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Sonic, Prince Royal of the House of Hedgehog.

Prince Sonic Remus Hedgehog-Celeritas (full title: Sonic, Prince Royal of the House of Hedgehog-Celeritas) is the main protagonist of the AngieYaz/RoseOfSharon reboot of the television series Sonic Underground. He is the crown prince of Mobius who must travel and search for his mother, Queen Aleena and his father King Jules, and stop Dr. Robotnik with the help of his two siblings Sonia and Manic, whom he has a band with. He is also the leader of the Sonic Underground, Amy Rose's childhood crush and one of the current leaders of the Freedom Fighters along with Manic and Sonia.

When finally crowned as King of Mobius, he is from then on known as King Sonic I of Mobius.

Sonic's speaking and singing voices are provided by Jaleel White.


Sonic is a small, rotund hedgehog with blue fur, black colored eyes, a black nose, and peach skin. He has six spines on his head and two on his back. He wears red sneakers with white socks that match his gloves. For formal occasions and in his transformed state, he wears a gold crown identical to his mother's. While his armor covering his body is white, the jewel on the gold belt is red. He wears a white suit with gold decorations on the trouser legs and white boots. He wears a nearly-identical armored outfit as King of Mobius, with the exception of the addition of a red cape identical to one belonging to his father's at his coronation.

When Sonic and Amy are crowned King and Queen of Mobius, he (and his siblings and Amy) will be the same height as their mother.


TV series

Sonic when he was just a tiny baby hedgehoglet.

Sonic and his siblings are born in the Royal Mobius Hospital in Mobodoon, which ends centuries of warfare and bloodshed between the planets of Mobius and Tinoko and ushering in a prolonged period of peace and friendship between the two worlds. Sonic is the heir to the throne of Mobius, who is prophesied to overthrow Robotnik and rule Mobius as its next King. In order to fulfill this prophecy, Sonic was separated from his family a year after birth, but as a condition for his separation his caretaker was given orders to raise him in the ways of the Royal Family so he won't grow up ignorant of his heritage and regal rights, as well as his right to rule. A year after the triplets' births in the dimension of Mobodoon (since the hospital in Mobotropolis was at capacity), Doctor Robotnik seized power of Mobotropolis and converted it into the polluted and metallic city of Robotropolis. A bounty was placed on the children of Queen Aleena and King Jules, the rulers of the planet Mobius (on which Mobotropolis, their home city, was located) who then were forced to take them into hiding. Eventually, the Oracle of Delphius appeared before them with a prophecy from the ruling deities of Mobius, which foretold that they would have to separate their children in order to save their lives. Though they initially refused, Aleena and Jules sent the siblings to two different caretakers, instructing said caretakers to raise their children in the ways of the royal family. Upset, Sonic began to cry, and his father sang to him a lullaby to calm his crying and soothe him to sleep, reassuring his tiny heir that his royal blood still flowed within him and that they were still a family despite now being apart. Sonic would remember his father's song, but he would not realize the true meaning of its lyrics until much later in life.

When Sonic was young, Lady and Lord Windermere were arrested and their home was destroyed. Sonic and his siblings were taken in by their Uncle Chuck (Queen Aleena's brother), and Sonic fell in love with four-year-old Amy Rose (he was a year older than her). The two grew up together, essentially being raised at court, in his uncle's home—but when Robotnik became suspicious that a lower-class family was living with the royal Hedgehog Family, Amy and her family were forced to leave and go into hiding to save their lives, much to Sonic's sadness especially. Sonic would learn how to play an electric guitar that, he soon figured out, could also be a weapon. He then went off to form a band with Sonia and Manic, who were also living with Uncle Chuck alongside him. The Oracle of Delphius reappeared to tell the children of what they needed to do. Shortly afterwards, Dr. Robotnik captured Uncle Chuck, and roboticized him. It was then that the three hedgehog children would form an alliance with each other to locate their missing mother and father—once they are and Robotnik is worms' meat, Sonic uses his guitar to smash the Roboticizer, putting it into deroboticization mode and restoring everyone—even Uncle Chuck—to normal.

