Sonigals adventure

It's a lot like Sonic adventure when it comes to gameplay. It has every character's perspective. Although it has much better graphics then Sonic adventure.So it's basically about 8 stories and eight perspectives.Crime's ghost has arisin and everyone must work together to stop him consuming someone's soul to come back to life but as a monster.

Included Characters


Cyclone's story

Cyclone the hedgehog runs along the cliffs racing up against Mia the hedgehog. Cyclone reaches the goal before her. Mia gets jealous but gets over it.Becky the Skyhog comes along and says she's got complaints of "Unusual sightings" and need Cyclone to investigate. Cyclone jumps from the ledge and grabs Becky's hands.Becky flies away as Mia waves goodbye and wishes them good luck in the distance.Cyclone and Becky reach a strange dead forest. Becky explains the sightings came from here. Cyclone and Becky travel inside. Cyclone and Becky reach two routes. Cyclone takes the left route and Becky takes the right route. As Cyclone explores further she sees Becky again. However she has red eyes. Cyclone asks if she's ok and Becky challenges her to a duel. At first Cyclone hesitates saying she won't harm any member of C.B.M. Becky then attaks Cyclone and Cyclone dodges. The fight was on. Cyclone had one last attack and Becky fell to the floor and makes beeping sounds. Suddenly smoke comes out of Becky. Cyclone cries her name thinking she's killed her. Becky says"Yes?"Cyclone turns her head to see Becky and hugs her really tight. Becky asks her to stop because it hurts her wings. Cyclone and Becky stare at the robot Becky. Becky says she'll examine the robot and take it somewhere else for further research. Cyclone nods and the two friends part ways. Cyclone goes on her way to get out of the place and took the way Becky came just incase she saw something strange. Cyclone sees a building with destroyed robots in it. She walks further inside to see a computer with a voice saying"Welcome Eggman!How may we assist you?"Cyclone realises that Eggman has made a base here and he's gone out. Cyclone went to look further inside while she can. Cyclone saw a locked room with a password incoded. Cyclone didn't bother type in the password and smashed the lock into two. Cyclone saw metal robots  of everyone shut down in tubes. Cyclone thinks for a moment If Eggman's out and so is his Egg carrier...GASP she says to herself "I'v gotta warn Becky!" and she suddenly sees a cape and a hand grab her on the mouth. She heard a strange yet familliar voice "That won't happen,deary!" You see Crime's face apear but faded. Cyclone tries to pull his hand off of her mouth but couldn't. Crime threw his cape over the screen and it was a blackout. Cyclone woke up looking down to a bed. She looked up to see someone holding a cup of tea. Cyclone takes the tea and thanks her. She asks what happened and the girl says she saved her from Eggman's ship. Cyclone gasps and throws the blanket off of her and screams"Becky is-" but before she could continue the girl just stopped her and said the egg carrier was destroyed so Becky would be ok. Cyclone didn't completely believe her but she had to at least trust her because she owed her big time for saving her life. Cyclone asked her name and the girl saidthat she was Amber the hedgecat. Cyclone introduced herself and they shook hands. Cyclone warned her about the metal robots and thanked her for saving her. Suddenly robots invade the house. Amber and Cyclone work together to send them off. After the fight Cyclone greets Amber goodbye and sets off.Cyclone saw Monica the hedgehog sitting in a tree. Cyclone called her name and Monica jumped down. But before Monica could say hi Cyclone explained that she thinks Crime has returned from the dead!Cyclone and Monica journey together and end up inside one of Eggma's bases. They see the place is destroyed. They look under a pile of metal and see Eggman couphing and hacking. Cyclone asks what happened and all Eggman said was"Beware!He's here!*HACK*"Cyclone told Monica to ring a hostpital and Cyclone went to see if "he" was still here.Cyclone reaches a dark room and hears Crime's voice echoing across the room saying "Cyyyclooone!I know your here!What's the matter?Afraid to play a GAME?"Crime's ghost appears but wearing a real cape.Cyclone and Crime do a little back talk and eventually Crime sends out his dust to consume Cyclone's soul. He lifts Cyclone as she grunts and tries to break free.Crime explained he needs a soul to consume to become alive again and her soul was the perfect one. Cyclone got so angry with the pain she turned Dark ideya Cyclone and attacked him.He screamed and called her a little brat. Cyclone and Crime then had a fight.Crime loses and Cyclone is still in Dark ideya form for safety precausions. Cyclone asked what he did the place and Crime just said he's full of surprises and vanished.The ambulance sirens rang and Cyclone went out to explain everything to Monica.

