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Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic Legacy Sonic
First appearance
Episode appearances
English voice actor
Roger Craig Smith
  • Big Blue
  • Blue Blur
  • Blue Hedgehog
  • Blue Rat
  • Blue Wind
  • Faker
  • Iblis Trigger
  • Speed Demon
  • The Fastest Thing Alive
  • World's Fastest Hedgehog
100 cm (3' 3")[note 1]
35 kg (77 lb.)[note 1]
  • Power Sneakers
  • White gloves
  • Team Sonic
  • «The Sonic Jokes»
  • Team Sonic (football team) (formerly)
  • Team Perfect (formerly)
    • Team Sonic (bobsled team) (formerly)
  • Resistance (formerly)
  • Squad of Spikes (formerly)
Favorite food
Chili Dog
  • Running
  • His friends
  • Making new friends
  • Adventures
  • Stopping Eggman
  • Break-dancing
  • Rock music
  • Relaxing
  • Being a hero
  • Challenges
  • Racing
  • Saving the world
  • Showing off
  • Proving that he is the fastest
  • Speed
  • Chili dogs
  • Having time for himself
  • Joking around with his enemies
  • «The Sonic Jokes»
  • Peace and serenity
  • Natural scenery
  • His Werehog abilities
  • Unusual abilities
  • Evil
  • Lies
  • His friends threatened
  • Losing
  • His enemies
  • Deep water
  • Getting wet
  • Slowness
  • Whenever Amy flirts with him
  • When Amy gets angry
  • When Amy brings out her hammer
  • When Amy spoils the reportage «The Sonic Jokes»
  • When Chip eats too much
  • When Sally's dead
  • When someone cheats
  • When someone insults his speed
  • Waiting
  • Being impersonated and thought to have turned evil
  • Having to quit a battle
  • When someone claims to be faster than him
  • Being unable to run
  • His Toad form
  • Super speed
  • Enhanced durability
  • Enhanced acrobatic skills and reflexes
  • Enhanced strength
  • Enhanced jump
  • Enhanced stamina
  • Hand-to-hand combat skills
  • Indomitable will
  • Break-dancing skills
  • Extreme Gear riding skills
  • Piloting skills
  • Grinding
  • Chaos Powers
  • Harnessing Chaos energy
    • Super transformation
    • Hyper Sonic transformation
  • Werehog transformation (sometimes)
  • Hyper-go-on usage
Moves and techniques
  • Air Boost (Sonic Boost)
  • Axe Kick
  • Blue Bomber (requires Tails)
  • Boost
  • Blue Tornado
  • Bound Jump
  • Chaos Control
  • Color Power
    • Final Color Blaster
  • Copter Combo (requires Tails)
  • Crouch (Sonic Unleashed)
  • Drift
  • Double Jump
  • Fastball (requires Amy)
  • Flying Kick
  • Focused Homing Attack
  • Foot Sweep
  • Grind Step
  • Hail Storm (requires Tails, Knuckles and Amy)
  • Homing Attack
  • Hop Jump
  • Humming Top
  • Insta-Shield
  • Jump Dash
  • Kick boost
  • Light Speed Dash
  • Light Speed Attack
  • Mega Super Fast Spin Attack (requires Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Shadow)
  • Parkour
    • Vault Dash
    • Wall Climb
    • Wall Jump
    • Wall Run
  • Quick Step
  • Rocket Accel (requires Tails and Knuckles)
  • Rolling Combo (requires Tails)
  • S. Air Cracker
  • Skydiving
  • Slide
  • Sonic Ballet
  • Sonic Eagle
  • Sonic Flare
  • Sonic Kick
  • Sonic Meteor
  • Sonic Overdrive
  • Sonic Punch
  • Sonic Rocket
  • Sonic Storm
  • Sonic Up Draft
  • Sonic Wind
  • Spin Attack
  • Spin Dash
  • Spin Jump
  • Stomp
  • Super Peel Out
  • Top Kick
  • Tornado (Extreme Gear)
  • Triangle Jump
  • Triple Tornado (requires Tails and Knuckles)
  • Wall Shuffle
  • Whirlwind
  • Windmill
"Too easy! Piece of cake!" - Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic the Hedgehog is eponymous protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog animated series.


