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Sonic the Hedgehog X STFOH Mobians Avdentures Unite
Book/Cartoons Type
Graphic Novel/Comic & Cartoons
First Publish
July 19, 2021
Created by
Sebastian Malovec
Author/Director by
Average 20-25 pages
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Sonic the Hedgehog X STFOH Mobians Avdentures Unite is a comic/story/Cartoons series based around the created characters of Sebastian Malovec, including a few of the canon characters as well. Currently,In 2108 Sebastian Malovec died and his parents Malovec's, Veselovský's, Pištej's and Kodrik's and everything on the planet Earth, some Agent Puppeteroic kidnapped the Brain and went to the Mobians spacecraft and portaled dimensions to the world to Hedgehog Sonic and transformed grass and built new in the city, and Then heal the power to revive and live again are back alive on one planet and so on everything.


The main live story was years ago Sebastian Malovec hedgehog and his new friends on Jenna, Reblunic and his team Slovakiaman and Heroic-lovakia, the Slovakiaman's want to save the tethered Sonic and his friends then still alive are back again Evil Slovaken-Lians and Eggman are fighting and running away and so he was rescued all over the world by some to meet Freedom Fighters, Tangle, Whisper and so on, sometimes just a new mission or something such a bunch of at night, and that's all the stories ended at ... happy ending.

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Episodes Season 1 Fan Made

Episode 1 Meet the Team Slovaken & Heroiclovakia, Episode 2 - The Elementals Control, Episode 3 Welcome to my place City Hill & Company's,Radio and Television Mobius Prime & More 3, Episode 4 Space, Episode 5 All countries World and to Destructi-tropolis Island Team Sonic,Slovakiaman & Heroiclovakia, Episode 6 Nazi,USSR,ISIS,Villainsed Machine-Droid & Helghan is back again Evilscit, Episode 7 Meet the Scourge and the Destructix, Episode 8 Slovakiaman's Stories Part 1 Heroes Party Clan & The Heroesment Wall, Episode 9 Rocky & Bastian Mansion, Episode 10 Underwater, Episode 11 Slovakiaman's Stories Part 2 Stories Slovakiaman Forces vs. Clovaken Forces & Scitnic Forces, Episode 12 Part 4 Round 1 Slovakiaman's Stories & Round Last Team Heroes Unite Mobians vs. Machine, Episode 13 Slovakiaman stories Part 3, Episode 14 Removal to Emerald Town, Episode 15 Team Gangs Warfare, Episode 16 Slovakiaman Stories Part 4 Defeat Splat on Anti-Zombots & Anti-Metal Virus, Episode 17 Slovakiaman's Stories Part 5 Race (Cars & Extreme Gears), Episode 18 Slovakiaman's Stories Part Final Super Heroes Glory Days 2, Episode 19 Airship Team SNC,SVKMN,HVK vs. EGN,ESKL,VKA & Destructi-Evil, Episode 20 Treehouse Modern and his Sally Acorn House, Episode 21 Construtix vs. Destructix, Episode 22 Kronos and the OmniTwinDroid, Episode 23 30th Anniversary, Episode 24 Challenge Team, Episode 25 The beginning In a few months in 3519 P.X.E. Sonic is dead & our world is destroyed Mobius, Episode 26 Holidays E.G.,HLWN,Christmas & Winter, Episode 27 How to make Team Sonic R-02 Cyborg, Episode 28 Paintball & Nerf Battle Challange, Episode 29 Camping, Beach & Kajak, Episode 30 90's Games Parodies, Episode 31 Pyjama Party Night and Again Kidnapped Sonic And his 10 Friends, Episode 32 Final/and the perilous plot of Team Villains Unite,

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