Becky's story

Becky Archive was flying across the river having a great time putting her hand in the water.She flew up above and onto a rock looking at the sunset.Becky then heard footsteps. Alarmed at first she went to investigate. But it was only Amber the hedgecat.Only that she looked different.Becky though didn't mention it and held out her hand to shake it. But Amber grabbed her arms and flipped her to the floor. Becky quickly got back up and got into a fight with Amber.Once Amber was defeated she started having smoke coming out of her body. "Your not Amber!" Becky went to confront her for impersonating her friend but the fake Amber blew up and Becky flew away as quickly as possible.Becky flew towards the town of gaia Kurisutaru.She landed on a balcony to hear"Rebbeca,is that you?" It was Queen Maureen Archive.Becky said"Yeah,it's me Mother!"Maureen walked in and greeted her.Becky asked where her Father and sister,Rikki was and Maureen just said they were a little tied up right now. Becky assumed they were hanging out together without her.Becky explained what she saw to Maureen and said she was awefully confused.Maureen smiled but then gave a scary look and her eyes turned red"Good!"Becky scrambled behind furniture saying"Your not my Mother!"and the imposter of Maureen brought in robots through the doors. Becky was raged on how she was tricked by a robot that she was her Mother. Becky went Dark ideya Becky and got intp a fight with all the robots.Becky ran through the door and and locked the castle door.Becky noticed a lot of townspeople were complaining about how they saw "Unusual sightings" over at the dead forest and were freaked. Becky screamed"Don't panik!" and explained she will get a friend and investigate.Becky flew off into the sky.Looking for an allie she saw Cyclone the hedgehog winning a race with Mia the hedgehog. Becky zoomed down to tell her the news.Cyclone agreed to come with her and investigate.Becky carried Cyclone and flew off.Once they reached the dead forest they traveled further inside.There were two paths later on so they had to split up.Becky took the right route and Cyclone took the left route. After the journey Becky found Eggman's current base. Becky went to investigate when a lot of robots and an Eggcerbus attacked her. Becky defeated them and walked further inside.She saw Eggman making Metal robots and realised he was the mastermind behind all of this. She also saw Mia the hedgehog and wondered why she was there.He saw him turn on a robot of her and ordered her to go out and find Cyclone. The robot got away but Becky attacked and gets into a fight with Eggman.Becky nocked Eggman and he bumped into a table.A pendent fall off and into the drains.Eggman scolded Becky"Do you have any idea what you have done,little girl?"Becky just backed talked that she wasn't a little girl anymore and had another fight with Eggman.Once Becky defeated Eggman he fleed her and Becky saw Mia was free from the cage she was in. Becky told her to run and Mia ran off.Becky flew up into the air and smashed through the glass roof. Becky heard a loud call"Becky!"It was Cyclone.Becky assumed that the robot got to her before she did and flew really fast.Once Becky found Cyclone she was relieved she was alright.She landed and asked what was wrong. Cyclone was so relieved that she didn't kill her and hugged her.Becky asked her to let go because she was hurting her wings.Cyclone apoligised and let go of her.Becky noticed Cyclone had broken the Metal Becky robot so she asked to take it with her for research.Cyclone nodded and the two parted ways.Becky took the imposter with her and flew off.On her way a giant net came down and grabbed her.Becky whined and was caught.Eggman realed the net in saying"You have something that belongs to me!"He pulled her up into his Egg carrier and cried"What's the big deal?!"Eggman smiled and took the metal Becky robot.Becky yelled"Hey!"and reached to get it back but a bunch of Eggman robots grabbed her and dragged her further away from Eggman"Take her away!She's no use to us now!"Suddenly the real Amber the hedgecat attacked the Eggman robots with a kick.Eggman went to take the girls but Amber pulled Becky's arm and told her to run.They ran much further away from Eggman but were still on the Egg Carrier.The alarm went off and a computor voice said"WARNING!INTRUDERS!INISIATE SELF DESTRUCT!"Becky said they had to get out of there and Amber agreed.They split up to look for escape pods.After a time attack gameplay Becky runs to an escape room.Becky hears footsteps and hides.Eggman came with his robots and took most escape pods.Becky ran out of her hiding place and saw only one left but it could only hold two passengers.Becky knew she could get out with Amber but when Amber arrived she had an unexpected guest. It was Cyclone!Amber said she needed to get out of here o she'll die.Becky said Amber could take the unconious Cyclone into the escape pod and Becky will find another way to get out. The computor voice called"5 minutes until self destruct"Amber ased if she's sure and Becky just said if it keeps her and Cyclone safe.Amber had to trust her went into the escape pod and left.Becky looked out the window and saw them make it safely out.Becky ran towards the control room.After more time attack gameplays she hacked the controls and opens a door.The computor said "10 seconds until self destruct" and Becky ran out the door and flew away as quickly as she could.She saw the egg carrier blow up and flew off into the sky smileing to know everyone's alright.She was on her way when she was attacked by Zoe the bat.Cooler the Hedgehog suddenly came to the rescue.Becky and Cooler then fight Batty together.After the fight the three stand there huffing and puffing.Zoe makes her final attack on Becky but Becky dodges and Zoe bumps into a tree.At first she was dizzy but she shook her head and went to attack again.Cooler blocked Zoe and told Becky to fly away.So she did.Becky was flying up and into the air ending her story.

