exposed wearing what she says to be underwear in public.


Sophia is generally caring, kindhearted, and not afraid to speak her mind. However, she is determined and courageous when someone she cares about is in danger, often risking her own safety to help that person. She's usually always very cheerful and upbeat. In contrast to William, who was confused why Sophia liked living in a castle and not being able to go outside, she explained she saw so much outside, which was better than nothing. She is loyal to her husband, her grateful for such a heroic and handsome boyfriend, and a beautiful and innocent daughter.


Born in Hohenwerfen Castle in 2000 to Adam Rose III and a mother that died when she was three due to a heart attack, Sophia spent about the first thirteen years of her life locked in the castle, taught and cared for by her father, a loving but clingy dad, her dad wanting to hang on to what remained of her mother. Her first experience with a outsider was due to a boy hearing a story about her, about her being so beautiful, words couldn't describe, and catching him trying to hide.

Wer ist dat?

While she was walking to her room in the castle, she noticed her puppy barking at a knight's armor, the dog knocking the armor over. William tried to play dead, Sophia surprised at an outsider sneaking into her castle. She dragged him into her room into her room, wanting to know the world outside. She asked him about the outside world, which he replies, "The outside world is amazing!" Sophia asked her father to let her out, her realizing all she was missing. She was friends with Sophia till Valentine's,

Match on Valentines

When Valentine's rolled around, William gave her a rose from his mother's rose bush, which she took as him wanting her to be his girlfriend. With her feeling love towards William for a month before Valentine's, she took the chance, and smooched him on the lips. She and William shared a long and heartfelt kiss, until William's mom came. She told Sophia and William she didn't care if they were boyfriend and girlfriend, and she kept on kissing William until his Keyblade summoned due to the light that Sophia was bathing William in, confusing her and making William's mom proud.

The Dead Rise

When Thanatos unleashed the damned across the worlds, she and William went to the worlds where the zombies attacked, saving the inhabitants of each world. As they got closer and closer to the End Of The World, the zombies got more numerous and powerful. From traveling back in time to 1945, and going to New Swabia to retrieve the Sword of Barbarossa, to giving an easy win to the Allies in WWII, they When she felt Thanatos trying to take over William's consciousness, and William slowly losing, she had enough willpower to summon a keyblade, and struck it into Thanatos while he was distracted. Thanatos's spirit shattered due to the keyblade extracting his darkness, killing Thanatos in the process. She freed William from the corruption, and gave him a good luck charm. She grew closer to him, thankful for a boyfriend that took the bullet.

Nothing important happened, only Sophia and William grew closer as the years passed, doing romantic things together. Their love deepened suddenly when they were 20, and within a year, something magical happened.

Put A Ring On It!

When Sophia's 21st birthday came around, William proposed to her, which she accepted. They married, and went on a vacation in Naples, Italy for their honeymoons.

9 Months? Worth It!

A fateful night, William got Sophia pregnant. She waited 9 months of hell, giving birth to a beautiful baby girl named Alicia Red. She now lives in Hohenwerfen Castle with William and her baby daughter, her father, and William's mother, the gates always opened for outsiders to visit.

And so, the story ends, for now.


As Sophia is a princess of light, she can mark the one she wants to be her prince to be Rebirthed. She also has powers of light, meaning immunity to corruption, allowing her to pass through Corridors of Darkness and use MTDs to traverse the world without the corruption associated with darkness and Divinium. She can place balls of light down that act like Trip Mines, causing a small explosion, able to destroy anything but her.

She can turn her Keyblade, Dual Disc, into a dual-wield crossbow that shoots rays of light that punch through objects that don't reflect light. She can combine the crossbows, turning the crossbows into a terrifyingly powerful scoped crossbow, able to configure it to stick on an object and explode, or go right through them, leaving a hole about 6" where the bolt impacted.


Due to the use of a crossbow, she is a markswoman. She also is very resourceful, strangely being able to make a 30-day water supply last 45 days.


She is helpless when without William, scared to live without him. She'll be worried when he is gone for a week, and freak out if he's gone for a year. She's mature enough to accept if William ever died though, realizing death is permanent after it happens.

Due to the dual-wield nature of the crossbows she wield, she's wildly inaccurate when using the dual-wield crossbow, being insulted by a instructor as "less accurate than a blind man!" And with the scoped crossbow, it's so loud, it usually requires her to use some kind of device that lowers the sound.


Skillet - Imperfection (Lyrics)

Skillet - Imperfection (Lyrics)

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