Sonic's badge as King of Mobius.

Sonic's coat of arms as King of Mobius.

Sonic and Amy are later married and then crowned in a joint—and glittering—ceremony at the Chapel Royal of the Royal Hedgehog Palace, in which they assumed the monarchy after Robotnik is defeated and peace is restored to the entire planet. After the coronation, the newly crowned sovereigns and the newly-established royal court go to the Palace of Rhodehall where a lavish ball and banquet is held. Before the banquet starts, Sonic presents Queen Amy to his court, explaining that they were first attracted to each other during their childhood, and also makes mention of their perfect love and their hope for children. The reactions of the court are widely dispersed: some hope that she would make the King happy, some hope to gain elevation through manipulating her.


Sonic is a wise-cracker of epic proportions and often cannot resist taking a stab at friend or foe alike. He has a big heart and is always willing to help someone in danger. Sonic can be, justifiably, arrogant about his speed and skills and can have difficulties working in a team or taking the time to plan. He is somewhat vain, oftentimes doing things like staring at himself in mirrors, complimenting himself and Amy if she is with him, and smoothing his quills back like hair). Like his father Jules, Sonic is extremely impatient and would rather handle all the jobs himself than wait for others to take care of it. However he will admit if he made a mistake, though usually not when anyone can hear him. His love of chili dogs remains—in fact, while the Queen was pregnant with him and his siblings, she ate a few chili dogs, and after he was born Sonic even reached for one that his uncle was holding on a plate, but he pulled it away and told him that he was too little to have one, which made him cry. In fact, his first words were in fact "chili dog". Sonic will on occasion address his mother and father as simply "Mother" and "Father" due to being raised in a polite society, though he will sometimes call them "Mom" and "Dad" as well.

As a result of the Windermeres raising Sonic in a polite society, he is quite spoiled, especially when it comes to chili dogs. If he is told that he can't have one, he gets very upset and uses his authority as the crown prince to demand them a la Veruca Salt from the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Other than chili dogs, Sonic loves fast food in general—cheeseburgers, hamburgers, tacos, burritos, quesadillas, chalupas, nachos, fries, chicken tenders/nuggets, pizza (therefore sharing a favorite food with his friend and rival Mario as well as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), anything chocolate and cola, as well as guacamole, hummus, and anything spicy. However, he does eat healthy foods as well. He will occasionally eat much finer food at banquets, such as pastas, but he hates uncooked mushrooms.

Sonic loves to move at super speed, and he cannot stand moving slowly unless he has to. Other than running, he also enjoys fast race cars and roller coasters. He can sometimes be impatient, and calls slow people (usually his enemies) "slow-mo's". Sonic takes great pride in his speed and his title of "the fastest thing alive" and becomes angered if someone mocks his speed or calls him slow—this is why he says something mockingly of his alternate reality counterpart.

Sonic occasionally suffers from some of the symptoms of separation anxiety disorder. This is shown in the episode Six is a Crowd when Sonic breaks down in tears after the vision of his parents disappears. He also has frequent nightmares and night terrors of losing his parents, uncle and siblings, often waking with a violent start and oftentimes crying and sobbing. The sight or thought of his loved ones being roboticized has him breaking down in tears and screams.

Sonic is known for loving risky things and putting himself in danger. Also, though he appears to know when he is near a trap, he can still get fooled with little effort; early on, Sonic got easily fooled several times. Also, due to his love for pretty girls, Sonic can get distracted by them rather easily, without realizing when they are working against him. When Dr. Robotnik lured Sonic into a trap by creating a clone of the Oracle as part of his plan to steal Sonic's voice and speed, he mentally kicked himself for falling for the trick. He was later captured and imprisoned by SWATBots, but Manic and Sonia, as well some others rescued him from his cage and shackles and his voice and speed were returned to their rightful owner.

