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Super Sonic

Super Sonic is a powerful transformation utilized by Sonic the Hedgehog that is activated by holding all seven of the Chaos Emeralds and gathering sufficient energy, such as the energy emanating from at least 50 Rings, and the Blue Blur's ultimate trump card. In this form, Sonic becomes a nigh-unstoppable force of power that few can go toe to toe with.


As is expected, whenever he assumes this transformation, Sonic's iconic blue fur is changed into a bright, golden yellow coloration, while his light tan skin seems to begin sporting slight shades of gold and the irises of his eyes turn from their usual emerald green to a bright shade of red. The spines on his head also begin to flow upward and can be often seen surrounding by a golden, flame-like aura that can vary in size.

Meanwhile, his default outfit does not seem to sport any noticeable changes whatsoever. Although, it is worth noting that Super Sonic occasionally leaves behind after-images while moving around or attack, likely as an indicator of the massive increase in his speed.



Powers and Abilities

First and foremost, Sonic also gains a few new abilities, with his most notable one being the ability to fly around the sky at high-speeds. In addition, he is granted nigh-invulnerability, meaning that very few things are capable of harming him. However, this can be easily broken through with an attack sporting a massive amount of force.

Meanwhile, Sonic receives a massive increase in many of his natural abilities and other skills. Most notably, his physical strength is enhanced to levels where he is capable of plowing through even the toughest walls without the impact slowing him down in the slightest and go toe-to-toe with threats physically larger than himself, and his innate speed is enhanced to the point where he is potentially able to reach the speed of light. His agility and reflexes also become enhanced as well to match with the increase in speed.

Sonic also receives a significant enhancement in his manipulation of Chaos Energy. This is most commonly shown through his Lightning Arrow and Rising Arrow techniques, which are basically high-speed rushing attacks aimed either straight forward or at an upward angle respectively, and the Super Sonic Storm, where performs an enhanced variation of his Sonic Storm move that fires off three projectiles - each at a different angle but all aiming downward - at once. Other notable techniques include his Chaos Excalibur, where he creates a gigantic sword construct made of Chaos Energy before swinging it down into the ground, and the Lightspeed Arrow, which is basically a more powerful variant of his Lightning Arrow technique.

Naturally, this enhancement in his Chaos Energy manipulating abilities translates directly to his ability to utilize Chaos Control. While he is still perfectly capable of using it to quickly warp around the area, Sonic is also now capable of using it to completely put time to a grinding halt for a maximum of ten seconds. However, he only uses this as an absolute last resort, meaning this isn't seen often. Regardless, being frozen in time with Super Sonic around can potentially end the fight right then and there.

Just about its only notable drawback is that Sonic can only stay transformed for so long, as the energy required to even use it often gets consumed rather quickly. In the even rarer occasion where Sonic chooses to sacrifice a portion of his own life force to use it, staying transformed for too long essentially means he is at the risk of dying with no way to come back. In any case, this method of assuming the transformation permanently shortens his lifespan.


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  • Super Sonic's Chaos Excalibur super is functionally similar to Captain Commando's Captain Sword super in Marvel vs Capcom, as well as the SSB Vegito's Spirit Excalibur super in Dragon Ball FighterZ.
    • While the name of this particular is partially shared with the latter of its similar counterparts, it's also a reference to how Sonic once wielded Excalibur, which turned out to be the true form of Caliburn - the sword he was using throughout Sonic and the Black Knight, in the aforementioned game's final boss.
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