The world is cruel. And the only morality in a cruel world is chance. Get it in your head, kid...I've been betrayed. BY YOU!!!! He has given me new life, new chance, a chance to get my revenge! And I'll start by RIPPING YOUR HEAD OFF!!!!! "
~ Sonic in the episode "Alas, poor foe", revealing his antagonistic motives

Sonic the Hedgehog is the titular deutertagonist in the TV series Sonic: Revolutions-turned one of two main antagonists of the fourth season. As the show is set in futuristic Station Square after the game series, Sonic is older, where he fights Eggman by buying up shares of his company Meteotech and having Tails infiltrate the company by discovering illegal activities. Over the next 3 years until his death, he helps the series' protagonist Milo Prower in fighting against organized crime and conspiracies and other plots of mass murder. In Season 4, he becomes evil and perishes while torturing Milo.

He is also the titular main protagonist of the prequel game Sonic the Hedgehog: Stranded Revelations and a principal antagonist halfway into Season 4 of Revolutions.


Early life

At age 6, Sonic woke up to find his mother being murdered by a man in a mask, who flees. The next day, his father is arrested, having been framed. Sonic was raised by his uncle, a treasure hunter who often took Sonic with him on adventures.

Rocky Island

One day, Sonic was on his uncle's yacht as it was driving through a storm. The yacth went down, with Sonic and his uncle making it to a life-raft. Days later, there were only enough supplies for one of them, so the uncle shoots himself in the head. Later, the raft makes it to Rocky Island, an island filled with twists and horrors. On the island, Sonic soon hears screams coming from the forest. He finds a knife on the beach and runs to the forest, finding a twin-tailed fox being chased by a masked man with a machete. Sonic uses his knife and stabs the attacker in the back, killing him. The fox he had saved introduces himself as Miles Prower, and gives his thanks. Sonic asks where he is and Miles says Rocky Island, an island run by mercenaries from the Bounty Guild. Sonic is brought by Miles to a place of refuge, a crashed plane.

One day while looking for food, Sonic is caught by mercenaries and brought to a camp in the woods. There, Sonic finds a mercenary looking just like the man who killed his mother. The man asks where to find Miles, but Sonic refuses to tell. Even when being tortured with the man's sword, Sonic wasn't talking, only screaming in pain. Then, Sonic says "He's right behind you" and indeed he was. Miles was there with archery equipment, a bow and a series of arrows. He shot an arrow into the torturer and gives Sonic a metal rod (sword in Death Edition) to fight off incoming reinforcements. Later, Sonic goes back to the plane and is told by Miles that these mercenaries shot down his plane and have taken one particular man hostage, a man that Miles knows; Rodrigo Tyro, a former G.U.N. agent. Miles gives Sonic these mini-crossbows, (Hidden Crossbows) as well as a second knife and sends him to find and rescue Rodrigo. He does that and finds several other prisoners on the island.

2 months later, Sonic is being mentored by Rodrigo in stealth and combat. He then tells Sonic to kidnap the commander of the Bounty Guild and lord of the island, Killian Fredson, in hopes of learning of a way to escape the island. While Killian and his soldiers were walking through a part of the forest, they were ambushed by Sonic and Miles, who killed everyone there but Killian. Killian explained that the island is filled with a special plant that is needed by his unknown employer. Some troopers come out of nowhere and save their boss, but Sonic knew all he needed to know.

As a token of appreciation, Rodrigo gives Sonic a crossbow (air rifle in Death Edition) and tells him to infiltrate a camp that houses what is known as "Scylla". At the camp, Sonic sees that Scylla was the name of an anti-aircraft missile-loaded tank, likely the tank that shot down Miles' plane. A big brute named Rogers was there, torturing prisoners, so Sonic uses his new weapon to kill Rogers and then frees the prisoners. Later, the troops march on the camp and kill everyone there, with Tails stealing Scylla and heading back home. Later, Sonic ambushes a supply truck and learns of a ship delivering troops and supplies to the island. Back at home, Sonic was told by Miles (who now preferred Tails as a name) that his brother, Metallico Prower, was the man who murdered his mother and tortured him. He wanted money and became a Bounty Guild agent, but Tails didn't go because they shot the plane down. This explains why he was chased in the beginning. Later, Sonic decides to do some tasks to prepare for the escape.

