Sonic vs bean fighters is a fighting game for the upcoming Sega Planton,3DS,Wii-U,PS3,XBOX 360, the upcoming PSX (playstation) and Sega Pico 2 (kids version). It will feature bean the dynamite and bark the polarbear from sonic the fighters. It will also feature every other playable character from sonic the fighters. Hoverver,Fang and Espio are still pending.


Gameplay consists of sonic characters fighting on psedo-3D stages. In all modes aside from ring grab and skill shop,the player controls a fighter.

Adventure Mode

Adventure mode is the main mode of the single-player game and one of the few non-demo modes anonuced. In it,the player will battle their way through a storyline staring either Sonic or Bean. the player will get to chose Sonic's story or Bean's story. In certain events,the player will play as an ally character instead of the main one. Sonic's story centers around the chaos emeralds a lot more than Bean's does.


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Sonic's Story

In Sonic's story,dr.eggman created a clone of sonic called Metal Sonic. When Metal Sonic captures the 7 Chaos Emeralds,the world grew into total darkness. Sonic ventures out to stop Metal with Tails. at South Island,sonic will battle enimeies throught the first level,then battle Knuckles. After the battle,sonic gets the 1st chaos emerald.

Bean's Story

In Bean's story /IIIIIIIIIIIIII[[[RT

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