Amber's story

Amber the hedgecat looked out the window and sighed of boredom.She then saw something fall from the sky and crash into her backyard.Amber gasped worrying if someone was inside and if they were hurt.Amber ran to her backyard and saw a plane.Inside someone looked hurt.She opened the lid to see a young female hedgehog who's hair was in a mess due to the crash.Just as Amber opened the lid the girl said"Monica the hedgehog!Identical twin of Madison the hedgehog,mystci being of music and great member of C.B.M."Amber shook her hand gently incase she would hurt Monica saying"Amber the hedgecat.Sonigal and mystic being of courage."Monica slapped herself across the face and said"I'm so sorry!That crash made my head spin and made me talk like I was drunk!"Amber gulped surprised at Monica to survive such a crash"Would you like to come in?"Monica had nothing better to do so she accepted Amber's offer.Inside Monica explained she was looking for a sol emerald.Amber attempted to correct her asking if she meant a "chaos" emerald but Monica disagreed saying she meant Sol emeralds in the sol dimension.Amber was surprised when Monica said she just came from another dimension.Monica explained she just went to the other dimension for the sol emerald and came back in the plane she got from Marine the racoon.Amber was fasinated by the story and Amber offered to go to the Sol dimension with her to help her get it but Cyclone disclined.Amber waved goodbye to Monica and heard screaming from the town of Gaia Kurisutaru. Amber thought to herself Hey!My friend Becky lives there! And she went to see what was wrong.she saw the town complaining to Becky.Amber squished into the front and there were people screaming at Becky saying they saw unusual sightings.Once Becky said she will find help she flew off.Amber that she could be that help.Amber ran through the crowd and followed Becky by foot.Amber eventually lost her to a wierd place.Amber saw two paths and decided to take the right path.She heard screaming over at a base.She saw destroyed robots and went inside. Amber saw an Egg carrier preparing to take off.She saw some robots putting boxes into the egg carrier and snuck into one of the boxes.Amber was brought into the ship and punched the box open.She saw herself in a strange blue room with nobody inside but boxes.Amber got out of her box and out of the room to explore the ship.She found a place that looked like a control room.She hid when she saw Eggman and Becky being pulled back by two robots.Amber made a ninga move by jumpig out of her hiding place and attacking the robots and release Becky. Becky and Amber ran when a self destruct sequence was activated.Amber and Becky split up to look for escape pods.Amber found a strange room and heard a scream in it. Amber went inside and hid to see a frightning ghost wearing a real live cape.He had a girl unconcious on the table.The ghost guy had a scary voice and held up some weapons of his.He tried to hurt the girl but Amber yelled"Hey!You!Leave her alone!"The ghost turned and gave an evil smile walking slowly towards her.Once he got really close Amber slapped him across the face and he feels his clear face.He got really mad and tried to pound her.Amber jumped out of