Sonic is often very besotted with Amy, calling her his ‘Thornless Rose’/'Pretty Rose in Bloom' and showering her with gifts and public affection. She caught Sonic’s eye with her vivacious, bubbly but fiery personality as well as her beauty, believing her to be chaste and innocent. Manic and Sonia oftentimes tease Sonic when he mentions Amy. One observer wrote of the relationship: "The Prince had no girlfriend who made him spend so many Mobiums in dresses and jewels as she did, who every day had some fresh caprice." He continues to do so even when the two are crowned King and Queen of Mobius. He even promotes various members of her family to various positions at court; as an example, he promotes Amy's father to being a member of the privy council despite the fact that he [Amy's father] has very little experience. Within months of her arrival at court, Sonic bestows gifts of land and expensive cloth upon Amy. In addition, after his coronation he even embarks on a lavish spending spree to celebrate his marriage, with extensive refurbishments and developments at the Palace of Rhodehall. This will be followed by more expensive gifts for Wintermas at the Royal Hedgehog Palace. Sonic's obsessive but amorous spoiling of her does become irritating to the court at times, especially when he bestows upon her all of his parents' former lands and properties, as well as much of the confiscated wealth of several Robotnik loyalists—even while taking her on progress (heading north) he promises her to take her on a shopping spree for even more dresses and jewels. In one instance, among the properties that he bestows upon his queen is Eggerston Castle, a large castle on the bank of a river near Mobotropolis; he gives it to her as a jointure. He also gives her a jeweled necklace as a much smaller gift. He even gives her a goblet after recovering the existing goblets from the museum in the city of Anay. He also wanted to give her the pendant that Sonia and Manic used to save his life in The Pendant after its power was used up; before then he mused that he would give some of the jewels in the Bogen's treasure chest to her as well. Amy even adopts as her motto Desiderio et Imperium (desire and power). It was noted in Letters and Papers that the King gave Amy a plethora of lordships and manors as well as castles (among them being the aforementioned Eggerston Castle), as well as a couple of forests and parks too.

He had a dislike of water and a near crippling fear of the ocean as he could not swim, but his determination and bravery help him push through his fear if necessary. Eventually, Amy's pretense of drowning allows Sonic to completely overcome this fear. Above all else, he loves his brother, sister and girlfriend and can be very protective of them. This aquaphobia was also the reason why, as a child, he didn't want to take baths (unless, of course, he was bribed with chili dogs), but he also enjoyed these baths because he and Sonia would have fun with Sonic's favorite bath toy, a toy biplane that would later become the inspiration for the Tornado, Sonic's special plane that he would fly with his adopted younger brother, Miles "Tails" Prower.

Additionally, as the leader of the team, Sonic tries his best to keep his siblings in line, and often gives orders on most missions. He thus proves himself to be a very strong and capable leader, but it can go to his head. When Luke Periwinkle attempted to drive a wedge between Sonic and his siblings, he rightfully told Sonic that he is a better leader and is to be crowned King of Mobius. Before then, Sonic even said himself that when he and Amy are crowned, he will assign positions on his court to his siblings (which he does). Even as King, Sonic continues to try his best to keep his siblings in line.

In Bug!, Sonic briefly became the "humble servant" of Doctor Robotnik when he was frequently stung by several of Robotnik's Fly-bots. The doctor became so inspired by the hedgehog's temporary display of loyalty that he decided to create Metal Sonic, capturing Sonic for the sole purpose of copying Sonic's personality, feelings for Amy, and memories into the robot.

After Sonic got captured by SWATBots in Metal Sonic, Dr. Robotnik had Snively build Metal Sonic instead of sending Sonic to immediate roboticization. Snively himself installed the memory Metal Sonic needed to emulate Sonic's personality. The villains then used a special machine to give the robot Sonic's appearance (making him resemble Sonic as a full-on Robian). In addition, they copied the basics of Sonic's personality into the robot as well as his memories and feelings for Amy Rose. Sleeping gas from the doctor's Sleeper drones filled the chamber, and as soon as the prince was fast asleep, Robotnik placed him in a holding cell with a large and rather warm and comfy bed for the hedgehog to sleep in for the night. After Metal Sonic introduced himself to the real Sonic the next morning, Robotnik set his plan into motion.

