Secrets is the second episode of the first series of Sonic The Hedgehog: House of Iblis , and the second episode overall.


While hiding from Eggman, Amy follows the little girl into a secret room. Soon afterwards, she realizes who the girl is! Rouge eavesdrops on some teachers conversations and discovers a shocking secret. Shade distracts E-101 Beta for Rouge. Someone orchestrates a date between Tails and Cream- which Tails knows nothing about! Amy confides in Shadow.


"Follow me." The little girl said. Amy followed her up the stairs. Eggman unlocked the door. He went up the stairs, right on the girls tracks. The little girl tapped an imprint on the wall. The wall opened, concealing a secret room. The girls went inside, and the wall closed.

"Shh!" the girl said.

Eggman left and locked the door. Sonic and Cream crept to Rouge's room.

"What did you do with the key?" asked Cream.

"You can't do this to Amy." Sonic said.

"I threw it out the window." Rouge replied.

"You what?!" they exclaimed.

"We have to tell Eggman!" Sonic said.

"No! You can't!" Rouge said. "We'll find her in the morning."

Amy noticed a portrait in the room they were in. 

"That's you, isn't it?" Amy asked. The girl nodded.

Sonic and Cream sighed and left the room.

"Maybe we could get my mom?" Cream suggested.

"Why don't we try to see if Amy's still even there." Sonic replied.

"Amy?" Sonic and Cream whispered. The door knob jiggled, and Amy rushed out, holding a hairpin.

"You're okay!" Cream said.

"Thank goodness!" Sonic told her.

"What was it like up there? See any ghosts?" Cream asked.

"Nope." Amy replied.

"You're really brave, you know that?" Cream told her.

"Thanks." Amy replied. Cream went back to her room.

"You did good, Amy. But, you do know the initiation was fake, right?" Sonic asked.

"You think I'm that dumb, Sonic?" Amy asked.

"No! Not at all." Sonic replied. 

"Well, good night." Amy said.

"You too." Sonic told her. The two parted ways and went to bed.

"Good morning everyone!" Amy said, walking into the kitchen. Everyone started clapping.

"Was it really scary up there?" Shade asked.

"Not at all. I might just move up there!" Amy joked.

"Looks like you passed with flying colors, Amy." Shadow said.

"No." Rouge replied. "She didn't bring anything back."

"Actually, I did!" Amy said. She pulled out an old book from her bag. "See?"

"Congratulations." Rouge said, annoyed. She walked off.

"See you guys later." Shade said, kissing Knuckles. She followed Rouge. "Hey! Wait up!"

As they were walking to class, Shadow ran up to Amy.

"Hey, good job last night." He told her.

"Thanks," She replied.

Then, Shadow jumped into the bushes, and found a key.

"Rouge told me she threw the key to the attic out. Thought I'd better return it." Shadow said.

"Actually, I'll be needing this." Amy said. "I'm going back up there."

At the school, Cream was talking to Tails.

"So, um, you wanna go out for a movie?" Cream asked.

"Sorry, Cream. I'm kinda busy right now. Working on the Tornado 2.5." Tails told her.

"Oh." Cream said. "Okay."

Sonic noticed how crushed Cream was and decided to try to cheer her up. He wrote a message on a piece of paper, and put it in her locker. Then, someone wearing black gloves and a black jacket did Cream's combination, opened the locker, and scrawled the letter T on the note.

Rouge was walking through the hallway. She saw the class photo the school took at the beginning of the year, but Blaze was erased!

"She was there that day, I know she was." Rouge said, confused. Then, Shade walked up to her.

"Hey." she said.

"Shade, wasn't Blaze here the day we took the photo?" Rouge asked.

"Sorry, Rouge. I don't remember." Shade said.

"Shade, you have to believe me! Something bad has happened to Blaze, I feel it. Distract Beta while I sneak into the administrative office and get Blaze's file." Rouge said.

"Well," Shade said. "Okay."

Rouge used her expert jewel thief and spy training to pick the lock and sneak in.

"Mr. Beta!" Shade said.

"" Beta asked.

"I was wondering if you heard about..." Shade began." Endangered hedgehogs!"

"Hedgehogs...are...endangered? Good...riddance. I...never...liked...them." Beta replied.

"Um, how are your brothers?" Shade asked.

"Gamma...Delta...Epsilon...and...Zeta...are...fine." Beta replied.

"I was..." Shade began. She saw Rouge sneak out with Blaze's file. "Just wondering!"

She and Rouge walked off.

"Why did you grab the whole file?!" Shade asked.

"I didn't really have enough time to copy anything down with your lame excuses." Rouge said.

"Yeah, yeah." Shade said.

Cream was walking with Amy. She opened her locker, and found the note. "It's from T. Tails! I knew he was playing hard to get!"

"It could be from someone else, Cream." Amy said.

"No, it has to be from Tails! Cream said. "Come on, help me pick out an outfit!" 

"Alright, alright!" Amy said. 

Later, Shadow talked to Amy in the hall. 

"If you're going back in the attic, I'm going with you." Shadow told her.

"I guess I could use the extra muscle." Amy replied. She thought, Wait, did I really just say that?!

That night, Amy and Shadow met up in the girls hallway. Cream walked out of her room, wearing a purple dress.

"Oh, are you two going on a date as well?" Cream asked.

"No, no!" they replied, embarrassed. Cream raised an eyebrow. She crept downstairs, into the laundry room.

The two go into the attic. They find the portrait of the girl. 

"She looks....familiar." Shadow said.

Amy flipped over the portrait. "What is this writing? And these symbols? Hey, look there's a name on it! Maria Robotnik?"

"Maria?!" Shadow exclaimed.

Then, the little girl appeared. 

"Amy." She said. "My name is Maria. I told you. You have to find the treasure and protect the Prefect!"

"Shadow, do you see here too?" Amy asked.

"Um, yeah, in the picture. Why?" Shadow replied.

"The symbols are from an ancient civilization. The fourth great one, I believe." Maria told Amy.

"Okay. Shadow. We have to find a treasure that's hidden in this house." Amy said.

"Alright. How do we do that?" Shadow asked.

"I don't know." Amy said.

Sonic walked into the laundry room.

"Cream, you look nice." He told her.

"Thanks. Now, get out of here, please! I'm expecting someone!" Cream replied.

"Wait-" Sonic began, but Cream shoved him out the door.

"Hey, look!" Shadow said. "There's a piece of paper sticking out of this." 

Amy helped him pull it out.

"It says, 'Underneath the eight', it's kind of faded here. It looks" Amy read. 

"Or maybe." Shadow said. "It's underneath the eigth stair!"

"Let's go!" Amy said.

The two creep down stairs. Amy pries up a part of the stair, and Shadow yanks it off. They find a key!

"Maybe it's to something in the attic?" Amy guessed. They went back up. In the room they were in, they found a box containing phonographic cylinders, a treasure piece, and a riddle.

"When daytime ends at midday, through tears of glass the eyes will see." Shadow read.

"I wonder what that means." Amy said.

"Let's find out tomorrow?" Shadow asked.

"Sure!" Amy replied. She put the box in her bag.

The next morning, Vanilla found Cream in the laundry room asleep.

"Cream! What are you doing in here?" Vanilla asked, surprised.

"Oh, I just wanted to do my laundry." Cream said.

Amy was trying to figure out what the clue meant, when Cream walked in!

"Amy....what in the world is that?!" Cream asked.

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