the way and the two got into a fight.Amber defeats him ad knocks him out.Amber takes the girl and hears that there is ten minutes until self destruct so she runs with the girl in her arms to find Becky.Amber came running into a room to see Becky staring at one escape pod.Amber explained that she'll die if she doesn't take her home.Becky gives her the escape pod and says she'll find another way out.Amber goes inside the escape pod and takes the girl with her.She gets out of the Egg carrier and lands in her backyard.Amber takes the girl inside and puts her on her bed.Amber walks into the kitchen and sees Cooler outside.She opens the window and asks if something is wrong.Cooler asked if a red bat came past her.Amber said there was a bat that flew by her window earlier this morning.Cooler thanked her and went off before Amber could ask why.Amber walks into her room and sits on a chair with some tea.The girl wakes up surprised to see Amber.Amber smiles at her and offers her some tea.The girl was muddled and gasped Becky's name throwing off the blanket.Amber stopped her and said Becky should be fine.Amber introduced herself and the girl said her name was Cyclone the hedgehog.Suddenly robots came in attacking Amber's house.Amber fights them off along with Egg Cerbus in a boss battle.Cyclone thanks Amber for her help and the two new friends part ways.Amber then admits she has had enough adventure for one day.

Rikki's story

Rikki Archive was walking down the street when someone bumped into her and fell over.When she scolded the person she realised it was an eggman robot.She thought she could easily defeat one robot until much more robots apeared and Rikki had to beat them all.Once she defeated them more robots came in.Rikki thought it would go messy so she decided to make a runner.Once Rikki reaches a cliff face she decides to jump so she doesn't get caught.As she fell the Eggman robots walked away.Rikki was going to hit the rocks when her Father caught her and put her up on a safe ledge.He asked what on earth she was doing and Rikki apoligised.She hugged her Father and the two started going on adventures in all different stages.Rikki walks away from her Dad and sees an underground base.Inside she saw a tape.Rikki played the tape and saw her Father making something.But before she could see what it was her Dad flew in and turned it off.Her yelled at Rikki and she ran off in tears.She didn't mean to do anything wrong.She suddenly heard screaming and ran back to see if her Dad was alright. She went inside and saw nothing.She was suddenly knocked out by a robot.She woke up in chains with her Father.Under them was a pot of boiling hot lava.When Rikki was trying to escape her Father took all the blame for it.Rikki struggled enough to release herself allowing her Father to fly away.The two went inside the castle and came into a red room.They saw a Queen Maureen robot.When Rikki asked where her Mother was the robot got into a fight with her.Rikki defeated the metal Queen Maureen and went to look for her Mother.She opened a wardrobe which was locked.She opened the door to see her real Mother.Rikki gave her a big hug and her Father joined in.

Monica's story

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