Clash of Mythics


"Alright! Time to party!"
—when selected
"Okay, let's kick it up a notch!"
—beginning a normal match
"How about we go a round for old time’s sake?"
—beginning a match against Shadow
"’Sup, Knux? How’s the Master Emerald these days?"
—beginning a match against Knuckles
"Yo, Whirl! I think it’s time we settled our little debate, hm?"
—beginning a normal match with Whirlwind
"Score one for Sonic!"
—winning a match
"Still no match for me, buddy. Good fight, though."
—winning a match against Shadow
"Damn, dude. I may have won this one, but those punches of yours are really something."
—winning in a normal match with Whirlwind
—losing a match
"Well, damn... still as strong as ever, I see."
—losing a match against Shadow
"Hurting… everywhere..."
—losing a match against Whirlwind


"Doesn’t matter what anyone thinks. If I’ve got shit to do, then I’m gonna do it my way."
—Sonic asserting his personal values
"Hell yeah, that was tight!"
—earning an S-rank
"Piece of cake!"
—earning an A-rank
"Heh. No problem."
—earning a B-rank
"Hm. Barely made it."
—earning a C-rank
"Can't win 'em all..."
—earning a D-rank
"Damn. Not my day."
—earning an E-rank

Flames of Fate and Destined Dark

"Man, Soleanna sure is quite a sight to behold. Maybe I should come around here more often."
—commenting on Soleanna
"You worry about yourselves! I don’t want you two getting hurt either! ...Go, dammit! I've got this!"
—telling Bianca and Princess Elise to get away from Eggman
"I don’t take any command from anybody! Everything I do is by my own choice. In this case, I’ve chosen to call bullshit on your liege’s orders and go after Eggman anyway. I won’t play nice if you try and stop me, I can promise you that."
—lashing out at Bianca and refusing to heed Prince Friedrich's request

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