This game is to 3DS,X360,and PS3






This mode is like at Tekken 6:Bloodline Rebelion

Pratice Mode

Custom Character

Scenario Campaing

Tag Battle

Like the TTG2 but,



Sonic Character Tekken Character
Sonic the Hedgehog/Werehog Kazuya Mishima/Devil
Knuckles The Edchina Heihachi Mishima
Amy Rose Nina Willians
Amanda The Serperior Zafina
Shadow the Hedgehog Jin Kazama
Darkness Julia Chang
Marine the Racoon Lili Rochefort
Dr.Eggman Lars Alexanderson
Mephiles the Dark Jinpachi Mishima
Tails The Fox Paul Phoenix
Scourge The Hedgehog Ancient Ogre


Sonic Characters Criterio Tekken  Criterio
Silver Beat the Arcade with Sonic Christie Monteiro
Blaze Beat Arcade With Amanda Michelle Chang
Azaleya Beat The Aracde With Darkness Miguel Cabalero Rojo
Danimiki Beat The Arcade with Mephiles King
Floribella Beat The Arcade With Shadow Alisa Bosconovitch
Rouge Beat the Arcade Mode With Cream the Rabbit Jack-6
Fiona Beat the Arcade Mode With Danimiki Roger
Espio Bob
Juliana the Moose Eddy Gordo
Vector Armor King
Cream the Rabbit Beat the Arcade Mode with Amy Lee Chaolan
Metal Sonic Beat the NANCY-MI847J NANCY-MI847J
Ingrid The Cat Beat the Scenario Campaing Craig Marduck
Violet Wisp Beat the Arcade Mode With King Mokujin Beat the Arcade Mode With Floribella


Sonic Characters Tekken Character
Mirna the Bat Raven
Hellen the Hedgehog Sebastian
Metal Overlord Azazel
Cammy The Hedgehog Tiger Jackson
Charmy Bee Jun Kazama
Cheese Alex
Big the Cat Yoshimitsu
Hender the Armadillo Unknown

Exclusive Characters


Sonic Characters Criterio TC Criterio
Derry The Hedgehog None Marshall Law None
Queen Aleena the Hedgehog None Leo None
Haunt the Hedgehog Customize 2 Characters Panda Beat the Arcde Mode with Kuma
Mona The Hedgehog Beat the Story Mode Kuma Beat the Scenario Campaing


Sonic Characters Criterio Tekken Characters Criterio
Afrika the Hedgehog None Lei Wulong Beat the Story Mode
Ryan the Hedgehog None Feng Wei None
Honey The Cat Beat The Scenario Campaing Asuka Kazama Beat Arcade Mode With Afrika
Mighty the Armadillo Beat The Arcade Mode With Ryan the Hedgehog Ling Xiaoyu None


Sonic Characters Criterio Tekken Characters Criterio
Sally Acorn None Baek Doo San None
Storm The Albatross None Ganryu Beat The Scenarie Campaing
Nelly The Fox Beat the Arcade Mode With Sally Acorn Howarang None
Jet The Hawk Beat the Arcade Mode With Storm the Hedgehog Sergei Dragunov Beat the Scenarie Campaing


Sonic Locations Tekken Locations
Seaside Hill G Corporarion
Scape City Cemetery
Elise's Castle Rustic Asia
Calm Falls Florest Lightning Storm
Firerna City Urban War Zone
Original Locations
Bowside Square
Hotfoot Volcano


Sonic Locations Tekken Locations
Eggman's Base Dragon's Nest
Casino Park Final Stage 2
Original Locations
The Fusion Final
The Top Of The Tower


Sonic Locations Tekken Locations
Babylon Gardens Final Stage 1
Night Desert Manji Valley


  • Amy Rose appears with ponytail in this game
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