Powers and abilities

Sonic is capable of traveling at supersonic speed, and is implied to be the fastest thing in his universe. This is an ability passed down to the firstborn male heirs of the House of Hedgehog-Celeritas thanks to Sonic's very distant ancestor, Queen Juliana. Sonic's years of combat experience has made him a skilled and powerful fighter. He specializes primarily in a fluid, precise, and kinetic fighting style based on a myriad of techniques that are based on all kinds of several fighting styles ranging from Capoeira to Mizongyi and Pi Gua Quan. He mostly relies on his fast footwork since the majority of his power lies in his legs, though he has been known to use his fists and arms as well. Sonic is also shown to excel in swordsmanship and tessenjutsu as well. He possesses a singing voice, inherited from his father naturally, that some say is so handsome that it can soothe and lull even the darkest of souls, even robotic ones. This makes him have abilities comparable to those of mermen or male tritons. This is one of the reasons why Robotnik wanted it stolen. Many of his SWATBots had been converted into Resistance troops, for example, by the mere act of Sonic using his singing voice to cause them to "glitch and switch" (as Sonic puts it), turning them over to the side of the Resistance. The sound waves of his singing voice match the brain waves of someone in a deep sleep. Thanks to constant singing lessons (first with Lady Windermere and later with his sister Sonia), Sonic's vocal cords can freely adjust the wavelength of his voice.

Like his father Jules, his paternal grandfather and their paternal ancestors, Sonic is connected to the limitless interdimensional energy known as the Speed Grid, an energy first created by Queen Juliana after she was struck by lightning and doused with a mystical liquid (she was already fast for a hedgehog). As such, Sonic is faster than speed of light and is even too fast for both of Robotnik's Speed-Bots combined which means they cannot par with or catch him at anyway at all, having previously outraced his sister Sonia's husband Shadow, his queen Amy Rose and even gods. Sonic's connection to the Speed Grid generates a frictionless aura around his body to protect himself and anyone he carries from the dangers of running at high speed, generates large amounts of bio-electrical energy around his body for various uses, and even move him so fast that his own perception of time is altered to where everyone around him is seemingly moving in slow motion when in reality Sonic is simply moving too fast for them to catch up with.

The Speed Grid also super charges his body, Sonic has an accelerated healing factor that allows him and others to recover from injuries at a rapid rate and increases his overall durability. When his speed has no limits at all, Sonic is even capable of traveling through time or other dimensions entirely on his own without technological aid at all.

Because of Sonic's accelerated metabolism, he burns calories at an accelerated rate (as long as he runs regularly), keeping his body slim and fit, so this requires Sonic to intake a high amount of calories to function normally. Due to this, Sonic describes himself as a "fast food black hole": a black hole of chili dogs and other fast foods.

However, Sonic's body cannot handle the stress of moving at superhuman speeds for long periods of time without getting tired or weak. That is, of course, unless he obtains the Ring of Ultimate Velocity, a magical ring that gives its wearer the ability to move at speeds even greater than what can already be achieved normally. Unless he has the ring on his finger, he becomes very tired and weak. At one point, he became so delirious that he even heard a lullaby playing in his head, which began to make him very sleepy.

Finally, when moving at incredible speeds, Sonic generates bolts of lightning, which can cause electronic technology nearby to short-circuit, overload or even burst into sparks. According to Steve's files, Sonic (and Steve) can also charge the air vortexes that he generates with Speed Grid electricity, thereby further increasing his offensive and defensive capabilities.