The tasks he did were to steal a map of the docks, then interrogated a trooper who shows where the guards are kept around the docks. Sonic and Tails go to a supply camp and burn the herbs collected, stealing one particular serum made from them. Sonic takes a vial and goes back home. He frees more prisoners and hears from guards that Killian works for a man in a hood, but no-one knows who he is. Rodrigo tries a sample on himself, driving him crazy and turning him insane. Sonic was forced to kill him. Tails says that the plane belonged to his stepfather and was heading home from a vacation, but they were shot down.

The escape

A special plan was put together detailing the escape via the supply ship. 1 week later, the ship arrived at the island docks. All the prisoners were led through the docks all sneaky-like and then through the actual ship to steal an escape submarine. Along the way, Sonic had retrieved documents detailing that Killian had sent Metallico to kill his mother due to possessing evidence that could convict the Bounty Guild. Metallico arrives and Sonic shoots him with his crossbow/air rifle, killing him. Sonic then fought Killian and kills him. He then gets to the submarine along with everyone else, fleeing back to the mainland.

Later, Sonic would arrange his father's pardon with the documents he collected on the ship.

Being a hero

Over the next few years, Sonic would come into conflict with Dr. Eggman, a crazy robot-builder bent on world-domination. This war against the tyrant would last years, with Sonic always on the winning side due to help from powerful allies of his. Notable examples were when Eggman shattered the world with a laser and stopped his robots and Dark Gaia creatures from causing madness (Sonic Unleashed) or when he stopped the Space Colony ARK from destroying Earth by crashing to Earth (Sonic Adventure 2).

Quitting hero work

In the year 2019, Sonic goes to a Meteotech lab to rob Eggman of a nuclear weapon. While doing this, he is discovered and fights everyone. Eggman (robot body) arrives and was about to murder Sonic but then he fires a rocket at him, sending him flying into the nuclear weapon that Sonic was supposed to steal and detonating it. Sonic had to flee, unable to save the hundreds of innocent lives that were destroyed in the blast. Unable to cope with the failure and sin that he had commited, he decides to retire from hero work. As such, he gave up field work.

However, Eggman had survived this by placing his mind into a robotic body he kept just in case. As such, Sonic had to continue "hero work" by buying up shares of Meteotech over the next 20 years.

Sonic: Revolutions

Main role

When Tails is kidnapped while helping Sonic look for illegal products in the company, he decides to help Milo Prower, Tails' nephew, to get training in combat and stealth, archery especially.

Throughout the show, Sonic has occasionally given physical help to Milo in missions. He was kidnapped by Eggman one day and mind-controlled, but Milo frees him and he kills Eggman (supposedly). At the end of Season 2, he searches the Station Square subway along with Milo's brother Max Prower for a nuke put there by Niro Roberts. In Season 3, he arranges a plan to steal super-serum samples made of alien blood. He had straight-up murdered Dr. Eggman with his own two hands, but it was because he would take over the world in the future if he lived. He also creates an antidote/poison gas that goes over Station Square when the army of the Bounty Guild is unleashed on the city by Metallico Prower.

Season 4

When the werewolf creature George Creatura attacks, Sonic gives help by sending Max after him.

The highlight of his role in Season 4 and the show in general is in the episode "There can be only one!", where he is "betrayed" by Milo and his role as a father figure is completely destroyed. Creatura was arrested and Milo interrogates him. He reveals that Tails and Sonic were kidnapped by his minions, locked in separate buildings and they had bombs tied so perfectly that Milo only had time to save one of them. He goes to where he thinks he'll find Sonic, but instead finds that he was rescuing Tails instead. When the bombs go off, Sonic survived, with Two-Face-like scars and burns, scarred both physically and mentally. In the hospital, Creatura comes on over disguised as a nurse and tells Sonic that he was in prison while the kidnapping happened, with Sonic unaware that he was being fed a lie. He joins Creatura and prepares for revenge on Milo.