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Sonic found Emerl on Emerald Beach. But time passed, Eggman lured Emerl into a trap, and Emerl's system crashed. Sonic had to attack Emerl, but accidentally destroys, then Sonic promised to Tails that they would one day see Emerl again.[1][2]

Then, at some time, Sonic and Tails collided on Knuckles, who fell on him because of Blaze and Cream and their ridiculous accident.[3][4]

New Adventures Begins

Sonic watches with Cream, Cheese and Vanilla as Tails fixes Emerl. After fixing, Cream decided to tell everyone that Emerl returned. Sonic, Tails, Cream, Cheese and Emerl went to Knuckles to Angel Island. After the Knuckles' meeting, Sonic and his friends heard Amy's voice of helping. Sonic meets the injured Gamma and Chaos. I learned from Gamma that Amy and Tikal were abducted by Eggman. Sonic and Emerl ran to Eggmanland. They made their way past the army of Badniks and entered Eggman's office to free Amy and Tikal. But Eggman appeared with Egg Dragoon. Emerl knocks out the key, Sonic grabs the key while Emerl attacks Eggman, releases Amy and Tikal, and everyone leaves. Everyone came to Chao Garden, Tails repaired Gamma. Sonic and Tails decided to help Gamma build a house for him to live.[2]

Sonic and Tails flew a plane Tornado over the ocean and noticed Metal Sonic. Sonic decided to follow him, as Eggman was up to something. After landing, Sonic and Tails left the Tornado at Seaside Hill, while they themselves went to Eggmanland. Using Rolling Combo, Sonic and Tails rushed into Eggmanland, where they met Eggman, Metal Sonic, Orbot and Cubot. But then Blaze and Marine appeared, who were all trapped because of them, Eggman drove them into a dead end. But Shadow, Rouge and E-123 Omega came to the rescue, who entered through the Sonic's and Tails' entrance. Shadow uses the Chaos Blast to destroy all the walls of the cabinet. Eggman, Orbot, Cubot and Metal Sonic run away, Blaze decided to go to see Cream, and Marine gives Chaos Emerald to Shadow. Sonic, Tails, Blaze, Marine, Shadow, Rouge and Omega go off and on the way Sonic tells about the memories between him and Blaze.[4]

Sonic Forces

Battle for Freedom

Team Sonic Racing and IDW Sonic the Hedgehog

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The Secret of Perfection

Sonic the Hedgehog (2017 TV Series) Fight

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Sonic the Hedgehog (2017 TV Series): Time to Party!

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Sonic the Hedgehog (2017 TV Series) GO!

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Shadow the Hedgehog: GUN Arcana

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Other game appearances

Sonic the Hedgehog (2017 TV Series): The Video Game

Sonic, like other characters, performs missions for the script of some episodes in the first season "New Adventures Begins" and the first half of the second season "Battle for Freedom".


Powers and abilities


Super Sonic

Sonic uses seven Chaos Emeralds and turns into Super Sonic. It has incredible strength, accelerates strongly and even can fly. But unfortunately, after transforming, he could not cope with only one battle, which the robot could really kill Sonic.[5]

Hyper Sonic

When Sonic got Super Emeralds, he transforms into Hyper Sonic. He can use abilities like Super Sonic, even better. But in the end, Sonic returns Super Emeralds to Angel Island.[6]

Sonic the Werehog

Dark Gaia force fall into the soul of Sonic, and when night falls, Sonic turns into Sonic the Werehog, resembling a werewolf. Now that Sonic was using the Gaia Hook to save from Dark Gaia's power, he decided to use this force only in extreme cases.[7] Although it is slow, it can do incredible abilities with such force, it is very strong and the arm can become long.

Color Powers

Wisps are now being used for Sonic thanks to their Hyper-go-on. Each wisp of its color has a different ability, and Sonic can turn to attack, quickly get to the goal, or even defend against enemies. Sonic can transform into any Color Power - Cyan Laser, Yellow Drill, Orange Rocket, Blue Cube, Pink Spikes, Green Hover, Red Burst, Purple Frenzy, Violet Void, Indigo Asteroid, Crimson Eagle, Magenta Rhythm, Ivory Lightning, Gray Quake and Black Bomb.[8][9]

Sonic the Toad

Eggman changed Sonic his DNA with Egg DNA and turned it into Sonic the Toad. In such a transformation, Sonic can finally swim. But at the end Shadow chooses Eggman's device, turns it back into a hedgehog and destroys Egg DNA.