Sonic can casually run at high speeds that exceed 760 miles per hour. Additionally, as noted by Steve, his super speed causes him to have a constantly high pulse rate (but only when unconscious, not asleep). He can move so fast that other moving objects such as bullets and missiles can appear still or in slow motion from his perspective, and he can move quickly enough to appear in several places at once from the human eye. Sonic is also fast enough to generate powerful gusts of wind, as shown when he creates a sandstorm while fighting Robotnik in Hamarapi (in a deleted scene from Mummy Dearest). Sonic is even capable of thinking and processing information at super speed, as shown by him reading through a large stack of comic books in a few seconds, though he can get flustered when the Oracle says things in a cryptic manner forcing him to use his brain.

Like his father Jules, Sonic also has electromagnetic powers thanks to his connection to the Speed Grid. If he concentrates hard enough, he starts to emit bright blue bio-electrical energy. If he releases this energy, Sonic can unleash an electromagnetic pulse that can strengthen his spin dash, create "statues" showing moments in time, literally pull memory from computers to create these images (if they were stored on a computer), or even create energy bolts that he can throw at his opponents to electrocute them. Sonic can also apparently drain this power from containment tanks if he is drained of it himself first. When tapping into this power, his quills and eyes glow a bright blue. His siblings, as aforementioned, have this same power as well, but it's weaker.

However, even though he is fast on his feet, Sonic is a very bad driver, as seen with the way he drives the Camper Van in several episodes. However, after being crowned King of Mobius, he takes driving lessons and his compentence in driving is greatly improved.

To match his speed, Sonic also has reflexes and precision that let him avoid obstacles and predict others' moves. He also has incredible jumping skills, capable of jumping up to several meters into the air, even while carrying extra weight.

Sonic is seen to be an experienced builder, being able to relocate giant guns, renovate and fortify buildings (such as Eggerston Castle), build entire subway hovertrain rails and even fix cars, all of it in just seconds.


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Sonic carries a magical medallion capable of transforming into an electric guitar. This guitar can also produce laser blasts for use against foes or obstacles.



  • Frederick Archibald Hedgehog (maternal grandfather)
  • Talisa Soleanna Hedgehog (maternal grandmother)
  • Miles "Tails" Prower (adopted younger brother)
  • Mario Linguino
  • Luigi Linguino
  • Peach Toadstool-Koopa (queen of planet Tinoko)
  • Bowser Koopa (king of planet Tinoko)
  • Klonoa
  • Kirby
  • NiGHTS


  • Doctor Robotnik
  • Sleet
  • Dingo
  • Simone Robotnik (briefly)


  • Sonic's musical cue is the invincibility music from Sonic the Hedgehog 2, played on harpsichord.
  • At birth, Sonic weighed 2 pounds, 5 ounces.
  • Sonic is fiercely protective of his world-famous red power sneakers. Anyone caught stealing or using them without his permission is met with anger, being told harshly to never mess with "his sneaks" again.
  • Noticeably, Sonic is mostly seen tossing chili dogs into his mouth and swallowing them whole, (though there was one instance where he ate most of a chili dog in one bite before eating the last bite a few seconds later). However, some (even several converted Swatbots) constantly tell him to not swallow them whole, as he gets stomachaches and occasional indigestion. After his etiquette lessons with Lady Windermere, he generally takes a few bites instead and, when seated a table, uses utensils the same way his alternate counterpart did. Regardless of how he eats the chili dogs, his etiquette is more refined than his original timeline Underground counterpart, saying "excuse me" and covering his mouth when he burps.
  • When Sonic and his siblings were young, Sonic's favorite bath toy was a biplane. This toy would later become the inspiration for the Tornado, Sonic's special plane.
    • Sonic also wore no gloves on his hands when he was young.
  • Among the triplets, Sonic appears to be King Jules' and Queen Aleena's favorite child, or at least he thinks he is. This is stated as such by Sonic in A Hedgehog's Home is Her Castle when Sonic is calling out to them in one of Worst Castle's corridors ("Mom?! Dad?! If you're here, come on out! It's your favorite kid and heir to the throne, Sonic! Your most handsome, most talented son, Sonic!").
  • Sonic's astrological sign is Cancer.
  • Sonic's favorite soup is beef broth soup, especially if it is slightly spicy.