He helps Creatura recover the Chaos Emeralds to activate the Space Colony ARK's main weapon, the Eclipse Cannon, which could destroy planets and pierce stars if it was at full-power. Milo was unable to make Sonic see the truth that Creatura is the one who scarred, so he hunts the Emeralds.


Don't you know? Hell welcomes traitors like you with open arms and big parties!
Then I go there happily, knowing that I have done right.
~ Milo before stabbing and mortally-wounding Sonic

In the episode "Alas, poor foe", Sonic and Creatura go to a military-class fortress in a desert (possibly Dusty Desert) and they broadcast their plan to level Earth. Creatura leaves to go to a spaceship headed for the ARK while Sonic stayed at the fort to deal with Milo when he comes. He does indeed come as Sonic predicted, but had also brought five military boats to dock with the fort and destroy it by shelling it in bombardment madness. Milo gets into the fort's control tower, expecting Creatura to be there, but Sonic is there instead. He gives Milo a massive beating, smashing him across the control panels and eventually pinning him to the ground, hoping to strangle him to death. Milo then manages to reach for an arrow and impales Sonic through the chest with it, ending his life, his revenge and his chances at redemption.

In the next episode, Creatura is furious at Milo for killing Sonic and tries to avenge his comrade, only to be destroyed too when Milo drives Creatura's ship into the ARK, destroying it.

As a ghost

During Sonic: Revolutions the video game, 2 years after Season 4, Sonic's ghost is seen several times to haunt Milo and demand him to stop killing, as well as make him feel guilty about killing him. First, he appears right when Milo was on his first boarding mission (he had time-traveled to the 1700's to the River Valley). He demands that Milo spare the captain, but he doesn't. Next, he appears in a dream that Milo has, which is a playable mission. Milo would have to chase Sonic through some Mayan-looking temple ruins, then fought a bunch of clones of him who all had spears, guns, swords, etc. Milo was stabbed from behind by a ghost with a spear, but wakes up right as this happens. He appears again as a ghost to show how Milo can climb and escape a fortress in Tariktown. Then, he appears again right after the final boss battle against Rodrigo Marik. He was demanding that he spare Rodrigo, but Milo refuses. Unable to take the torment, he tackles Rodrigo off the masts of his ship and they crashed into the treasure room, killing Rodrigo and allowing Milo to take the Chaos Emeralds and go back home.


I had once hoped to convince him that he was doing bad things. According to what Tails said, he was originally nice. He didn't hesitate to leap into action. But when a soul-shattering scar went to him and was destroyed by Creatura, there was no form of redemption that could save him. Sonic the Hedgehog died and something evil and cruel and insane dressed up as him. That's what I killed that night.
~ Milo about Sonic's transformation from nice and heroic to evil and murderous

For the majority of the game series, Sonic was a dedicated man living life to the extreme, on the edge, always finding a way to keep himself occupied. He didn't always take Eggman seriously nor did he care about what happens to his foes. He hated boredom, always risking his own life as well as the lives of his friends for a goal, also being arrogant, cocky, but good-hearted. But when he had been forced to murder Eggman and kill hundreds of innocents around him, Sonic had been hardened-up. He became much more serious and didn't take fooling around as an option. However, he couldn't really give up hero work, no, not 100%. This is evident with how he ran half of Meteotech and had Tails serve as a spy inside the company.

With Milo, he got less strict and sees a lot of what he used to be inside this eager archer. However, Sonic had soon become somewhat bloodthirsty, as proven in many episodes where he tells Milo to kill criminals. Secretly, Sonic was shocked by his own malice and got afraid of what he was becoming, but he never let it show. He didn't seem to display too much emotion, but would often argue with Milo to show that he was genuinely concerned with Milo's well-being.

In Season 4, where George Creatura had manipulated Sonic to follow him, he had gone through a massive change, in which his role as a father figure is completely obliterated, making him thirst for blood and revenge. The fact that Milo was unable to save him from the bomb that scarred him gave Sonic a more sinister mind. To this end, he severed ties with Milo and would plan his revenge so as to kill Milo and make him suffer as much as he did. However, he was scared on the inside of what he became. He displays what is described by Milo as "the most rudimentary sense of life and death", meaning that he showed no emotion besides pure rage and bloodlust, displayed a serious need to kill his opposition and even died with the belief that justice would be served.


