Sonic the Hedgehog is the leader of his team and a main protagonist in deviantart user CyotheLion and ScottishArtGuy's stories.


Sonic's background is somewhat based on his Archie and SEGA background but it is mentioned that he and Sally has been in a relation for some time until Alicia kidnapped her and impersonated her, causing him to indirectly break up with her. Ever since he has started Sonic Team and even recruited Nebula Emerald and her adopted sister Selene and Adam.

At some point in the past he recruited Cyo after he saw that Eggman tried to recapture Cyo for his experiments and offered part of the team after learning what Eggman did to Cyo.

He also has recruited Bonnie the Hedgehog after a fight with Crimson and a corrupted Julie-Su.

At some point, Eggman managed to capture Cyo and brainwashed him into a killing machine to destroy him and the team, though Sonic managed to get the anti-virus from Eggman by the help of Tails and Amy, while in turn fighting and winning over Crimson by tricking him into hitting dangerous vials of artificial chaos energy.


Sonic appearance is basically the same as his game counterpart, being a blue color, peach skin, green eyes and red sneakers with gold buttons.


Sonic is very cocky, selfless, caring, free-spirited and enjoys running in free time. He however does have a short temper and can be impatient at times. He has a brotherly relation to his best friend Tails since the first day they met.

Sonic shows great sympathy towards his teammates such as many has had difficulties or having been in trouble before like having near death experiences. But when Crimson broke Tails' back Sonic was sent into deep depression and became increasingly hostile when a redeemed Fiona came to rejoin the Sonic team to eventually calm down when he listened why she was kicked out. When Tails was fully recovered he became his old self again.


Sonic has great reflexes and agility, being able to leap great distances and even shown able to harness chaos energy to turn into Super from.

He also display great leadership skills.


Sonic is known to be able to become either Hyper Sonic or Super Sonic by using over a hundred rings or using the chaos emeralds. He is capable to use spindashing and boomsounds. Otherwise he is much the same as his game counterpart


  • Superspeed: He can run at the speed of sound.
  • Stamina: Thanks to running a lot he has lots of stamina.
  • Super Strength: He only has it in his superforms.
  • Tornado move: He runs around in circles and creates a whirl wind.


Sonic has an fear of water and being too cocky can make him drop his guard.


Nikita tends to Sonic

Sonic being nursed by Nikita.

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