Template:Construction/NewSonic the Hedgehog Awaking of the Dead is the crossover story of Archie Sonic and of course the most famous call of duty zombies. Warning lots of blood,swearing,guts,body parts,zombies,and vodka lots and lots of vodka, Crazy nazi Scientist , war hungry american soldier, honorable loving japanese man and drunk soviet soldier.


So what happens when an american soldier, a crazy nazi, a japanese soldier, and a drunk soviet soldier who were in a middle of a zombie apocalypse who got mysteriously transported to sonic's world in four different locations the american in new mobotropolis, The soviet in Albion, The nazi in central city and the japanese in the dragon kingdom who is just fine then zombies started to appear and must travel through time and zones and causing alot of mayhem on the way. Gentleman we are in a wild ride so hold your guns and vodka and monkey bombs close with you at all times and prepare to fight zombies.


Main Charaters

NZ Dempsey

War hungry American Soldier

Tank Dempsey: Dempsey is an war loving American soldier who one day got caught by nazis and a victim to their super soldier program but when zombies started to come back to life he had no choice to team up with other guys he doesnt like becept for Takeo. He has a five year old daugther in which he misses sometimes but he doesnt know how she will react when he returns. He as a close friendship with King Elias and even convinces him to release his inner soldier when zombies came to Mobius he also dislikes almost every villian in the comic books and even wanted to kill them despite protest from other mobians and humans.
NZ Nikolai

Drunken Russian

Nikolai Benlinski- He is a vodka loving soviet soldier just like the other two(Tank and Takeo) he was in the super soldier program also the element 115 made him obssesd with vodka in which he said that it helps him forget his not happy life. He hates everyone and make jokes about them becept for Lara-Le,Wynmacher, and Kneecaps he never mocks them and treated them as his only family but he let a secret out he felt that Dempsey and Takeo was his family like brothers despite his hatred on them but he doesnt like Edward and the reason why he doesnt take the zombie thing serious because he doesnt want to be serious and wants to simply forget his life.He likes to make attempt fights with knuckles despite knuckles having powers and julie-su hates him alot all because of him attempting knuckles to date other woman mostly rouge and he said " Its more fun with having a new woman than the old one." but doesnt succeed.

NZ Takeo

Honor loving Japanese soldier

Takeo Masaki- He is a japanese soldier but like the other two he was captured and tested on but despite losing his memory he remains suspicious of Edward. He told certain parts of his father's life to four of the clan leaders when he arrived in the dragon kingdom. He is good friends with Espio,Constant Vigil,Endless Reach, and Conquering Storm but dislikes the yagyu lord because of his theiving ways.He is good with sonic charaters because he said "Aleast i found more suitable people than these three." and both Monkey Kahn and him share their hatred on Nikolai because of his jokes saying " I hope the monkey finds out that youre cheating on him with monkey kahn." in which they both replied " Stupid Drunken Russian."

NZ Richtofen

Crazy Nazi Scientist

Edward Richtofen- He is a nazi who was resposible for the zombies outbreak but not on mobius and he was the one who wiped the other's memories. When he was transported to mobius he found his fantasy city filled with advanced technology and imagne the possiblities. He also respects Eggman and Finitevus and said " Im thinking of fantasy science team oh cant wait to meet them." also he once state that one day he will experiment on mobians. Abraham Tower said that " He is a crazy man with a death fetish he said he likes screams,blood,killing zombies and he would kiss the grim reaper if he died but he gets the job done and his weapons is way more better to kill zombies than modern weapons." Eggman and Finitevus said " He is the most interesting man ive seen in years i like him." and he thinks combing the power of chaos energy and Element 115 would help in his quest to control the zombies.




The One by Elena Siegman

Beauty of Annihilation by Elena Siegman

115 by Elena Siegman


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