Hieroglyphs is the 2nd chapter of the third series of Sonic The Hedgehog: House of Iblis , and the 22nd chapter overall.


Sonic and Sally try to find out what her key is for. Tails reveals the true owner of the bracelet to Cream. Eggman is under pressure to find his missing parcel. Shadow and Rouge make rivalries. Blaze finds out a secret. Silver discovers something. 

Included Characters

Shade the Echidna

Cosmo the Seedrian

Sonic the Hedgehog

Miles "Tails" Prower

Rouge the Bat

Cream the Rabbit

Blaze the Cat

Shadow the Hedgehog

Knuckles the Echidna

Silver the Hedgehog

Sally Acorn

Doctor Eggman

Doctor Nega

Big the Cat

Jet the Hawk

Wave the Swallow

Storm the Albatross


"Sonic! Are you alright?!" Sally exclaimed.

"Ugh...yeah." Sonic said.

"What happened?" Sally asked.

"I had a vision...I guess." Sonic said.

"And that means?" Sally asked.

"Well, it usually happens when I touch something, or see a red light." Sonic told her.

" get visions when you touch things?" Sally replied.

"Yeah. It has something to do with being the Nocturnian." Sonic said.

"Sounds kind of like a superhero." Sally replied.

"So, you wanna find out your mission?" Sonic asked.

"Definitely." Sally replied.

Back in the kitchen, Cream was blowing out her candles.

"What did you wish for, Cream?" Cosmo asked.

"I wished for the best year this could be!" Cream said.

"I'll go get some plates." Blaze said.

"I'll help." Rouge followed.

"Would you like a piece of cake, Big?" Cream asked.

Shadow walked up to them.

"So...did you contact Amy?" Rouge asked.

"Is she not coming back?" Blaze asked.

"I don't know. I haven't read the letter yet." Shadow replied.

"Well, go do it!" Blaze said.

"This place is the best!" Cream said. "My birthday's been great."

"Oh, it is!" Cosmo assured her. She gave a piece of cake to Tails and smiled. "It really is."

"The best present is my bracelet. Thanks so much, Tails." Cream said.

Tails tapped Knuckles on the shoulder. "Come over here."

"Who is this girl Cream's hanging around with?" Tails asked.

"Oh, I think her name's Cosmo. She's new." Knuckles said."And it looks like she has a crush."

"Oh, please Knuckles." Tails replied.

"So, how do you not know it's a fake letter?" Rouge asked Shadow as they and Blaze were walking out.

"I wouldn't believe a word Sonic says." Rouge said.

"Thanks for the cynicism, Rouge." Sonic said. He and Sally were sitting on the steps. He took Sally into his room. 

Meanwhile, back in the woods, Metal Sonic and Eggman were arguing.

"The Keeper is forty-five seconds late!" Eggman exclaimed.

"Well, we were early Robotnik." Metal countered.

"Good evening, gentlemen." Nega said, striding up to them.

"Um, Professor Nega, if you're lost, the gatehouse is the other way." Eggman told him.

"I am the Keeper, Doctor." Nega told him.

"Then I demand you show us him immediately!" Eggman exclaimed.

"Not until you give me the parcel. Where is it?" Nega replied.

"I was instructed it would come to Iblis House on this date. It did not say how it was to be arrived. But it has not arrived yet!" Eggman yelled.

"You had better find it, or you'll never see the entrance." Nega warned.

Back at Iblis House, Silver was watching TV, when he found something. 

"Hey! Who's diary is this? It's bookmarked." Silver said. "I probably shouldn't...."

He started reading the diary. I can't believe Silver! Not even talking to me after everything we went through in the future....but I still like him. I don't know why I ended it.

"Blaze?!" Silver exclaimed.

"Silver!" Blaze yelled. "What are you doing with my diary?!"

"I just found it!" Silver replied.

"Yeah right. I'll be taking it back." Blaze said. "I can't believe you..."

The next day, Cream and Tails were eating breakfast together.

"Cream...I have to tell you something. The bracelet that you're wearing...belongs to Eggman." Tails told her.

" bought it off him?" Cream replied.

"Not quite..." Tails said.

"Oh.." Cream said.

"But I did find this. Some sort of puzzle thing. We could ask Blaze and try to figure it out." Tails said.

"Alright. It is fun to solve all these mysteries!" Cream exclaimed.

"No." Blaze said.

"But why?" Cream asked.

"Shadow told me that Amy said she was staying away to keep us out of danger." Blaze said. "So why don't we respect our wishes to stay out of danger?"

"But you're the Chosen One!" Tails said. "Eggman's up to something. There's these really weird hieroglyphs in the bracelet package addressed to the Seeker, Keeper, and Enabler."

"Fine. I'll see if I can find anything out." Blaze said, taking the paper.

The bell rang for class. Sonic and Sally, Shadow and Rouge, Blaze and Shade, Silver and Knuckles, Tails and Cream, and Cosmo and Big all sat together, eagerly listening to Nega's lecture on Babylon.

"Since we're covering Babylonian history, I thought we could all have a sporting event with the Babylon Rogues - Jet, Wave, and Storm." Nega explained.

"That sounds like fun." Cream said.

"Yeah!" Cosmo agreed.

"Please. I doubt that hawk can keep up with my-or Sonic's- speed." Shadow said.

"I bet that swallow can't out-fly me in a race." Rouge bragged.

"Why you little-" Wave began.

"Grr...." Jet said.

"We'll settle this on the course." Storm told everyone.

"So, the Babylon Rogues have helped set up a stadium in Soleanna. We shall all race there very soon." Nega said."Take your seats, Jet, Wave, and Storm." Jet and Wave sat together, while Storm sat with Marine.

"You may race in teams of three. I suggest you all form your teams soon. Class dismissed." Nega said.

"Hey, remember the family tree project Mr. Nega scrapped?" Cream asked Sally.

"Yeah, why?" Sally replied.

"I went back three generations on my mother's side." Cream replied.

"That's cool." Sally told her.

"Family tree?!" Marine exclaimed. "I thought Mr. Nega told us we couldn't do it."

"Marine!" Blaze scolded.

Sally quickly hid the paper.

"No family trees here, Mr. Nega." Sally said.

"Nit even a family twig." Cream said.

"Well, if there was, I would have to give you a detention." Nega told them.

"Wow. For a teacher, he's actually cool." Sally told the other girls.

Knuckles and Silver were walking to their lockers. 

"So." Knuckles asked. "Why did you and Blaze break up?"

"It doesn't matter. I know Blaze still likes me, but how do I tell her I like her?" Silver replied.

"I don't know, Silver. Sorry, bud." Knuckles said.

"So, Sally, where have you tried the key?" Sonic asked Sally.

"Everywhere." Sally replied.

"Hmm." Sonic said.

"Hey, Sally. I can't find my family tree. If Mr. Nega finds it, I'm toast!" Cream said.

"It's alright Cream. Sonic and I will go get it for you." Sally told her.

The duo went into the classroom.

"It's not here." Sally said.

"Maybe it's in his bag?" Sonic asked.

"Let's check it." Sally said.

They went through Nega's bag. 

" this?!" Sonic exclaimed. He was holding a key similar to Sally's.

Someone in black gloves was posting pictures to a wall. They were of Sonic, Sally, Tails, Cream, Knuckles, Blaze,    Shadow, Rouge, Silver, Shade, Cosmo, Big and Amy....

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