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Sonic the Hedgehog is obviously the mascot of Sega, but this one comes from "Sonic Mania Adventures" and he's friends with Tails, Knuckles, Mighty, and Ray.


Everyone who knows Sonic pretty much got that he's the fastest thing alive. He's also friends with a lot of people. Sonic usually spends his time in Green Hill and other places like that. He also goes on a lot of adventures too. But, he's not always nice. Or that's what Robotnik wants people to think. In the Sonic Mania episode, Too Goo To Be True, he makes a goo monster that looks like him and tries to take over his life. But there's a problem. Like every goo monster, water will make it disintegrate.


Sonic can do a spin dash, in which he rolls up into a ball and gets a dash forward. This ability first appeared in Sonic 1. How about the peel-out? The peel-out is generally like the spin dash except that Sonic starts running in place then starts going supersonic (get it?) fast, which made it's debut in Sonic CD. Then there's the Insta-shield, which makes a split second shield for Sonic. This makes it easier to defeat bosses that have spikes.

Appearances In Show

Strikethrough: Didn't appear in episode.

(Parentheses): Appeared in a different form.

Bold: Minor Role in episode.

Season 1 Appearances

  • Here We Go! / The Quest of Speed
  • Mobius Live / Hats Enough
  • Train Trouble (as cameo) / Star Struck Tails
  • Anything Comes / Angel Island X
  • Trick Or Retreat / Metal Malfunction
  • Not Camppening (mentioned) / The Brave Little Hedgehog
  • Knuckles' Scariest Story Ever
  • A Whole New Word / Supermarket Scramble
  • The Star-Wash Machine / Rushed
  • The World Of Tomorrow / Everlasting Day
  • Feast For All / Glance At A Chance (Seen in mural)
  • Let's Do This! / Dear, Bro-bot
  • It's Snow Time! / Operation Nice List
  • The Time Traveler's Hedgehog / Team, Go!
  • A Sonic the Hedgehog Christmas
  • Say It Ain't Snow / Art-y Party
  • Dream Of A Lifetime / Challenge Declined
  • Best Gift Whenever / Stay For A Smile (pictured)
  • Driving Us Crazy / Construction Sight
  • The Time Chaos Saga, Part 1 & Part 2


  • As shown in the episode "The World Of Tomorrow", Sonic's phone number is 623-1991.
  • Out of all the Season 1 episodes, he doesn't appear in "Angel Island X", "Trick Or Retreat", "Supermarket Scramble", and "Let's Do This!".
  • As a result, Sonic has the least amount of absents in Season 1 than any other character.
  • Incorrectly in merchandise, Sonic is depicted with green shoe buckles instead of yellow ones.
  • As seen in the episode "Construction Sight", Sonic doesn't believe in time traveling. Meaning this episode may take place before "The Time Traveler's Hedgehog", and "Everlasting Day", as those episodes are based on time travel.
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