Dr. Eggman

Dr. Eggman is Sonic's arch-enemy. Sonic is fighting Eggman so he can take over the world with Eggman Empire. Eggman creates his army of Badniks or other opponents who are even more serious and sometimes stronger than Sonic. Each time, Sonic is harder and harder, but Sonic sometimes calls him "Egghead" or "Baldy McNosehair". Eggman also kidnaps the Animals and locks them in capsules to create a lot of Badniks, thanks to their life energy, but Sonic resists him and frees the Animals.

Sonic still remembers the events of past games about the battles with Eggman, for example, escaping from Little Planet behind the Time Stones, ridding all residents of the Roboticization, splitting the planet Earth with the help of Chaos Energy Cannon and many others.

Miles "Tails" Prower

Tails is Sonic's best friend and sidekick. Usually they fight together with Eggman, they fly along on a plane Tornado fly, and also Sonic helps Tails about Zooey. They are together as a team, unless of course Knuckles is with them. But Sonic is afraid of losing Tails, like others, for example, as Eggman kidnapped Tails, or Zavok almost turned him into a robot. Sonic interpretation met with Tails for the first time on West Side Island. Usually they can use different tricks together - Rolling Combo, Blue Bomber and Copter Combo.

Amy Rose

Amy is Sonic's girlfriend. Amy fell in love with Sonic after being rescued from Little Planet and Metal Sonic. But Amy strongly affects Sonic and he does not like when she sticks to him, especially when he does not need it during the battles with Dr. Eggman. But when Amy is in danger, then Sonic always saves her. He also tries to avoid Amy’s quarrels from himself or anyone else.

Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles is Sonic's best friend and rival. Knuckles always joins the team with Sonic and Tails. But Knuckles is very gullible, and he can believe anything. Because, Eggman uses his brains to take Chaos Emeralds from Sonic.

Sally Acorn

Sally Acorn is Sonic's close friend. Even when Sonic was very young, he and Sally were Freedom Fighters. But more than anything else, Sonic is afraid of losing Sally, as he recalls that Dr. Eggman transformed Sally with the help of the Roboticizer into Mecha Sally.

Metal Sonic

Metal Sonic is Sonic's second arch-enemy. Metal Sonic is Sonic's doppelganger and copy robot created by Dr. Eggman. It annoys him how Metal suits all sorts of nastiness.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Jet the Hawk

Scourge the Hedgehog



The Deadly Six



Sticks the Badger



Needles the Hedgehog

Classic Sonic



  • Team Sonic
    • Miles "Tails" Prower (best friend and sidekick, close as brothers)
    • Knuckles the Echidna (best friend and rival)
  • Team Rose
    • Amy Rose (best friend, self-proclaimed girlfriend)
    • Cream the Rabbit
    • Cheese
    • Big the Cat
  • Team Dark
    • Shadow the Hedgehog (ally and arch-rival)
    • Rouge the Bat
    • E-123 Omega
  • Team Sol
    • Blaze the Cat
    • Silver the Hedgehog
    • Marine the Raccoon
  • Freedom Fighters
    • Sally Acorn (close friend)
    • Bunnie D'Coolette
    • Antoine D'Coolette
    • Nicole the Holo-Lynx
    • Rotor the Walrus
  • Chaotix
    • Vector the Crocodile
    • Espio the Chameleon
    • Charmy Bee
  • Babylon Rogues
    • Jet the Hawk
    • Wave the Swallow
    • Storm the Albatross
  • Team Past
    • Tikal
    • Chaos
    • Emerl (foster son)
  • E-102 Gamma
  • Sticks the Badger
  • Chip (good friend)
  • Wisps
    • Yacker
    • Mother Wisp
  • Vanilla the Rabbit
  • G.U.N.
    • The Commander
    • A-0793
  • Omochao
  • Froggy
  • R.I.S.S.R. (foster son)
  • Scourge the Hedgehog (when they argue)
  • Avatar
  • Zooey
  • Julie-Su
  • Saffron Bee
  • Ashura the Hedgehog
  • Sir Charles the Hedgehog (uncle)
  • Nigel Acorn
  • Basker the Boo
  • Chocola
  • Dr. Ellidy
  • Albus the Snake
  • Coconut Crew
  • Buns Rabbot
  • O'Nux (temporarily)
  • Dr. Ivo Kintobor
  • Remington
  • Locke
  • Wolf Pack
    • Lupe the Wolf
  • Shijin Warriors
    • Dulcy the Dragon
    • Jian the Tiger
    • Bunker the Turtle
    • Cinder the Pheasant
  • Tangle the Lemur
  • Breezie the Hedgehog
  • Honey the Cat
  • Shade the Echidna
  • Foreman Krag
  • General Raxos
  • N'rrgal Queen
  • Thebes
  • Classic Sonic
  • Classic Tails
  • Classic Knuckles
  • Classic Amy
  • Hi-Speed Shoes Sonic
  • Young Shadow
  • Sonic the Werehog (Rift of Continuum)
  • World Adventure Chip
  • Chao
  • Animals


