Sonnet Iriai Sonnet Iriai

Picture (C) TrinitySkye

Biographical Information
  • Ai
  • Mutt
  • Iriai (what most people call her)
Romantic Interests Lawrence the Sheep
Physical Description
SpeciesBorder Collie
  • Fur: Light Brown, White
  • Hair: Light Brown
  • Skin: White
  • Eyes: Green
  • Shirt: Purple and Black, sleeveless top
  • Pants: Blue jeans with a White design on the right leg
  • Socks and Shoes: White socks with Purple and Black shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat skills
  • Above Average Speed/Flexibility/Agility
Other Information
Original CreatorTrinitySkye, now belongs to Sunny

Sonnet Iriai the Collie, more commonly known as Iriai, is a 14 year old pure brown Border Collie.

Physical Appearance


Sonnet appears as a light brown and white Collie. Like a Collie, her ears do not stand up, and they hang down. Her front hair covers part of her right eye.


Sonnet wears a sleeveless, purple and black shirt, which appears to show most of her stomach. She wears blue jeans, with a white "pattern" on the right leg. Unlike most characters, she doesnt wear gloves. Her shoes/sneakers are purple and black.


Iriai is the typical spunky and hyper teenager, and always up to date with the latest trend. Fashion is pretty much like her last name. She enjoys parties and midnight walks in bright cities, but has never done it with a sweetheart. To her, boys are just a bunch of nuisances who hang around and do nothing (although she does have a few guy-friends). Although not too prominent, Iriai is somewhat a religious person, and seems to be proud of it. She enjoys reading Dante's Inferno during her spare times, and would shove the ancient book up someones' nose when she gets too excited with the story. She believes heavily in the Seven Deadly Sins, and would chastise anyone she believes to possess a sin. She despises individuals who thinks themselves as high as God. Even if she doesn't pray every day, she has high hopes for what God would grant her for her good behaviors. This led her to be very ignorant of modern science.

Abilities and Weaknesses


  • Iriai originally belonged to User:TrinitySkye, but Skye gave the character to User:Sunny the Hedgehog as a birthday present.
  • "Iriai" is Japanese for "sunset", and "Sonnet" is a type of poetry writing-style.

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