  • For the majority of Sonic: Revolutions, he was always intending to kill his foes. This is rather ironic how he would do such a thing when for most of the canonical game series, he never actually took pleasure in killing an enemy or leaving them for dead.
  • He seems to have slowly transformed from helpful deutertagonist to not-completely evil anti-villain throughout the course of the show; he had murdered Dr. Eggman with his own bare hands at the most-correct opportunity, but this was because Eggman would attempt to conquer the world in the future.
  • Metallico, Eggman and Niro foreshadowed Sonic's transformation into a heartless monster, much like how the antagonists in the Star Wars prequel trilogy would foreshadow Anakin Skywalker's transformation into Darth Vader:
    • Eggman was the sabotage that Sonic did by tricking Alan Mak into thinking Creatura's location was the opposite of where he was.
    • Niro was the pain, suffering and tragedy he would endure and felt betrayed because Milo wouldn't/couldn't save him from a bomb.
    • Metallico was the revenge that was taken way too far and couldn't be redeemed, where Sonic would be helping Creatura end the world that he's been saving his entire life.
  • As with some of the new games, Sonic usually breaks the fourth wall in the show. The first time was when he showed Milo the hooded vigilante outfit, then saying he got the design from a video-game, then turning to the camera and saying "It's the best game franchise ever for all you folks who love being sneaky and violent." This is an obvious reference to the Ubisoft franchise Assassin's Creed.
  • In the episode "Alas, poor foe", when he is strangling Milo and screaming at him about betrayal and how the world is unfair, one can notice that his lines are like lines said by Harvey Dent/Two-Face in The Dark Knight. They both also got scarred by bombs, abducted by the main antagonist (George Creatura and the Joker, respectively) and placed in a building with a bomb, the protagonist had to make a choice about who to save (Sonic or Tails and Harvey Dent or Racheal, respectively), both found the opposite person they wanted to save, both Sonic and Harvey were visited by the main antagonist and manipulated to believe they were betrayed and both were killed by the protagonist after it was made apparent that their foe couldn't be made to see the truth.
    • In this sense of irony, Sonic's last words were essentially Haytham Kenway's last words in Assassin's Creed III: "Don't think I have any intention of caressing your cheek and saying I was wrong. I will not weep and wonder what might've been. I'm sure you understand. Still, I'm proud of you in a way. You have shown great conviction. Strength...courage...all noble qualities...I should've killed you long ago..."
  • During the video game of Sonic: Revolutions, in the level where Milo fights Sonic in a dream, he once said "In dreams, I am FOREVER!! Too bad you're not." This is an infamous quote spoken by the villain Freddy Krueger, the main antagonist of the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise.
  • Likely as a means of foreshadowing the fact that Sonic would turn evil, he spent the majority of the series as a jerk. He went against a lot of Milo's plans and seemed to develop a serious need to kill. Even further, he smashes Milo's head against a computer during one episode and yelled that he will be scarred for this.
  • Sonic's role in Season 4 was originally different, very different; his transformation to the dark side would've happened right before Max was about to kill Creatura. He would show up to finish Creatura himself, but was convinced by the villain to betray them because Milo couldn't save him from the bomb (which was meant to be in Supernatural, part 3). Max would show up, Sonic would chop his hand off and take Creatura elsewhere. In the season finale, Sonic would've been alive, where he was on a plane headed to Creatura's ship, but while flying over what looks to be the River Valley or the real-world Rocky Mountains, Tails would appear on his plane to confront him. They would fight each other, with an emotional moment happening as betrayal was Sonic's excuse to kill Milo. Sonic would state how Tails couldn't kill him because he had taken on giant robots, evil monsters and genocidal aliens and won, but Tails would state that now his greatest weakness was that he talked to much, allowing him to take hold of a machete and impale Sonic, before dropping him off the plane and into the mountains.
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