  • Shadow the Hedgehog (arch-rival)
  • Knuckles the Echidna (friendly rival)
  • Metal Sonic
  • Jet the Hawk (in speed)
  • Scourge the Hedgehog
  • Zazz
  • Orbot (sometimes)
  • Johnny


  • Eggman Empire
    • Team Eggman
      • Dr. Eggman (arch-enemy)
      • Orbot
      • Cubot
    • Team Metal
      • Metal Sonic (robotic doppelganger and second arch-enemy)
      • Tails Doll
      • Metal Knuckles
    • Dr. Eggman Nega
    • Badniks
      • E-100 Series
      • E-10000 Series
    • Shadow Android
    • Team Clones
      • Needles the Hedgehog (doppelganger enemy)
      • Fuzzy the Fox
      • Battler the Echidna
      • Scar the Hedgehog
      • Blackie the Cat
      • Gold the Hedgehog
      • Strip the Cat
      • Mecha Sonic
      • Feather the Hawk
      • Pichao
  • The Deadly Six
    • Zavok
    • Zazz (also a rival)
    • Zomom
    • Master Zik
    • Zeena
    • Zor
  • Destructix
    • Scourge the Hedgehog (rival and third arch-enemy)
    • Fiona Fox
    • Lightning Lynx
    • Sergeant Simian
    • Predator Hawk
    • Flying Frog
  • Black Arms
    • Black Doom
    • Eclipse the Darkling
  • Team Hooligan
    • Fang the Sniper
    • Bean the Dynamite
    • Bark the Polar Bear
  • Boo
    • King Boom Boo
  • Infinite
  • Pirates
    • Captain Whisker
    • Johnny
    • Mini & Mum
  • Suppression Squad (because of Dr. Eggman)
  • Rosy the Rascal (because of Dr. Eggman)
  • O'Nux (because of Dr. Eggman)
  • Dark Gaia
  • Dark Gaia's Minions
  • Biolizard
  • Yeti (formerly)
  • Dark Legion
    • Lien-Da
  • Classic Eggman
  • Classic Metal Sonic
  • Mephiles the Dark
  • Next-Gen Silver (when he attacks him because of Mephiles)
  • Next-Gen Blaze (when he attacks him because of Mephiles)
  • Matilda the Cockroach (formerly)
  • Thrash the Tasmanian Devil
  • Falcons Team
    • Rap the Falcon
    • Gavin the Falcon
    • Hamin the Falcon


"I'm Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog."
"I'm sure that Eggman and Metal again conceived something. It is necessary to trace with these pessimists." - "Cause of Drowning".
"My goal then is to prove which of us is honest. There is such a decision to prove." - "Picnic".
"What?! How dare you insult my friend. You don't know who you're talking to. I'm Sonic the Hedgehog, the fastest thing alive... unlike you." - "Best Time".
"Shoot! Not my day." - "Remnants of Darkness".



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