Sonic and his friends are racing against Team Nazo! Sonic is wining for Mobius and Nazo is winning for Robotropolis! Go Sonic!


Team Sonic

Sonic the Hedgehog


Sonic is a super speeded hedgehog who loves adventures and racing! Sonic will beat Eggman's team anytime! Sonic is the fastest thing alive and with his friend Tails and girlfriend Sally Acorn, they can beat that bloated Egg!

Sally Acorn

Sally Acorn

Sally Acorn is the leader of the Freedom Fighters and is super speeded like Sonic! Sally is princess of Mobius, and she is Eggman's royal pain in the butt! Sally will go girlpower!


Tails Flying
Tails is a flying fox, who is Sonic's best buddy! Tails is going to win that race with his friends big time!

Team Nazo


Sonicchannel27 Nazo
Nazo was one of Sonics biggest rivals! Now the two are racing against each other! Nazo is jerky and horrid, but he is sure he can beat Sonic!



Eggman was Sonic's first ever enemy! He, Nazo and Eggman Nega will beat that blue swine! Eggman will cheat to win against Sonic!

Eggman Nega

Eggman Nega Construction
Like Eggman, Eggman Nega hates Sonic and his friends. That's why he joined Team Nazo to kick Sonic's butt!


Sonic: Nazo!?

Nazo: Hello again Sonic. (Smiles) With your little friends I see.

Sally: You better watch it! We are going to beat you in this race!

Nazo: You really think that? You fool!

Sonic: That's my girlfriend Nazo! And we are going to win this race no matter what!

Tails: Nice one Sonic!

Nazo: You don't know who you are racing against! 

Eggman: Sonic?!

Nega: Rodent!

Sonic: Pretty impressive car Egghead!

Nega: That's not all we have! Look at these (Shows Sonic Team Nazo's weapons)

Sonic: Wha--

Tails: That's cheating!

Sonic and Sally: Shut up Tails!

Amy: Don't listen to them Sonic!

Knuckles: You can win!

Shadow: That fastest thing alive can't loose a race!

Eggman: Silence! Lets get the race started!

Amy: What about a quick kiss before we get started...

Sonic: NO!!

Amy: Awww...

Sally: Alright lets get this party started!

Amy: Are you the only girl in this race Sally?

Sally: I think so.

Cream: Amy get back to your seat!

Amy: Alright Cream! (Goes back to her seat)

Cream: Ready, Set, GO!

(Everybody in the race heads off)

Eggman: (Shoots rocket at Tails) Time to go BOOM!

Tails: Ooops! You missed me!

Eggman: (Shoots another rocket at Tails)

Tails: Hah! Missed me again!

Eggman: That's it! (Shoots every rocket he has)

Tails: Oh my God!

Sonic: Tails! (Jumps out of car and lands on rocket) SALLY!!

Sally: Sonic? 

Sonic: Quick use NICOLE to get rid of the rockets power before it hits Tails!

Sally: Alright Sonic! (Presses button on NICOLE) 

(Rocket falls on the ground)

Sonic: (Jumps back in his car) Thanks Sal! Your way past awesome!

Sally: I know! I know!

Tails: Thanks Sonic! Thanks Sally!

Sally: Your welcome Tails!

(Team Sonic and Team Nazo head up the Mountain)

Nega: Blaze was the first girl I hated! Now I hate this one! 

Eggman: So whats the plan?

Nega: Lets go fly mode!

Nazo: Fly mode it is!

Nega: Now we break the track!

Nazo: I got it! (Pulls out Chaos Emerald) CHAOS BLAST!

(The track breaks and Team Sonic falls)

Sonic: I bet you did not know we had fly mode to!

Tails: We do?

Sally: (Face Palms herself) Yes we do!

(Team Sonic fly and go in front of Team Nazo)

Amy: Go Sonic!

Knuckles: Yeah! GO SONIC!

Amy: Shadow why aren't you cheering?

Shadow: (Listening to Barbie Girl Sonic on his iPod) I love this song!

Knuckles: This is a race with our friend in and you just go on your iPod and listen to music?!

Shadow: He isn't my friend!

Amy: Everyone loves Sonic!

Shadow: Well I don't so liar, liar pants on fire!

Knuckles: Are you some child or something?!

(Back to the race)

Sonic: Hey Sal! I saw this really cool trick on YouTube!

Sally: Lets see it!

Sonic: (Shows off a backflip on his car)

Sally: Wow! Seen it before!

Sonic: Awww.....

Tails: This is fun!


(Team Sonic cross the finish line)

Sonic: Yeah! That's the power of teamwork!

Tails: Would you please stop saying that!?

Sally: Yeah! It's kinda annoying like Tails.

Tails: HEY!

The End

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